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  1. Why hasn''t Hughton made any subs. It must give the morale of the players on bench that we''re 3-0 & still none of them are getting a look in. It''s basically Hughton saying he has no faith in any of them making any difference
  2. Was hoping Murphy would get a start but never mind I''m quite happy with that team. Bit surprised Martin is still getting a start ahead of Whittaker, he''s been poor recently.
  3. If  he can''t get a start at home against the worst time in the league when all the other wingers are injured, than the lad is never gonna get a start this season.
  4. We need to be ambitious tomorrow at home against the worst team in the league. Playing 2 left backs isn''t the answer, we need Murphy or Hoolahan starting not Garrido.
  5. Why are we not making any changes to get back in the game? It''s like Hughton isn''t bothered
  6. Should of taken the money from Chelsea for Ruddy in the summer. He''s been very poor this season
  7. [quote user="Buh"]The alternative currently?[/quote] Stick either Elmander or Becchio upfront with Hooper.
  8. What was Russell Martin playing at conceding the corner in the first place!
  9. Russell Martin is awful, embarrassing how he starts every game.
  10. If we want to stay up then we must be looking for a win at home against West Ham. Especially after only getting 1 point from the games against Hull, Villa & Cardiff, other teams you''d expect to be near the relegation zone towards the end of season.However I do agree the Palace game will be ''D'' Day. If we fail to pick up 3 points then & are still in the bottom 3, I reckon Hughton''s position as manager will become untenable.
  11. Hughton must be panicking seeing such a serious injury to Snodgrass... He gonna have to make a sub before the 75th minute for once!
  12. Really disappointing to see Wes being a shadow of his former self. However I don''t think Elmander coming so deep is helping his cause. Leaves Wes without the option to quickly pass the ball.
  13. So Hughton decides to play a more attacking lineup away to Man U in the cup than in the must win home game against Cardiff...
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]goals win games.. i''d sooner we had 1 chance and a clinical striker scored it than we had 100 chances and 3 "maybe men" missed them... Lupoli has missed a gilt edged chance to get us back into it and Croft.,. well.. was just Croft...  We need to spend big money.. even if we havent got it.. 3 million pounds on a striker will keep us in this division/take us up.... its not a case of waiting till january and seeing where we are.. we have to get one in now!  The tea does need tme to gel but 2 or 3 months down the line could be too late.. we needed them to gel today! has Roeder brought in too many new players in 1 go???? I dont know.. time will tell... would it of made sense to get 4 players in now, including the striker we so badly need, then sig say 4 more in january.. allowing fewer players more playing time and the chance to settle in? we lost today because Coventry know how to scoe goals.. we dont... We did play well which is promising,, but until we stick thhe ball in the net then "ole football" all counts for nothing jas :)   [/quote] When did Lupoli have an easy chance to score? I was at the game today and he never had an easy chance.Lupoli impressed me alot today, he can beat a man, isnt afraid to shoot and linked up very well with Hoolahan. Once he is fit he will be banging in the goals.As soon as we replace Cureton, Croft and Shackell, I feel this team is good enough for the play-offs.
  15. Gibbs fell ill the night before, thats why he didn''t make the squad.
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