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  1. I cannot understand why our best player was allowed to play 2 games for Norway when he had admitted he was injured ? Did Webber take this up with the Norway Manager ( In Farkes absence ) ? He comes back , plays one half and is now injured for how long ( we dont know ) Who pays his wages , Norwich or Norway - other top players get injured and are excluded from their national squads. How many points could this have cost us ?
  2. So we sacked Farke with no idea of who we would appoint . We sacked him after he had won a game , a week after we lost against Leeds. In the meantime clubs like Aston Villa are and Newcastle are getting on with life with no disruption to their planning, sacking and signing managers in a matter of a few days. Now Managers are turning us down or saying they dont want to join us. This is a typical Norwich **** up and orchestrated by Webber who should be sacked The truth is he had no clue who we would appoint so why sack Farke and especially then ! Farke in his interview after Leeds said he needed better quality. Webber has dumped a team full of non proven players on him and basically said " make them into a team " . He had no chance of succeeding . Classic example is buying Sargent for £10m when he has a scoring record of 20 goals in 100 senior league games . This is the guy who will score all our goals when Pukki is injured !!! Now we hear Managers are turning us down or saying they dont want to join us. This is a typical Norwich **** up and orchestrated by Webber who should be sacked.
  3. So on that basis no one will know until all players back 3 days before we play Southampton !
  4. Why did Norwich sack Farke after beating Brentford when they had clearly made up their minds after the Leeds match . One has to assume they had already agreed terms with another manager . So why the delay Mr Webber . We have already lost nearly a week . Could it be the chosen manager changed his mind .-
  5. I’m sure he will play but Norwich should come first . We cannot afford to lose many more matches and he’s our best player right now
  6. So it looks like players are deciding if they are fit enough or need to rest now . Normann is our most influential player and Surely Webber can step in and stop him playing for Norway ? He might not like it but he is injured and Norwich play his wages . Who is taking decisions like this in Farkes absence ? If Frank Lampard was appointed do you think he would let him go . I doubt it
  7. Fine but Pukki cannot score all our goals and he is missing more chances than scoring. We have neglected this vital position and we can’t change anything until the transfer window
  8. The issue with Sargent is that he is not a striker and will not score many goals . He never has . He has scored 20 goals in 100 senior games at a much lower level , so however much he runs around he will not score many goals . You would have thought that Stewart Webbers first thought would be to check out his strike record before wasting £10m. So we are left with Puuki hho is not up to Premier level , Sargent and Hugill who will not score and Idah who again is not up to Premier level. So where are the goals coming from ? They aren't and thats why we will go down. We have wasted a lot of money on Sargent and Hugill when all we needed was one at say £20m who had some sort of goal record.
  9. My father took me to see my first game at Carrow Road 49 years ago for my 5th birthday - I was 54 yesterday and it was in effect the day that for the first time in all these years we condemned ourselves to the third tier of the football league . Although i have lived in Reading for the past 20 years , i have remained an avid City fan . EVERY Saturday afternoon is spent from 2pm to 6pm listening to the match via the internet and Canary call . Well no more - From today i will be filling my Saturdays doing other things - golf , walking the dog , even shopping with my wife ! I can simply no longer put myself through the miserydepression i have felt most Saturday nights for the past 4 years . Although NCFC will be forever in my blood they simply do not deserve my or any of our long suffering supporters support . What has happened this year should have been avoided - I blame almost in full Glen Roeder for his arrogance and complete mismanagement. It was Roeder who decided that our best player Huckerby should be booted out of the club for no apparent reason other than his arrogance - it was Roeder who despite knowing that Dion was leaving in April , also kicked out any other striker we had at the club ( Strivaka , Martin, Chris Brown ) and didn''t replace any of them - He left us with the embarrassment of fielding a midfielder Russell as our main striker for much of the season.In fact we did not have any recognised goalscorer until Lita came and without him we would already be adrift . It was Roeder who sold Shackell to Wolves and didn''t replace - so much so that we were left playing midfielders as Centre Backs for much of the season .It was Roeder who filled our ranks with loan players who would not have the stomach for a relegation fight . HOW ON EARTH DID HE EXPECT TO WIN FOOTBALL GAMES !!! I do not think Gunny is up to it but the die was already cast - the fact he got the job on the back of one win was typical of the shallow cost cutting thinking of the board. It is frankly a disgrace that with 25000 crowds each week we seem to be outsmarted by the likes of Donacaster , Preston and Blackpool and many other clubs with far less resources! So i am not happy to say the club have lost my support - i cannot support Reading or any other club - but Saturday''s at least will be a lot less painful from now on . After 49 years i''m hanging up my boots !
  10. Have i missed something or have we not signed a centre back ??
  11. Has the best managerial win stats by a mile of any of the candidates : Robins - 49% Dowie - 40% Boothroyd - 36% Roeder''s record is only 33% so no real surprise that he failed here. In any other walk of life you would hire somebody who had clearly demonstrated the ability to succeed . Robins had a tough job at Rotherham with points deductions to cope with and he has clearly done a great job . He is ex Norwich and seems to me to be the perfect candidate .
  12. I am sick of hearing from Roeder that we fail to convert chances - Who was it who failed to replace Dublin , let Huckerby go ( 10 goals a season ) and replace with Hoolihan who has not scored at all in 2008 , let Chris Brown go and replace with Sibiersky - are we saying he was any better , let Cureton go an loan . Who spent all the transfer money on midfielders and nothing on proven goalscorers ?? Was it Peter Grant ? Was it Delia ? No it was you Mr Roeder . It is no surprise that we don''t score goals when you pack the side with players with no goalscoring record is it ? We are doomed i''m afraid as we don''t just need one proven striker , but two to have any chance of getting out of this mess.
  13. It was Roeders decision to get rid of  Huckerby and Brown and he knew Dublin was off last April - Instead of finding  replacements goalscorers he bought too many midfield players - we started the season without a target man and scored no gaols , we got Sibiersky ( poor scoring record ) at midnight on Jan 31st in a panic move - Are we really saying that he is a goalscorer or better target man than Chris Brown ?? By selling Shackell we have had 5'' 7" full backs playing centre half for more than a handful of games most of which we have lost - Are we really saying that selling Shackell was good buisness when you don''t get a replacement ? No it is Roeders arrogance with the likes of Huckerby and his manic desire to rid the team of any Peter Grant player without thinking of how to replace them that has caused the mess we are in . I have no doubt that we are going down - we will not find anyone to score the goals we need and without Lita and one other we are now doomed .
  14. Roeder on Canary call was bemoaning the lack of strikers available . Well you knew Mr Roeder back in April 08 that Dublin was leaving , you decided to dispense with Huckerby who was good for at least 10 goals a year and replace with Hoolihan who is good for no goals a year . You got rid of Chris Brown , Chris Martin and now Cureton on loan and left the cupboard bare  - Don''t you think you owe us supporters an explanation for this crass negilgence which leaves us with one player in the squad with a goalscoring record ( Lupoli ) and you don''t like to play him !!  You can''t expect to win matches without at least 2 goalscorers and you have gone over halfway in the season with none and at times playing midfielder Russell as striker . And while you are explaining that maybe you can answer why you let Shackell go to Wolves and leave us with no centre back cover . These schoolboy errors are totally your fault Mr Roeder , not Delia''s , not Pete Grants but yours - ones that will ultimately earn us relegation . Go Now !!
  15. Mr Roeder - Please tell me and all our long sufferring fans just why you have ignored Lupoli all season . He is a proven goalscorer as his 5 goals from 7 starts shows - Due to your negligence we have no other proven goalscorer at the club and yet you have the audacity to put Russell , a midfielder before him - Exactly what has Lupoli done wrong Mr Roeder ?? You haven''t given him any sort of run in the side but whenever he comes on he scores . I have heard that he''s too lightweight - well that hasn''t stopped him from scoring has it ? Your treatment of Lupoli is nothing short of a disgrace !
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