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  1. Surely this is what loads have been calling for? ... 4-2-3-1 Kabak will be at left back.
  2. I've just been into Morrisons and randomly somebody was shouting CHEESEBOARD.... I didn't see who it was but I suspect that it may have been Hernandez.
  3. The only thing I would say he needs to work on is his throw in technique. Looks to me like a foul throw almost every time he takes one!
  4. [quote user="Pboro_Canary"][quote user="Arthur Whittle OBE"] I was getting bored of Cats getting stuck up trees and an engine was called out from Sprowston station to save it. [/quote] Just out of interest, has anyone ever heard of a cat starving to death up a tree?  Does the absence of such stories not suggest the little blighters will get down themselves when they are hungry? [^o)] [/quote]   I just assumed that it would keep going on all the birds that would come along perch it the tree.
  5. "properly" And why is there no spell checker or edit button.....
  6. And why the bloody hell don''t quotes work porperly for me.
  7. [quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="GRFC"]Put them in a frame and stand on top of your telly[/quote] Not so easy with a flatscreen in which case it''ll have to be the mantelpiece or wall unit........ [/quote] Bloody modern technology, it really isn''t all it''s cracked up to be. What use is a telly if you can''t stand a photo and a vase on it?
  8. [quote user="TIL 1010"] [quote user="First Wizard"]You just know its going to happen don''t you?[/quote] How do you come to that conclusion as he has just quit as a board member? [/quote]   Far be it for me to correct a NCISA big cheese BUT... Doncaster was not a board member, he was CEO.
  9. We simply need to score more goals than them, we will then win. This does eventually happen for ALL footballs clubs at some point. So, yes we can win.
  10. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]oh well - obviously martin is a just a big pile of cr@p piled high on another even bigger pile of cr@p and always will be... couldn''t do worse than curo at the mo - and next season could be a reasonable player for us...[:D] [/quote]   Why do you feel the need to bump you own thread, (which is hardly original and clearly not very interesting) until you get a reply?
  11. [quote user="atomic budgie"] OK here''s another long time lurker slithering out of the woodwork ! I''ve been member since Jan 04, with I think, just one previous post to date, a joke about Norwich''s new sponsor being Tampax, cos we were going through a truely horrible period ! I think that was about two years ago...some things never change  :o) [/quote]   Atomic, Your lack of activity is truley remarkable. I now feel quite verbose.
  12. [quote user="jas the barclay king"] these little chavs wouldnt of done it at a first team game in the barclay for fear of getting a tw***ing, instead they try and look big and "hard" infront of a bunch of 8 year olds.... If any are reading this you really are small minded little tossers aren''t you.. im sure the children found you hilarious as they cowered nervously near their parents.... talking of which, i''d be ashamed if i was your dad, perhaps he dropped you on your heads once too often.... jas :) [/quote]   Was the king of Barclay land on his throne Monday evening? I think not, if you had of been you would realise that what you have just written is absolute rubbish.
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