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  1. this is what i would call a ''trying to be a clever dick'' post, which you often see on message boards. people think if that they formulate a view which opposes the general consensus then, if they get lucky and are proved right, then can they bring it up again and say "oooh, look how clever i was in spotting this so early".  surprised there aren''t more clever dicks posting things like "is Lambert good enough?" or "it''s only a matter of time before Lambert moves to a bigger club".  the writers don''t necessarily believe what they are saying but think they can score some meaningless points against other posters by being the first person to say it... how dull    
  2. is this too defensive?                      Ruddy R Martin  Ayala  De Laet  Drury Naugton         Fox           Tierney            Crofts         Johnson                      Holt   clearly i''m kidding as i don''t think sitting back will help particularly...!  important thing is for the team not to be mesmerised by the so called superstars of football they are playing against, remember its 11 men vs 11 men (ref allowing!) and give it their best shot
  3. I think Lambert made some good decisions, considering the bad situation the ref left him in.   personally i wasn''t that thrilled to see both Surman and Jackson come on as neither are prone to getting stuck in.  I can see the logic with Jackson as he can run with the ball (well, he would''ve done had we got hold of it).   problem is who else do you play?  Hoolahan vs the Stoke giants would''ve had a tough time .  I think if it were me i''d have stuck Fox or R Martin in a defensive midfield position just to whack the balls away when they came in, but that may be too inviting for Stoke and what do i know anyway.   in the end, i think it was inevitable that Stoke were going to score.  the ref ruined a fantastic NCFC display and denied us our first win of the season - cheers pal!  
  4. i''d take a draw with them right now but realistically, it''s going to very hard to take anything from them
  5. my BlackBerry can never get a connection to it so i''ve stopped trying   but then, being a BB, my phone is useless anyway...
  6. Just wondered what people''s favourite film from last year was? Might help people in case they missed a rare gem, etc..   My favourite was, by far, Black Swan. it''s not my type of film at all but I liked Darren Aranofsky''s other productions, and shamelessly fancy Natalie Portman (she needs to marry me and get rid of that surname), so i gave it go and thought it was fantastic.  Best thing about it has to be Portman''s performance which is better than i''ve seen for a long time.  Superb film. Other one''s i''ve seen and liked were; Inception - brilliant film The Wolfman Shutter Island Green Zone Kick-Ass True Grit and the Steig Larsson Millenium Films   any great films that i have missed off the list?
  7. seems like a nice thing for him to do and i hope the kid appreciates it   ''Premiership Football Anthony McNamee''  hmm...
  8. it can''t just be us that gets this sort of drivel written about them can it?   i know a lot of journalists are very lazy so they will always look for the easiest thing to refer to - with us it''s not just Delia, for example, how many f***ing times are people going to mention we lost 7-1 to Colchester on the opening day 2 years ago!!!   i recall when Abramovic bought Chelsea you would hear his name time after time when the club was being discussed in papers or on tv but that seems to have died down now, what with manager changes and big name signings to change people''s focus.   but Delia bought into the club a long time ago, is it really still news?  is there nothing else about Norwich to talk about?  (back to back promotions, beating the scum 9-2, etc..)  perhaps I under-estimate Delia''s fame and she is always at the fore front of the public''s collective mind.  i''d like to think Stephen Fry has a larger celebrity status but i''m certainly not saying I want journo''s to simply swap Fry references for Delia references  (doesn''t help his surname is a cooking technique does it!?)   for any journo''s reading (and i''m guessing there is none) - shut the f*** up about Delia (and the colchester game while you are at it) and use just a tiny ickle bit of imagination to write something fresh.  the food jokes have long since gone stale... [:(]
  9. i really love film but rarely get to go to the cinema so i haven''t seen too much of what 2011 has to offer but what''s come out recently hasn''t looked too appealing to me - Green Lantern and Capt America?  scraping the super hero movie barrell so badly that i expect BananaMan The Movie to come out before too long want to see the Inbetweeners Movie - not expecting a fantastic piece of film but should be a good laugh Devil''s Double is supposed to be very good so might be worth a look the rest seem to be remakes or shameless attachments to a brand or idea - such as Battleship due to come out later this year "loosely based on the boardgame but with aliens" hmm.... and Space Invaders again based on the old arcade game. bring on ''Angry Birds The Movie''
  10. depends what part of the City stand you mean as i sit there, near the snake pit, and it''s not as loud as other areas i''ve sat in but certainly not as quiet as the river end or Jarrold. small sacrifice for a better view!
  11. don''t see it happening as wages would be too much and we have already commited ourselves to various central midfielders.   people mention Lamberts ''German connections'' but i don''t think that would make a difference to someone like Hitzlsperger since he has lived in the UK for a while now and can presumably speak fluent English already
  12. whilst i''m not a comic book fan, even i know Batman is DC not marvel but it doesn''t stop it being amusing so i''ll shut up! as for other players; Fox could have basil brush maybe?  
  13. jas is right, there is a hat tho that could be a Man U hat...   i actually think Hansen is the best football analyst on all the channels and was very fair about Norwich with a spark of optimism for our season   as for Shearer and the rest - who cares?  we will always be written off by the London-ites and Man U/Liverpool contingent but what difference does it actually make?  nothing.  all that matters is that we quietly get on with our football. having our players out of the media spotlight can only be a good thing these days anyway.
  14. Agreed - wasn''t a perfect performance but lots to be pleased with.have to agree Tierney man of the match, slightly ahead of Morison.  i''ll admit to being very impressed with Naughton in the friendlies but was glad to see Martin start - he had a tough time with Moses but did well.  Good to see how much talent and how many more options we have within the squad this year which will surely helpwe''re gonna have to be clinical in front of goal because chances will be few and far between - Wigan showed their PL expierence with how many shots they managed.  i still have absolute faith in Holty and Morison looked really good.  and we''ve still got Vaughn to add to the mix when he''s fit again along with Martin and Jacksonall good stuff, bring on the Stoke for a Carrow Road welcome to paradise!
  15. 1 point down, how many more to gonot a bad result and a decent performances. a lot of things for Lambert to mull over before the Stoke game.
  16. Bennett and Pilkington onrisky!  but hope it worksfantastic game for Morison, he should be pleased with himself
  17. Jackson''s not done bad at commentary - would prefer Neil but wouldn''t be adverse to Jackson coming back for more gamesthink they said it will be Eadie for the Stoke game, but i''ll be at the game anyway
  18. oh dear Rudolph - that joke is going to part the poster opinion...
  19. anyone else keep hearing a doorbell on the radio commentary? if not i''m going mad... :(
  20. [quote user="lincoln canary"]we should be winning, we desperately need an injection of pace and composure! Bennet for Surman maybe?? Jackson for Morrison??[/quote]think i''d give it another 15 mins to see how we settle in the second half before doing anything rash but i''d like to see Bennett on the pitch.  only problem is Moses seems to running riot and needs someone to stay on him and Crofts may be better at doing that Morison has done well in my opinion
  22. Come on City!it''s Norwich tradition to make it hard for ourselves and it sounds like we are having a fair share of the playwish i was there!!!
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