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  1. You are of course right, we should not build up our expectations.... too much. However, is it wrong to enjoy the moment????
  2. We just didn''t seem to be able to stick it in the back of the net!!!
  3. Rusty should be partnering Curo, he is wasted in midfield...... & why PL didn''t slip Drury in at centre back is beyond me!
  4. Hmmm, a sad end for a legend wouldn''t you say?
  5. You should try living in the borders, the ONLY saving grace was that THEY lost (although they were robbed, apparently). Just about every other breed of fan seems to think it is really funny......
  6. Hmm,Gunny''s best move..... watching the game from the stands!!!! It is interesting that the radio mike lost comunication at times...... perphaps team Gunn realise this is the best way to deal with his "tactics"?
  7. [quote user="The Chirp"]charlton need to start signing some players if theyre to make a push for promotion. currently their team is nowhere near good enough. [/quote] Good enough to beat Ipswitch though!!!!
  8. The thing is, it''s all very well saying he should go... & I agree... BUT who would want to buy him????
  9. Perhaps we will do something similar with Hucks???
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