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  1. is the Wrath dead. I can''t even access the site. what goin orn?
  2. the best Norwich City website is www.wrathofthebarclay.co.uk ontheballcity.com is good because you don`t get slagged off for having an opinion
  3. Sorry to say it Leeds Canary but you for one should know what they are like up there. The most unpleasant bunch of knuckle draggers I have ever had the misfortune to meet
  4. Blimey Mr Cluckbert you really should chill out a bit. All this pent up anger is not good for the blood pressure. Angela can celebrate any way he like`s if he`s going to carry on scoring
  5. Blimey who are these retards? It`s like 1979+ all over again but this time with a keyboard.most poster are called anonymous or it just the same tw@t replying to himself
  6. [quote user="Unhinged Canary"]Apart from the thread about a centimetre below this one? No, it''s not been mentioned........ [;)] [/quote] Ooops sorry I should have gone to specsavers[:(]
  7. I don`t know if this has been mentioned todayhttp://www.football365.com/story/0,17033,8652_6304448,00.htmlIf he quits, could we talk him into coming back to us for old times sake and all that. Don`t mention wages we could have a whip round
  8. Mr Chops, it`s like when we score and all the fans are going mad, then we see the lino`s flag for offside.Still there was no £2 because McNasty had the stewards looking for it. it was in the canary coffers well before kick off
  9. [quote user="morty"]At the end of the day it boils down to "If you can''t afford something, you can''t have it"It may sound harsh, but thats life I''m afraid.[/quote]That`s what I think too. I want one of those HTC mobile phones but can`t afford one so it`ll have to be something like an LG. Now I expect someone to shout and say it`s not the same thing but I think it is.You either want your club to be run properly like a business or you want it keep pissing money away. Maybe if we didn`t have a growing £20 million debt hanging around our necks things would be different.We`ve maxed out the credit card, now we have to pay.
  10. Part of me say Rudd needs some game time and another part says Ruddy needs it more. But I would like to see Rudd get some games.Central defence is a real worry. If Ashou is not out of favour then he needs to play.Korey need time on the pitch as well as Holt.I really wouldn`t wan t to second guess PL he could just play the same team as he did friday, giving them a chance to put things right or make big changes which he may have been planning even before friday.I know it`s only the Carling Cup but I wouldn`t want to be losing this one after Watford, We need to take some confidence to Scunny who had a good win at Reading
  11. A big well done to Mr Chops.................................... bastard[:(]
  12. [quote user="CallsignViper"]I''ve just bought me a small thermos flask for £3 and a jar of bovril for £2. So after 2 matches, my half time drinks are free.[/quote]Not anymore it`s not. didn`t you see the signs Only food and drink purchased on the premises may be consumed.Flask detectors installed at every entry point. Pies and sandwiches will be resold in the kiosks
  13. [quote user="City1st"]As someone with a little ''previous'' in these matters the lead usher can can usually be persuaded to put a case on earlier where necessary - and I don''t think it will be held over until the afternoon - which suggests he should be out of there by 1pm. Allow 4 to 5 hours and he is in Norwich by 6pm.Those of you who remember ''Alf Tupper'' will know they he frequently arrived late at the race track, often on the back of a truck and would go on to beat some arrogant foreigner and be none the worse for it. Otherwise rough cost of cheap helicopter is around £450 + vat per hour - does around 133 miles per hour. Landing charges might also be incurred.Court is 200 miles from Norwich(cost would be about 7p per home fan)Land on the pitch, there`s bound to be a f@cking big NPower logo in the centre circle. The McNasty can come on a present Holty with the bill [/quote]
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