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  1. [quote user="Indy_Bones"]Lived in Rotherham most of my life, no links in any way to Norwich but made the choice when I was 7 to support a team and as previously mentioned - didn''t want to be a glory hunter, so watched a few MOTD''s and liked what I saw of Norwich and as they say - the rest is history. You''d be amazed at the reactions from people round here when you tell them you''re a Norwich fan, you''d think you''ve grown a second head or something :) [/quote] Indy - where about in Rotherham are you.  I am also Rotherham born and bred.....been following City since I was 9 in 1981 when they played Rotherham at Millmoor first game of season....Rotherham ran out 4-1 winners despite City scoring in first minute (Ross Jack if memory serves). Rich  
  2. agreed I pee''d my pants laughing.  glad for gilkes....we should have kept him i''m sure he would have stook with us through relegation have watched him on tv a few times this season and the guy really is an average keeper.  I was never over impressed when we had him and was certainly not upset he left....it was the speed he did it in that hacked me off.  
  3. booing him would be a disgrace.  he might be sh!t but he gave 150% every time he pulled the shirt on and for that i will always like andy hoos. did you see his p!ss poor defending for millwalls second goal last night....he really is pants but a trier none the less  
  4. I have two........ Left calf I have the centenary badge and left arm I have the normal badge but with a black and white footy rather than the yellow ball normally found on the badge. I also have the 3 lions on by right calf. Had the normal badge done about 10 years ago along with the 3 lions and the centenary done....well .....erm.....in the centenary season. Rich
  5. just said on SSN that Middlesbrough are back on the trail now adam johnson has signed for man city hope this is bollox  
  6. only ever done it twice I think. 1st time was at CR v Aston Vill in 1995 when we had been relegated the week before at Leeds.  We drew 1-1 with Villa in our last home game and the atmosphere was probably the worst I have ever experienced at CR. 2nd time was a couple of season later at Barnsley (I hate them with a passion).  We were 1-0 with about 10 mins to go and Eady and Roberts combined to run the ragged and we won 3-1 I think.  Probably about 1999/2000 I think.  I was removed from the pitch by a rozzer in a headlock but just thrown out after the 3rd goal went in in stoppage time.  Good times...... Rich  
  7. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"] He''s fit, just hasn''t had a chance with Drury doing so well at left back. I agree that he should come in, allowing us the leave the midfield alone. When Lappin dropped to left back last night the game turned in Walsall''s favour. Hughes is a good player but without a natural left footed player on the left side of midfield it unbalanced things, and Drury is a much better defender than Lappin. [/quote] agreed good observation    
  8. [quote user="Cluck the Purist...."] Proper fans come from Norfolk and it''s surrounding areas...... Lets not beat about the bush on this one eh? [/quote] dont talk like a twat........bet ive been to more games than you over the years....what constitutes a proper fan then?
  9. Rotherham, S.Yorks. First game was Aug 1981 Rotherham 4 City 1 and have been a City fan ever since. Rich  
  10. [quote user="I am a Banana"]I feel he never did it for us, and i think that he would have a lot more about him if a manager decided to adapt his game to become a right wing back or right winger - now many defenders could cope with his pace when 1 on 1![/quote]   he was the only player worse at crossing a ball than crofty.....he was shit but thought he would excel in this division....but he hasnt
  11. according to sky sport news he''s only signed a six month deal with them........I am reading into this he has been told he wont be offered a new deal here
  12. Kevin Drinkell was awesome....woud possibly get my vote.
  13. has to be GRANT for me. he destroyed what was a half decent team left behind by worthy.  it needed a bit of fresh blood and some fresh thinking from the coaches as it had clearly gone stale...grant toally cocked it up. At the end of the day Gunny might not have been able to motivate or organise the team but he certainly built us a strong side during the summer....ok he got one or two wrong (Maric ? and Theo) but this can and has happened to more expereinced managers than Bryan and its always a risk when your hunting the bargain bins for players as he was forced to do).....who know how this season would have gone with gunny in charge.....i doubt we would be where we are now but i''m sure we would have been on the fringes at least. Rich  
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