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  1. [quote user="blahblahblah"] Which authority, theolster ? [/quote] Chris Sutton probably (see theoldster''s other threat - I mean thread "worthy and sutton the facts and truth").   Chris is a Big Name so is bound to know.
  2. Cheers Pete! Never seen anything like it in my life. I was in the back row of the LB and got drenched to the skin.  The noise was defeaning, the wind was swirling - it was like a scene out of  Twister! Toon Army suitably impressed.  Flem barking mad to come back out in it, but confirms legend status.
  3. Can I really be bothered to reply to this?  Nothing better to do while the tea is brewing, so might as well . . . Point 4: we already have one injury-prone 34 year old, so why do we need another one? Point 6: Darren Huckerby Tea up!  
  4. Hmmm . . . this is the same site that has a poll on "How many points will City have by the end of August?"  Included among the categories is "!8 points", which  8% of voters apparently think is a possibility. Spot the deliberate mistake . . .
  5. I wondered how long it would be until the WOs found another stick to beat Worthy with . . . this is sooo boring, get a life, move on. How self-centred can you possibly be, if you imagine that Worthy either wants or needs to curry favour with the fans - or, conversely, to antagonise them? Pathetic.
  6. We scored from a set piece last night . . . how often did that happen last season (I''m sure someone has the stats), not often enough IMO.
  7. Good turnout 15,000+ but the Snakepit was almost completely empty.  Shame on you.  1-0 to the Barclay Boys.
  8. [quote user="Greg Sayer"][quote user="Danny G"]   Who was the last NCFC to have a testimonial ? tim sheppard v celtic ian crook v rottedam gunny v man utd (saw cantona and scholes play) [/quote][/quote] Alex Notman the day after Craven Cottage
  9. Even the most diehard Worthy Hater would surely have enough sense to realise that a protest tonight would only discredit them even further.
  10. At last the press have broken cover. Some of the figures eg. the cost of the stands, are rather lower than those given in the Annual Report. And it doesn''t even mention the level of debt, despite ND''s recent statement that we are "nearly £20 million in debt". Nevertheless, the fact that the issue is being aired at all is a step forward IMO.  Let''s hope it doesn''t stop there.
  11. lol, rofl  Rude Old, you''re on exceptionally good form this morning. 
  12. [quote user="John Boubepo"] Surely it''s time to bury the hatchet and welcome Big Bob back with open arms, if not as a member on the board lets name the new Hotel after our rash yet charismatic ex-chairman, I feel a monument is in order at the threshold of Carrow Rd, something along the lines of ''The Statue of Christ the Redeemer'' overlooking Rio de Janeiro would be very apt indeed, especially when you consider the Brazilian style of football on display during Sir Bobs reign.  [/quote] Great idea.  "Big Bob''s Love Shack" the country''s first custom built legalised brothel - it would solve our financial problems overnight (so to speak) . . .      
  13. [quote user="We need a Manager"]I said if we are very very lucky , trouble is at the moment we are not lucky , a failed Blackpool manager in charge of the team and a ancient tv cook who knows diddly about football in charge of the club. I am hopeful though a good 80% of fans HATE this manager , that counts for a lot when things get nasty , and nasty its going to get.[/quote] "We need a Manager", you need a Psychiatrist . . .
  14. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]I do not think Hucks thinks he is bigger than the club, he knows it is safe to make the statements he is because even NW would not be stupid enough to drop him the way things are at the moment.[/quote] I don''t recall Hucks saying anything that would make NW want to drop him.  I suppose it depends how people interpret it.
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