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  1. Very poor from Yeovil. To only decide to gift the free goal 15mins after the incident and only after they had scored another to take the lead makes it embarrassing.
  2. Will be on canaries player later today according to offy tweet
  3. Nothing wrong with gambling to an extent. Addiction is bad, gambling with money you won''t miss if you lose to add excitement to an event has nothing wrong with it providing you can accept the loss
  4. Does anyone know from last season or before if friendly games are shown in full live on canaries player?
  5. Who is "Houghton"? And If we play 2 up today, will you come back to this thread? :S
  6. [quote user="CJ"]Just because betting odds get lower does not mean will happen remeber getting really excited about Rhodes and look what happened there , even though was evens on to join us at one stage!Having said that would be amazed if Becchio did not join us now as he is from our feeder club! What is more interesting is Hoopers odds of signing for us have come down dramatically today and we are now favorites to sign him. [/quote]Evens is slightly different to 1/10....Hes gone to 1/10 because some numpties have lumped big money on him and now the bookmakers are running scared. These numpties either are exactly that, or know something we dont. Only time will tell. Being evens to join a club means that it is only 50/50 for him to join.... Placing Becchio at 1/10 to join us now is the bookies saying we think it is 90% likely to happen however we have no logical ground for this other than a couple of big bets.
  7. Shutting off a block is pretty standard in the past when ticket sales haven''t been as quick as would liked! It''s just a precaution in case the game doesn''t sell out so all the empty seats are in one place = reduced stewarding etc.
  8. Right, we are season ticket holders going to the game but have friends that want to come too... We don''t know whether it''s worth waiting until Tuesdays sale to st holders and members to book them as don''t know how big a gamble this will be... Would you say they are going to sell quick enough to justify booking our st seats and getting them seats elsewhere if we can on Tuesday or am i completely over expecting how fast they will sell?.... No case studies to compare this too other than Dagenham last decade and the economy was very different back then! Thoughts? Someone else surely in same situation?
  9. [quote user="canarycat"]I''m still looking for 2 tickets for posh. If anyone''s got 2 can you let me know. I''ve true ringing up but I''ve somehow missed the tickets the club have sold without any advertisement. Can anyone help me out?[/quote]Wouldnt normally post in these threads but I feel something has to be said here (Hey, at least youre getting a bump!)Dont slate the club, they were advertised just as much as they normally are. The fact they sold out so quick and you failed to keep an eye on the ticket information page on the website is not their fault. They were advertised perfectly well.One quick glance at the Ticket Information page 2-3 times a week is ample to spot all ticket details with time to spare
  10. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"]With respect, whether it is viable or an issue (which it very clearly is...), isn`t really the point i`m getting at. I just don`t understand why people would vote to prevent other people from watching a game in the way they prefer just because they don`t want to.  Yorkshire, i was kind of expecting a few responses like that and i do understand where you are coming from. However, it has been proven on the continent that standing areas can be as safe,maybe safer, than seats so i really don`t think bad memories of unsafe terraces have much relevance. The roads used to be much more dangerous but they didn`t ban cars, they just brought in measures to make them safer. [/quote]I am a ST Holder and dont mind the idea of standing, HOWEVER if I was a casual, and I liked a seat then I would vote no on the basis that instead of having to try and get 1 of the 3,500 casual tickets that Norwich tend to have available for home games, I would now only be able to target say 2,500 as some casual seats will have been removed, thus lowering my chances of being able to see a game.Its quite logical tbf for a casual that likes to sit
  11. [quote user="nutty nigel"]I think it''s a load of old pony. It doesn''t even bear scrutiny. But lets take the last 6 games one game at a time. Last night Morison was injured so we couldn''t load the team with strikers after we went behind but before we went behind we were just as likely to score as they were. Swansea we won. Sunderland we won. Southampton there were three substitutions in the last 10 minutes to close the game at 1-1. Everton we ended the game with three strikers on the field because we were behind and ended up winning a point. Manchester United we won.     [/quote]I agree with what you are saying Nutty, but just because we won them doesnt mean we deserve to win them! Sunderland without a shadow of a doubt we did not deserve to win. Was crying out for a change and he just wouldnt make one. If it wasnt for 5-6 off the line clearences then it would have been a different story
  12. Got to love it when people who disagree with someones opinion have to resort to keyboard abuse because they cant think of anything more constructive to say. (Points at first post as quote wont work and laughs)I am fully behind Hughton and happy to have him here but if we cant offer constructive critisism on a FORUM which was DESIGNED for opinions, then we may as well all bugger off!To those of you who replied sensibly, thanks for your opinions, I may be over reacting slightly, I mean I am basing my hypothesis on just 3 games! Hopefully we will go thump Wigan 3-0 with 3 subs before the 65th minute to make us all happy! :D
  13. Im very worried that Chris Hughton just does not know how to change a game... We have a cracking Plan A. Its brilliant, and when it works we are flying, but we dont seem to have any sort of back up plan. I have no faith that Hughton can make a match changing substitution, if he makes a sub at all...Look at the last 3 games and be honest. We deserved to lose against Sunderland the way we approached the 2nd half and you can comfortably argue the way we sat back and he refused to make a change when it was begging for a tactical switch, 90% of the time we go on to lose that game...Swansea again... We didnt deserve 3pts there, we sat back virtually the entire 2nd half and struggled to defend a 3-0 lead. Yes it was away from home, but 3-0... We shouldnt be deep in our half the entire half, again refusing to make a substitution when it was crying out for a Jackson to give us legs upfront, and Swansea more than deserved a pointLast night was the 3rd game in a row we deserved nothing out of and finally it happened. Game was AGAIN crying out for a substitution. A villa goal from their slowly increasing pressure became more and more innevitable and we couldnt get lucky a 3rd time.Dont get me wrong, I dont think we will be pulled back into a scrap. What I do think is that this little unbeaten run we are on is only pulling the cotton wool over everyones eyes and Hughtons substitutions are getting overlooked because of it. He refuses to make substitutions to try and change games when they are severely going against us.I like Hughton, but if this doesnt change we will throw away many more points this season
  14. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Swanseas goalkeeper was worse... beaten at his near post from Bassongs header (he shouldve have been better positioned)and the free kick went in the side he was standing, again poor positioning[/quote]Its the goalkeepers first responsibility to guard the far post... The wall is there for the near! His positioning was fine for the FK. If a FK goes right in the near corner over the wall, very few keepers get there. If it goes in the far post, then its all on him
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