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  1. [quote user="Canary_teen"]Just because I SUPPORT my team and dont criticise them in every post..............[/quote]well said mate smudger just give it a rest and give some encouragment
  2. to be honest i dont care if sharp or eastwood dont come. I would settle for cureton and save our money sure cureton hasnt done to great in past seasons and has done well this 1 but i am willing to take that risk i would rather have 4/5/6 players than 2/3 .
  3. OI wizard this guy scored 19 goals 4 us and was injured for half the season. Cant bloody blame him to play premiership football its twice as good as championship. Give the guy a bloody break......... and mate im not bothered in saying:SOD OFF WIZARD
  4. the chelsea game is live on american t.v and scandinavian t.v does any one know any pubs that its showing at
  5. I think grant has done brilliantly to net simon lappin from reading a st. mirren transfer tlk website they are gutted to see him go and cant believe that they sold him for only £75,000 he is apparently a world class crosser with corners and in general play which we need also they say he is a very good free kick taker which is yet again another thing we need. I think Grant has done well to get Simon Lappin and Fatherington for so cheap.But lets wait n see
  6.                   marshall collin     robo     shack     drury croft      etuhu      safs      hucks             thorne       martain                    thats the team i wud like to see however could be wrong
  7. age: 14 job: school fan: season ticket holder 4 years reason: Dad works for the club interesting fact: hant reli got 1
  8. Its part of the contract that hes not allowed 2 play against us
  9. This is the team i wud like to see 2morro at burnley                                                                                               Marshall                                                   collin                                  dublin                                  shack                         drury                                                croft                                     safri                                     etuhu                          hucks                                                             martains                                                    brown
  10. I totally agree with this post the guy gets so much crap be4 hes even played and the guy up above^^^ with the sack grant pic for christ sake did u see wot worthy left him and u expect that were guna shoot right up the league. Give grant a chance to build his own team be4 u judge him so mate just f**k off
  11. I hate people who leave these sort of comment for cryin out loud this guy hasnt even played one match and ur already havin a go
  12. I cant agree that adam drury has played well of recent every time there was an attack down the left hand side he would back off so far down the pitch the attacker would have already got a cross in
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