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  1. Paul McVeigh may not be skilled in the Norfolk dialect but his use of the English language is first class. No err''s and you knows in every other sentence. Good use of adjectives and fine descriptive terms, plus a though knowledge of the game. If he wants the job,I say let him have it.
  2. Norwich have never had a goal keeper better than Ken Nethercott.
  3. It is not broadcast on Radio Norfolk Web site do to contractable arrangements. The programme prior to the match is but not the commentary. If you do not believe me just try it
  4. If you live outside the country or beyond the range of Radio Norfolk it is well worth it
  5. With the return to the premier league is there any possibility that Reserve team football will once again be on the agenda for this coming season.
  6. Somerset Tasmania Australia about as far away as one can get from Carrow Road without going into space. Great for Canary World and Internet. All games on Pay T.V. here during the coming season. Early mornings and or late nights,
  7. Really enjoyed your videos down here in australia. almost like being there. many thanks
  8. 2-15 a.m in Australia I decided to sleep in the arm chair in front of the TV whilst the Cardiff match was on and then wake up to watch the city but Leroy Lita, God bless him changed all that. Jacko did his stuff for city and it was whisky with the cornflakes at 7a.m. What away to start the day. OTBC
  9. I also enjoyed the commentary and to have Goreham and Adams joined by Paul McVey what a breath of fresh air. No ers or you knows from him. Fine descriptive use of the English language. On the last goal "My Grandmother could have scored that one". Re tuned from Canary World to the Ipswich Commentary at times during the match and must say they were very fair in their description of the match. By 6 a.m in the morning in Australia it was indeed a very good Good Friday
  10. Having watched games up to last Christmas I would not rate Jackson at all. He was in my eyes the weakest link. Lambert brought in three strikers as replacement. A master stroke which was in impetuous for Jackson to get his act together. Watched him on T.V this morning in Australia a top performance.
  11. Not sure about other parts of the world but we are getting the Swansea, Notts Forest and Ipswich games shown on Pay TV in Australia. Heaven forbid that we miss the automatic promotion but if we do then all the Play off games will be shown.
  12. Very annoying to get out of bed at 2a.m in Australia and have a commentary which disappears and pauses frequently. Just fortunate sound was on when the final goal went in. Canary world was not always like this looks like technology has gone backwards
  13. you can still get access to all the other clubs using your sign in and password
  14. Down below in the big state tassie been here for years. Communications via canaries world brilliant not like the early days of BBC overseas service on short wave radio with antenna wire fixed to the curtain rail to get a signal and then only in the middle of the night. Pity Muscat missed out of the winning world cup team.
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