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  1. If you understand Football you can see that these players arnt good enough. Nothing to do with 1st loss of season
  2. A big lack in quality was there for everyone to see. Gibbs, Plachetta, Springett, Stacey, all abysmal, nowhere near good enough performance! Very worrying!
  3. On TV they say people are calling for the England team to be knighted! Why do they deserve that? It's farcical. My Grandaughter scored the winner on Sunday, a screamer, top corner. I'm gona ask if she could have one!
  4. Nice one Adam! Hoping you would come on and get the winner to stick one up these negative b.stards on here.
  5. Max and Oma will be sold on the cheap, easy option to say fee 'undisclosed'
  6. It's sh.t women's football getting far too much publicity
  7. Oh no its the cabbage window licking, shiny wig and parrot, sing OTBC 20 times a game brigade! Love it !
  8. What Wagner needs to do is build a team around a good core. Goalkeeper. (Gunny) Quick centre half. Viera type, big imposing central midfielder that can handle himself and pass. Goalscorer
  9. That's how bad things are at NCFC, we are having women's football headlining!!!!👎God help our game
  10. We have organised it, 66th minute. March from Bell PH to ground at 215. If you knew him join in.
  11. Poor old Bernie, yes he was massive part of our 'Barclay' history. Saw him at a match last season. Remember him going into the Ip**** mob on his own next to away fans, next thing it all opens up there's Bernie going like a windmill in the middle! He used to get involved with the BNP rallies on matchday too, although he was colored! A really character, l will raise a glass for him today. RIP How about have a Bernie Patterson day at the football this season? Should get a good turnout
  12. PLEASE NO, its more embarrassing than singing OTBC 20 times a match!
  13. Well lm sure the club could have got inside his head!
  14. I don't know what was going on between Todd and NCFC, but on his day he is far better than anything we have! He will be a big loss, lm sure something could have been sorted between them over the last 2 seasons! Also the fans have a bit to say in it, when he warmed up in front of the Snake Pit there was no singing, 'Toddy Cantwell he's one of our own' to maybe make him feel wanted. Too many of our quality young players are allowed to leave. TODDY CANTWELL HES ONE OF OUR OWN
  15. Until we get rid of Yee Army and OTBC 20 times during a game, fans from other teams laugh at us! It's squirmish!
  16. Chris Goreham is a wa.ker! Keeps repeating himself over and over again with dross. Times he mentioned that we were 2 0 up and pegged back to 2 2 was cringingly cringing!
  17. Our choice of pass and final ball is woeful. Should have been out of site with a bit of quality!
  18. Oh dear looks like Liz was true to her word, 2 Blackouts so far!
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