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  1. To be fair to Bristol I was at Carlisle when we took 33 fans. Was also at Old Trafford when we took 250 and about 300 the following year.
  2. What you on about, We didnt stop singing, QPR only sang once or twice.
  3. Been back on youtube. According to that class a prat him and his mates had "sussed" me out. I then pointed out that he was the only one talking - that didnt go down well - but if you look at these videos by DancesWithTrollz you will see the demented ramblings this fool has created. what goes on in arthur''s head Bucky fail Message to Buckfast Threats to make videos about Mcs Perm and others, the list goes on with this nutcase. Anyway, due to him leaving worrying and disturbing messages on my profile I tried to block him but somehow he still managed to access my profile. Ive now closed my account before he "gathered information" on me like he did with Houston Canary. What a sad, sad, sad, little toss pot.
  4. The bloke is a nutjob. I had to block him and his other youtube accounts from my youtube account as they were leaving bizarre, creepy messages. The fella actually believes hes conned everyone. On sunday his other name 555h2so4, first claimed to be a Norwich fan from the pinkun. I then caught him out as not knowing a thing about Norwich city, after asking him some questions about the club which he dodged. On noticing I had found him out, he quickly changed hs profile photo to a Man Utd crest, and added loads of Man Utd videos to his profile. When I then pointed out he quickly went from Norwich fan, to dedicated Man Utd fan within 30 minutes, he removed the Man Utd crest and videos. The guy is thick as pigs, Ive been running rings round him for a week now, but to be honest im bored and his stalking is a little worrying. The lengths people go to, if this is what the worldwide web has come to I would rather not be a part of it. I wont be responding to anymore of his pathetic youtube comments as the idiot just makes himself look dumber and dumber with every comment. The only thing im worried about is the fact that now Ive made a dick of him on youtube he will try and stalk me across the internet in the same way he did with Houston Canary.
  5. Didnt he support 3 or 4 teams? Bit strange if you ask me.
  6. [quote user="Jim Kent"]Pete, Should point out this isn''t my article just copied it from a Yeovil site. Thought it was funny on how other teams view us and it''s nice to be the team that everyone envies for a change![/quote] Good work Jim, good article.
  7. I love Holt to bits, but to be frank, Lambert has more about his game, and without wanting to be hung by my privates at city hall, I do think Lamberts the better all round player. I ve seen figure of 1.5m mentioned on here. Thats not true, Lambert cost £750,000 plus add ons, rising to 1m depending on promotion, goal etc etc. Info taken from Bristol Rovers forum.
  8. Great guy, good sense of humour on interviews. My friends a Lincoln fan, and says he led them to the play offs 4 years on the trot, but because they never won the play offs, there was a bit of a witchunt and he was out. Their fans regret that to this day. Such a shame.R.I.P.
  9. [quote user="emmaroyds"]I ask this question because it is becoming clearer by the day that the Premier league can only lead to bad news for clubs like ours. There are only about 4 clubs capable of winning the Premier league. probably another 4 who are mid table at best and the rest who are chasing a dream and getting deeper and deeper into debt just trying to stay there. Then what happens when relegation comes, you only need to look at former Premier league clubs who are in financial trouble to see the answer. Is it all realy worth it? Wouldn`t it be nice if the teams promoted from the Championship told the Premier league where to stick it. I await dogs abuse from those of you accusing me of not having ambition, well if ambition means going to the wall then I am guilty[/quote] Oh no EmmaRoyds, I would rather we stay in this league and then cease to be. Crappest thread of the month goes to
  10. Are you going to get a City tattoo Tilson? Im sure with your overtime as a Bobby you have the cash.
  11. [quote user="Norfolk Lutonian "][quote user="Buckfast"]So Norfolk Lutonian, do you find it racsist and offensive, when we are called h-onkeys in films? I dont I just laugh it off. But how come people can laugh off h-onkey, yet when a coloured person is insulted people play the race card.[/quote] Uh-oh you''ve done it again. Coloured person?? This is exactly my point you don''t want to sound racist so you perhaps not knowing it use a word (coloured) which is in its nature racist. I''m not talking about everyone in Norfolk but it is quite sheltered in terms of let''s say ''modern Britain'' and your two posts have done nothing to persuade me otherwise[/quote] So refering to someone as coloured is racist now aswell? Class clown were you Norfolk Lutonian. If I had called him black, you would have said I was racist, in fact whatever I had said you would have said it was racist. People like you are the idiots you make people feel ashamed of their country. Oh let me guess, thats racist? Twonk!
  12. Indy Bones, is talking crap. He had chances in the reserves and looked a clown, he had chances in training and Lambert obviously didnt fancy him. Lambert looked to be kicking out Doc, but he worked hard in training and gradually became a 1st team regular again. Theoklonkitis clearly didnt. Will never forget his interview after the 1-7 game, on local news, where he was grinning and laughing about it. Tosser.
  13. Indy bones, you claimed that I just hope he ends up at a club that''s willing to give him a fair opportunity instead of one that dismisses you on the back of a single poor game... Thats rubbish mate, and you know it, anyone who has seen reerve games will know, that 7-1 was not just 1 bad game. He is terrible.
  14. Man Utds isnt yellow and green, its GOLD and green, if you belve Man U fans.
  15. Thats the thing hogesar, they say n*gger and h*nkey all the while, yet its not racist as they are black.
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