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  1. http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151225238817055&set=o.300735998153&type=1&theaterNEARLY 1/2 MILL LIKES IN 4 DAYS..........Lets help the guy get to Wembley!!
  2. Driving to London the day before, Flicks nightclub in Dartford, sleeping in the car. 50 a side footie match in the car park before the game. Robbie Vincent giving us a shout on radio 1 on the way home. Sharing champagne and the biggest home made cherry pie with Sunderland supporters after the game was so surreal. But my fave memory of the milk cup was THE Brucie bonus goal against the scum in the semi final and the stewards shouting "we can''t hold em" as we invaded the pitch!! Happy daze.
  3. This would go down as a all time comedy classics if we had a pair of comedians as good as the likes of Peter Cook/Dudley Moore to do a t.v. sketch!!
  4. "Jimmy, Jimmy Neighbour, Jimmy Neighbour on the wing"
  5. Might respect you if you had an original name, why the Ultras? How about The Jarrold Iceni? Now that would be cool.
  6. Cheers m8, just got a call from Norwich Pete in Yarmouth. On the road at 3.30!!!!!
  7. I can remember having a meal at the pizza place in Tombland. A little boy was sat next to us with his parents and his Dad was trying to get him to go over to Fleckie for his autograph. The boy was so nervous by the time he got to Fleckie he''d burst in to tears. We could see Fleckie talk to him, then come over to the boys Dad and ask if the boy could finish his meal with him and a couple of mates he was with. It was feelgood stuff at it''s best!!
  8. [quote user="eagle"]Unless Coppell or Strachan has a weekend job at ASDA?[/quote] LMAO!!! I can''t take anymore...........
  9. [quote user="Graham Humphrey"]At this point I''d like to say a big thank you to everyone who''s participated in this thread, it''s an absolute classic and has kept me entertained on such a dull afternoon in the office/[/quote]Ditto m8. Thing is we''ll be none the wiser after the interview methinks!!
  10. [quote user="TheFineCity"]Does anyone actually listen to this guff on a daily basis? [/quote]lmao
  11. Gunny yer a top bloke .................PLEEEEEEESE prove me wrong!!!
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