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  1. It''s Loxley, which would make him a Wednesday fan. Wouldn''t it?
  2. How about the Ip5w1ch fans sit in the away end at Portaloo? They probably wouldn''t fill it, but then there''d be enough space for us. I''m sure we''d fill the rest of the ground if we tried hard enough. If they did manage to sell out their stand, then it should be a capacity crowd to help fill Marcus'' wallet up a bit more.
  3. How much involvement is Hucks having in helping Redmond? Might be an interesting approach...
  4. On the video, when Seb was asked the question, did no one think he gave a bit of a wry smile? I wondered if it was the start of a bit of kidology before the game. Could he be ready to play? Is he worth risking if it''s not quite ready?
  5. Watch out for conspiracy theories on Bassong and Turner! (Bassong operation / injury recuperation, but what about Turner? Not heard anything about him on the injury front - anyone?)
  6. Taken from Twitter: david mcnally ‏@davidmcnally62 29 Jun “@bigsixkev: @davidmcnally62 is it possible for you to give a straight answer will there be new signing s by Wednesday” no and yes As this was prior to RvW being unveiled, technically I suppose the "yes" could refer to him. Either way, I''m sure the club is working for the benefit of the club, so any new signings will be worked on very hard. I can''t see David McNally letting lack of effort be the reason why we don''t get a target. Ben
  7. Seeing "them down the road" clearly in a lot of trouble is one of those bitter sweet things. Yes, I want to finish above them, and beat them every time we play them, and it''s nice to see them suffer after watching them gloat over us but it''s like kicking a drowning puppy sometimes. Ben
  8. I should probably add that given the right circumstances I''d have him back in yellow and green in an instant. Ben
  9. But is he better at left back than a specialist left back for the same price? Square pegs, round holes? Need to be ruthless. Everyone else in this league is... Ben
  10. Isn''t he out of contract in the summer anyway? Best for all parties if he''s allowed to leave as a free agent at the end of the season. He''s had some good times with us, and certainly done well at lower league clubs. Perhaps being released will be the kick up the backside he needs to realise his real talent. It could be the making of him!
  11. Hattrick against QPR on Saturday would certainly endear him to the fans!
  12. Morison might find his spark again at Leeds, and hopefully Becchio won''t lose his given that there''s so many ex-Leeds players about the place. To me, it has got potential to be win-win. Just because Morison might start scoring again for Leeds, then who''s to say he would have done the same for us? Our current set-up just doesn''t seem to suit him, whereas it might be perfect for Becchio. Anything to cause an uproar on Waccoe is fine by me... The question I want answering is whether there''s going to be a northern branch of the SMGH Racing Club for us "ex-pats":-) Ben
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