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  1. Heard Everywhere by Fleetwood Mac being chanted at the weekend. Anyone know the lyrics?
  2. How's it going Duncan? Always enjoyed playing cricket with the Suttons. Mike was a lovely guy and played a few times with him at Drayton. I was never much of a footballer, but one day I did a blatant dive during one of Mike's PE lessons. He looked at me in disgust and said, "Get the hell up Slattery, that's bloody disgusting!" Never dared to take the plunge again.
  3. On beating Lampard’s Preston in the play-off final: We were at Wembley having a coffee at 07:30 on the morning of the game and I knew we were going to win. I knew because I’d seen the videos of Derby…I just knew that we were better than them. If we play Derby 95/100 at a neutral venue we would win and I told the players that.
  4. https://youtu.be/YkJXeRQorMQ Particularly interesting from 17:20. Stark contrast to some of Farke’s comments this season.
  5. Redmond and Hooper on and looking for the win. No points - but appreciate Hught''s approach
  6. http://performance.fourfourtwo.com/tactics/hughton-last-5-mins-and-you-need-a-goal Try that!
  7. [url]http://performance.fourfourtwo.com/tactics/hughton-last-5-mins-and-you-need-a-goal[/url]
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