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  1. Ok lets rewind a bit here. Im not having a go at singing, I love a good atmosphere, thats why I prefer away games to home games. My point was I keep getting seats next to people who seem to know sod all about football, and seem stereotype Norfolk. Snakepit and Barclay e block, great atmosphere and the stupid comments are normally drowned out by singing.
  2. [quote user="Gingerpele"]How is 40 and 50 years olds shouting ''shoooooooooooot'' at Ruddy stereotypical of our fans?[/quote] Oh come on man, a man in his 50s shouting shooooot 30+ times over 90s minutes is stereotype club cabbage behaviour. A kid shouting that yes, but I think even they have a mentality that would grow bored of it by half time.
  3. [quote user="morty"]So what do you want exactly? People sitting in silence? Maybe they are just getting into it and enjoying themselves. How does a "die hard" behave? [/quote] Wasnt saying sit in silence matey, enjoy yourself, yes by all means. Where did the expresssion ''club cabbage'' come from? Perhaps AW is old enough to tell us.
  4. Ive fallen out with MTV before Boogle but bare no grudge, and i think he may have been stereotyping Arthur rather than council areas to be honest. I can however see how his comments may have offended you and others.
  5. Hmmmm probably us. As a super membership holder ive been able to pick my seats, but it still seems wherever I sit im surrounded by mongs who know nothing about the game. "Shooooooooooot" when Ruddy has the ball coming from people in their 40s and 50s is just one of thousands of examples. Some people may say thats just lads having a laugh, and yes maybe its funny the first time but after 88 minutes it wears thin. I changed from season ticket as I was sick of sitting next to the same idiots every week, but every seat ive had this season ive had the same problem. Now I know many posters on here can have a good debate, so there are some out there, so what is it? Bad choice picking seats, or do we have 1 in 20 normal supporters? Hate to sound like im having a go at fellow fans but after my experiences of the last 7 or 8 seasons, the die hards seem to have been replaced by, well im not sure what the PC word for them is. OTBC 2-0 Sunday!
  6. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]Nope, he has posted since the changeover. [/quote] Arthtur Whittle also missing?
  7. [quote user="the king"]so no only are these fools dressed as clwons and in morph suits, they''re singing that god awful we love you chant as well. embarrassing. [/quote] No they were giving it the big one to millwall......not the brightest move.
  8. MTV ''mate'' Im not condoning your son getting hit, or the millwall incident. What my point is is that both WERE winding up the home fans, you may call it banter, but is it banter for me to walk into a random pub dressed as batman and walk up to some fat bloke in the corner and say, oi porky, get the beers in you fat cunt! No offenece intended, its hard to explain to some people that what they deem as banter others deem as a personal insult.
  9. [quote user="mtv"] I dont normally lose my temper with what people write on websites but you, mate are a dick! Firstly my son was not drunk, he did nothing to derserve the broken nose that he got at forest. He also did not contact anyone in the press about the incident. Tell me this cock! just what do you know about what happened? Why do you say he was drunk? He is 16 doesnt drink and is just a normal kid who loves his football. If you want to make slanderous comments, come and make them to me. I will p m my number and will be pleased to meet you to discuss it. Till then keep your gob shut unless you know just what you are talking about...ok?   [/quote] Look mate, I was at Forest, your son was dressed as a gimp, making every hand gesture going to forest fans, and constantly abusing them. Are you really that suprised he got a slap? Also why are millwall fans scum for retaliating to a moron goading them? Its city fans like the green gimp and ronald mcdonald that give us a bad name.
  10. [quote user="mtv"]So let me get this right then, now I''m a gobby little shit because I dare to disagree with you? Is that right? Who do you think you are? The site policeman where I have to reply to all the crap you write? If anyones a gobby little shit,its you mate. Anyones allowed an opinion but if itsdifferent to yours then they are open to abuse, is that right? This site has idiots like you, wholike to surpress anything they disagree with. Well I have news for you. You can swivell mate. Keep throwing your abuse because you and I both know you would''nt dare say it face to face.[/quote] HAHA! What a plum. Instead of answering my question you throw abuse at me then accuse me of doing it. I will ask you again, why didnt you say anything if you were so worried about these poor 7,6, no 5 year old kids at the ground? Oh and you swore aswell, not exactly good parent material are you son.
  11. Oh and in your own words not mine, the kids were 7, then 6 and now they are 5. Are you going to say they were still in the womb next? So my question, why didnt you say something on the day if you were so worried about these 7 sorry 6 sorry 5 year olds hearing swear words?
  12. [quote user="mtv"]Hiding behind my Computer? Why do you want tohit me or something? You are everything thats wrong with this message board! How can you say that someone shouting about a bloody crack pipe ends up with a child going into a crack den? Jesus you are a bloody weird one are''nt you. How old are you? 6? You still have not answered how calling someone a c**t in front of a couple of 5 year olds is acceptable? Come on big boy...lets have it![/quote] LOL, what a prize numb nut you are. You didnt answer anyones questions so what makes you god? You said to someone else you thought it was funny singing about a crack pipe, you also said kids around you shouldnt have to listen to swearing. So in your eyes you dont mind people talking about drugs infront of kids, but you draw the line at swearing. What a great dad you must be. Hey kids, im just having a hit on the crack pipe, oh and remember not to swear today. Where did I say I wanted to hit you? Just pointing out that gobby little nobodys like you, didnt say a word at the game, yet soon as you are back in Norwich you run straight onto your computer slagging people off. Why didnt you say something to them saturday if you were that bothered? PEOPLE SWEAR IN LIFE GET OVER IT! I would rather my kids heard swear words than asked me what a crack pipe is. but then again you are father of the year, oh we are not worthy.
  13. [quote user="mtv"]What are you going on about? who said anyone was intimidated? I also sat in row b and I clearly saw a father with 3 young boys looking at these ''young'' men when they were throwing words like c**t at Kenny, and his look told the story. I have no problem with unsettling the opposition, in fact its our duty to do that but it just isnt big or clever to use that sort of language in front of young kids. If you think its ok then either you have not got kids or you shouldn''t have them. Just how you can say I''m wrong, baffles me. Tell me how you think that sort of language in front of kids is right. Come on tell me![/quote] Is this aimed at me or Boogle? Dont tell me I shouldnt have kids, big man hiding behind your computer. Reading this thread you thinks its ok to Shout about crack pipes in front of kids, yet have a problem with swearing. I think your prioritys are wrong pal. I would rather my kids were swearing in a football ground than having a toot on a crack pipe in some grubby little crack den. You clearly prefer your kids to be crack heads. And you think you can lecture me about parenting?
  14. [quote user="mtv"]Oh so they were on the beer all day long so its ok to call him a C**t in front of young kids? Oh dear! Oh dear![/quote] Whats right is right and you are wrong. I sat in row A and my friend sat behind {or rather stood behind}in Row B. Yes a few lads in their early 20s were having a sing, yes they were having a laugh. ''Kenny give us a line'' etc etc etc, but at no stage did any kid or any parent take offence to any of this. The father and son near me were laughing with them FFS. I heard plenty of swearing, but nobody complained or moaned then so why are you now? Please dont try and say these lads were intimidating so nobody approached them as I was within arms length. The only thing I was offended by was a prat at half time wearing a cravat!!!!!!
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