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  1. Well done Wiz - the first level headed anti histeria post in a long time. I notice most of the responses are from those who welcomed the permanent appointment of Bryan Gunn! God help us. Paul Lambert will leave at the end of this season whatever happens. Fact. Delia was desperate to sell this club -when we were at a level no serious investor would get involved. Instead of doing the honourable thing and selling up now, when there would be plenty of interest and a place in canary folklore forever she will hang on and hob nob with rich owners until the inevitable happens and we drop down. Lambert will go, McNally will go and we will be back to square one. Well done Wiz, good to see there''s still some common sense non blinkered opinion posted on this once invaluable forum.
  2. Apolgies this has probably already been mentioned but just seen this http://m.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/aug/05/bbc-legal-dispute-leeds-united?cat=lifeandstyle&type=article
  3. Ok, sorry, that should have read "money". That is my final word.
  4. I''m not a regular poster, I''m not concerned with my number of posts or any of that bo**ocks, I''m sorry, I actually detest this forum and the keyboard warriors that frequent it. However, I recognise the majority of City fans read it and I want to make sure they know what''s going on at their club. At the lowest point following relegation to the third tier Smith and Jones were desperate to sell. Now? They smell a return to the premier and all the adoration that will bring. Bottom line however is should we fail to go up Lambert will go to a lower end premier club or a Championship rival with real mobey. Another fact and that really is my final word.
  5. Apologies, not a current sportsman, an ex-sportsman but a big personality nonetheless. Wish I could say more but hands are tied.
  6. I can''t, my cover would be blown my friend.
  7. I''m not surprised we''re being eyed by potential buyers considering where we lie in the Championship. Cardiff were bought by Malaysians when in a similar position last year. Trouble is Delia will not sell while there is the slightest hint of promotion. A well known Russian sportsman and his syndicate tried to buy us a couple of months ago but Delia will only consider selling when we are at rock bottom - i.e when no-one is remotely interested in buying - fact.
  8. In a word "no". We will huff and puff and another 2 or 3 home points will go begging. Mark my words.
  9. Whilst I admire your optimism your "dream" is sadly only that. We have as much chance as anyone else granted but we are as inconsistent as the next team. Tuesdays performance was great but let''s face it was only a response to Lamberts hairdryer treatment following Saturdays farce. Monday night we will no doubt witness another ''Charlie Potatoes'' home display where the players think they merely have to turn up to beat Bristol City. On recent form the Robins are no pushovers and it would be no surprise to see another 1-1 draw. I hate the moaners as much as the next man but almost as bad are the head in the clouds mob who will be standing outside ladbrokes'' river end hatch Monday backing 3 and 4 nil home wins like Watford, Hull, Portsmouth, Palace, Doncaster and Preston didn''t happen.
  10. 10 o''clock is one to be on, get to Col for 11 and meet in Norfolk as usual
  11. Just how low can some ''people'' go? - nicking Ipswich shirts left outside the ground as a memorial to Bobby Robson!Scum.
  12. That is unbelievable Conker, well done to you for posting the thing in the first place and being so pro-active. Certain posters'' negativity had turned me off this site but a few pre-season wins and £1100 for charity has made it almost bearable again...........until we lose!!Keep up the good work, with another week til the premier that figure is bound to rise!
  13. Well done Conker!This is a brilliant idea, money for the kitty and money for cancer research all in one free hit. Timing is spot on too with Bobby Robson passing away yesterday - a great man even allowing for the fact he managed the binners.
  14. Bryan Gunn, Bryan Gunn, Bryan Bryan Gunn, he''s got no idea, but we don''t care, Bryan Bryan Gunn
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