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  1. only sang cos never come up against a team as bad as us and they thought that they had a chance.... if they had''nt so many injurees thay wouldve 2
  2. [quote user="ZippersLeftFoot"]If booing is so bad how come we won the game on sat?  The team were booed of at half time after all.[/quote] yes if we booed more often we would be much better - but the ktfs cant be bothered
  3. [quote user="Canary Jules"]Still waiting for an answer to my question. If the board goes, due to fan power or whatever, who steps in? If no-one wants to invest, surely we have to stay put with those in the job now. To lose them/sack them/hound them out without someone ready to come on board has to be suicide??[/quote] we dont need much investment all we need is for them to stop taking money out of the club 7 million ashton 2 million green 1 million mckenzie   in return we get frees and no hopers + we get big crowds - DS dont need to write books no more cos she just take are money!!! JUST SACK THEM AND STOP MAKING EXCUSES!!!
  4. [quote user="blacko"]Also I forgot to say another of PGs apparent targets Riordan scored two good goals for Celtic at the weekend and he looked, on the short highlight showed on TV, as if he would again have enhanced our squad. Seems to me that PG is looking for the right type of player and how often have we been able to say that in the past.[/quote] dont fall for it!!!! why not say Roony is a target but in the meantime we''ell spend 75000 on a slow scottish part-timer and a free out of contract no hoper!   we were never going to by riorden cos he cost too much - we wont go above 300000 for any1!
  5. [quote user="Branston Pickle"] Thought I''d just add a comment, because there are rather a few pseudo accountants who seem to think they know more than everyone else, and they are beginning to get on my tits!  As an accountant, IMO the club was neither broke nor close to bankruptcy at the time of its last accounts - and the Club, its Accountants and Auditors would be breaking the law if they posted false accounts.  That is really the only fact that we know about the club''s finances, the rest spouted on here is purely supposition. I do think people should be more careful when presenting something as a fact, as there are some who like to think facts are whatever they want them to be at any given point in time. A resonable definition of Fact = truth or reality of something: the truth or actual existence of something, as opposed to the supposition of something or a belief about something. Things can change, of course, the club could well be in financial troubles in the future (particularly if we continue to play crap and people refuse to renew season tickets etc), but we aren''t there at the moment.    [/quote] were about 20 million in debt and you reckon were not broke - do you get much work as an accountant?
  6.   one game against leeds - who r useless and bottem and have most of there players injured!!! they are leage 1 or 2 standard which is about lappins level and he can look ok in this - but ssloww
  7. [quote user="charlies dad"]Oh yes I almost forgot ''idiot'' - i do go to games.[/quote] well thatshows that u dont no what u r doing - if u cared how could you go to see that lot- u just making smith rich - stand up to make us grate again and hit them in the pocket cos thats all they know cos they dont cvare like fans cos its are club - so stand up and dont be fooled and we can be grate again if onlty fans wernt so foolish like you are but you are probably well meaning but easily lead so JUSTK ABOUT IT
  8. [quote user="lurd"] I''ve seen a lot of people on here calling for the board to be sacked but by whom exactly? The board is made up of wealthy business partners , all of whom look out for each other, so without financial injection from outside sources (which the current board would have to comission), so how do the suggesting parties on this board expect it to ever happen? Perhaps you should channel your negativity towards the opposition and get behind the team (assuming you actually go to games) instead of focusing on this improbable task and creating hostility amongst the fans. [:)] [/quote] do u go to games? fans are hostile - it is there club and the board are useless so we should sack them - it is are club why cant we - we sacked chase and worthless- now gget rid of reel cause - smith and doomcarster - only then will we be grate again!! as u say they are wealthy but they wont spend the money on us - they just wont it for themselfs and they keep all the money from transfers - thats why there rich - work it out - ashton 7 million - lappin 50000 - thats why there rich!!!! dont listen to doomcarster spin! wake and smell the cofee!!
  9. [quote user="ob1"][quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Then, what are we, please? Saving our money for a rainy day? OTBC [/quote] Spending our money on players that deliver value for money (Lappin, hopefully) rather than wasting it on panic buys for crap players (Hughes). I''d rather not spend money at all, than waste money on players that don''t improve the squad. [/quote] so lappin is''nt a panic buy? 75000 dont pay the wages from mon till wensday - spent a couple of days wages to give the impression were doing something and u all fall for it - wake up pleeeeese
  10. [quote user="Steve H"][quote user="Steve H"] people also said that we wasted a combined total of £1M on Hughes and Etuhu when Reading got Doyle for £50,000. And further slated the club for wasting the money on loan players and has-beens like Robinson (actually he probably was never anything) when we should have been scouring the lower leauges for players like him. [/quote] Whe I say "Him" I meant Doyle not Robinson as in we should have been scouring the lower leauges for players like Doyle. [/quote] i think the lower leges scout us cos they know that many of are players belong there
  11. May be that losing would be the best way of getting rid of smith and the othe others - it would be painful to go down but perhaps best in the long run to be rid of this lot - the ktfs wont see it but the longer they go on the worst it gets
  12. [quote user="Snakepit Boy"] Lappin might be great or he might be s***. But let''s give him a chance. [/quote] just wasting time
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