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  1. Nutty, it is a moderated forum. Whilst most may strive to be objective, there is always likely to be some "editorial" going on. It is run by a newspaper that wants to maintain good links with those that give them stories and of course there is the issue of personal relationships between posters and moderators.
  2. [quote user="Kathy"] The moderators dont stops posts lightly (look up  the meaning of moderator in the dictionary). If they were stopped they must have been wellout of order and not welcome on here. [/quote] See definition (and extension) below. This is not always my experience. All I can say is that I have never used bad language or been anywhere near as personal as some of the statements made against me. I can''t think of anything that I have written that warrented moderation. Obviously as one who enjoys a good relationship with the moderators, your views may be clouded, and fewer of your posts will have been edited or just not posted. There are some in here who have special privileges, although I agree that in most cases the moderators seem to present a pretty balanced argument. The problem is that we can''t see all the comments that are moderated so we can''t judge. All I can say is that not all the "moderated" comments are done so on the grounds of decency, legality etc. Some in here are given protected status. But hey, who cares that is all behind us, especially whilst we keep winning! Definition from Wikipedia "A forum moderator is someone granted special powers to enforce the rules of an Internet forum (Message board or Electronic mailing listor, as the case may be, their personal whim; the title refers to the powers more than the intent). Almost all moderators on all forums can move discussions to different sections of the forum, "close" or "lock" discussions to prevent users from continuing to discuss them, edit the content of individual postings, answer questions (or help people with problems), and "pin" or "stick" discussions so they remain visible in their forum section even if no new postings are made to them; different forums may give their moderators further powers."
  3. I suppose the big issue is whether you value your pride above several hundred thousand pounds + there is probably a small part which feels that he could turn it round.
  4. I''m all for youth etc. but the only time I saw Rossi play last season he looked well off the pace. Don''t want to be critical but who would you play him instead of?
  5. Is the plan to put the extra tier on the City stand - I had assumed it was the Jarrold stand?
  6. [quote user="clucki"] One or two others have also disappeared since the multiple user-names expose''............. Just be happy that there is only one of me..........[:)] [/quote] There was no expose'' - it was just a further attempt to undermine those that argued against the "old extreme WO stance." The usual stuff - you must be a ktf, a binner or in this case a multiple poster. In the past I have also been accused of being Blax, Ralph etc. No evidence just allegation. The annoying thing was that most of the posts I put up in counter-allegation were stopped by the moderators, so I assume that they were too close to the truth for comfort. In any case, peace seems to have broken out in most cases now, so I don''t get as annoyed as I used to with some of the posts! I can just lurk, read and enjoy like I did for ages before I ever posted. I only started posting when the whole WO thing got silly in here. Hopefully that is behind us now!
  7. [quote user="ManchesterCanary"]The team is undoubtedly suffering, but admiration for the City support is ongoing. I saw the Sky highlights and the contrast between the empty seats at Portaloo Road and the fantastic yellow and green army at QPR that filled the two tier stand was well evident. My mates up here ''in the North'' always comment on our great support. It reinforces how proud we can all be at being NCFC supporters, whatever the results. Well done to all those who went...brilliant show. [/quote] I don''t want to undermine the new spirit of optimism, but you wouldn''t have said this if you went to QPR last year! Let''s hope though that we can continue in this vein - it must help the cuase if we can all get behind the team as vocally as possible rather than the rether muted atmosphere of late. If nothing else it makes it more enjoyable, which at one stage was the main point.
  8. [quote user="cluckin"][quote user="Middle of the Road"][quote user="cluckin"] Spot on Foghorn. I takes nerve to stick your head up above the trench and you''ve done it despite the constant knocks. A true supporter sees the bigger picture....a sheep follows the crowd. [/quote] A very good summary of the CJF, City Angel, Cluckin and Yellow Fever position. We "the crowd" the poor humble majority are led by the "true supporter(s) that see the bigger picture." [/quote] Dear dear dear.............I try not to rise to your taunts and bizarre postings on here.......but isn''t this just a tad childish and petty? Please reply via one of your multiple user names.....thank you. [/quote] I don''t see what is petty about it. You said that the crowd were sheep and described the "true supporter" as one who sees better than them. It strikes me as pretty arrogant and consistent with what some of you think. Please reply via one of your multiple user names.....thank you. I only have one.  
  9. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought Camp was only here on loan? Is there a view to buy element? If not, wouldn''t it be rather dangerous to undermine your main keeper?
  10. [quote user="Ralph Wrong"][quote user="Getting off the fence"][quote user="Ralph Wrong"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] those petitions werent forged MOTR, im sure there are copies somewhere and u can contact all the names on them if u so wish to double check. jas :) [/quote]   See thread exposing MOTR. [/quote] see posts pointing out its a load of *****. [/quote]   Am I the only person wondering why GOTF would post in defence of MOTR? [/quote] Are you married Ralph?
  11. I disagree - Huckerby and Earnshaw would make anybodies team. Croft, Drury, Etuhu, Safri and Doc would make most. I know many will disagree but I think Robinson and Colin are also underrated. I don''t see our problem as particularly one of quality of player more of quantity. The squad is too thin as we all know.
  12. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]MOTR - You sound like a bloody dictator, there is absolutely nothing disloyal about expressing an opinion, just because it happens to be a different opinion to yours it does not make it wrong.[/quote] Have you read the thread SOB? I welcome the expression of opinion. CJF admits that "he can''t be arsed" to read it. I don''t think fans should boo their own team, cheer opposition goals, forge petitions. frankly, from what I have read, I don''t think you do either. Whilst I have not always agreed with what you say, I think you have made a genuine contribution. (I would also like to join your party!) As I have said countless times, the huge majority of fans care passionately about the club whatever their stance re Worthington. But there is a very tiny minority who care more for their own egos than the club. Have you read CJF in another thread laughing, yes laughing, about the fact that we are 4 points off the bottom? He wants us to go down so that he can proved right. If this is not disloyal, I really am at a loss to identify what is.
  13. Nonsense. I genuinely believe that if we stay relatively injury free we can go up. The squad is too thin, but despite what some might have you believe there is a lot of quality in the side. Croft, Huckerby, Earnshaw would push for a place in any champtionship side. The midfiels has quality too. If we can tighten up defensively we could go on a long successful run. No doubt there will be lots of criticism from those that want to see us fail but whatever they say, with judicious additions, there is every chance that we could have a successful season.
  14. Re "Easy, Easy" - agreed. Did the same at Southend. Look what happened to us there.
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