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  1. To be fair we were really unlucky tonight. Started very brightly and deserved to be ahead and the players showed great commitment and played to a high tempo. Switched off with their equaliser and then undone by some poor refereeing who totally lost the plot in  the last 20 mins. If we play like that the rest of the season i''m sure we will comfortably stay up.
  2. I agree....chanting ''what a load of rubbish'' midway through the 2nd half is out of order and does nothing to help the team rectify the scoreline. However the abuse to Marshall is more than justified. He is extremely smug, constantly takes the piss out of norwich fans and deserves all he gets. The man is an arrogant prick and shows no respect to the fans who supported him for many years.
  3. P.S Smudger......u worry about Carlisle and Northampton......i get the impression you''d love it if we went down!
  4. why the f**k do you bother posting on here....you never have anything positive or remotely interesting to say. Think i can speak for the majority of people on this site who are very bored of you.....cheerio!
  5. Smudger..your comment regarding the fans deserving relegation is a disgrace. Financially we are not competing, i grant you that, however try getting behind the club and SUPPORT them. If you can''t do that then kindly keep away from carrow road. We don''t need idiots like you there.
  6. And then do what exactly?! Pay up a 3 year contract dispensing of most of our funds for the transfer window. He knows he needs to strengthen the squad and should be judged when he has his own players at his disposal. Everyone knocked Worthy for sitting on the bench and now you are moaning at Grant for trying to organise and motivate people. Foolish comments from you ronbol!
  7. he''s gone, don''t worry about that!!!!!!!
  8. you lot aren''t happy unless you are moaning.admittingly today wasn''t good and it was a poor result , but to judge peter grant at this stage is ridiculous. give him time to bring people in, as we are down to the bare bones and clearly the squad he inherited is not good enough.people moan if hes knocking the players and then moan if he defends them. some people on here are absolute pricks
  9. why the fXXk are you laying into hughes for? he was only on for 10 mins for gods sake. try channeling your comments into the rest of the team who were on for 80/90 mins and didn''t perform. if you were one of those so called supporters who booed hughes when he came on you should be ashamed of yourselves. yes hes not the best player to pull on the shirt but at least he gives his all unlike some of the players today.
  10. I agree. The current crop of men officials are terrible 95% of the time and to allow woman officials to officiate at this level is ridiculous. I''ve played in a match refereed by a woman and it was a shambles from start to finish. Again this is a case of political correctness gone mad!!!!!!!!!
  11. yeah fair play to him, very dignified. Good of him to praise the club, board, players and fans. Just hope Curbishley was listening!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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