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  1. One thought on Dean Smith....a former team mate of Grant Holt and Sheff Weds...wonder if he might give him a coaching role as a foot in the door at the club??
  2. Smith wasnt even available when we sacked Farke....who was our original target when we pulled the trigger, or was Lampard it??
  3. I fear this might prove that we've left it too late to sack Farke. Should have done it a month ago but potential candidates probably just see a lost cause now
  4. Whilst Lampatd would certainly be an interesting appointment...I'd have serious doubts about whether he could drill our defence in the premier lge any better than Farke could He couldnt even really do that at Chelsea compounded by his mystyfing freezing out of Rudiger
  5. After the Chelsea defeat ,Webber challenged Farke and the team to show a reaction in a 'must win' game vs Leeds Farke lost his job when he submitted a teamsheet containing no left back vs Raphina
  6. Well this is a 'little old Norwich' mentality if ever there was one. Keeping hold of a manager who will take us down because he might be able to get us back up?!? We're in the Premier League NOW...shouldnt we be doing what we can to stay there? I don't believe its either Farke or nobody. There could well just be someone out there that will give us a better chance of staying up. Besides which, I'm not sure if Farke would be the guarantee to take us back up a third time. That would have been after another relegation (possibly with another miserable points total)..presumably some more players sold off, i.e. Aarons and you'd have to question whether he would have had the motivation to have gone again with another championship slog. Having then got relegated twice , next time I think I'd want a manager who would be not only capable of taking us up but to then keep us up,which he would have proved twice that he couldnt.
  7. We probably havent wanted it to work so much for a manager as much as we have for Farke since probably Ken Brown going back 35 yrs or so. It would have been great for his footballing philosophy to have continued and worked into the premier league but when you dont have the players to carry it out, you need something else and Farke didnt quite have it. He was a likeable character which is why fans couldnt quite bring themselves to chant 'farke out', which would have happened long before now with a less popular person. I'm glad it didnt get to that point....however in reality, he should have been stood down after the Leeds game where the team selection, method of play and performance all broke down To give him an extra week and an extra game when they knew he was going to be dismissed if slightly poor form from the board. ...but I'm not of the opinion that it was Farke or nobody this season. I believe there are coaches out there who could give us a better chance of staying up
  8. After we lost to Sunderland in the FA C cup semi final , we went on a dreadful run where we only just stayed up with 2 games to go. Despite what he'd done in the previous 3 or so seasons, particularly 1988/89, I dont think anyone was particularly sad he left He'd ran his course , Walker picked it up from there
  9. Wasnt Lampard the coach at Chelsea?...he had others upstairs to oversee the other aspects
  10. 1 goal in 11 premier lge games (penalty aside) now for Toney ...still in Omobamidele's pocket
  11. Go on ..enlighten me . What exactly was I 'doing' ?....'chap'
  12. The Leeds game (and the bizarre team selection) is what did for him In Webber's post Chelsea interview , he pretty much challenged Farke to respond vs Leeds in , in Webber's words a 'must win' game. Farke fluffed his lines. The only criticism I suppose is that he wasnt then removed last weekend after the game To leave it another whole week and to then give him another game seems slightly odd ...but given we won , their reasoning was probably proved right?
  13. 'Judas' ?? Maybe some of the playwrs expressed their concerns that they were being guided down the wrong path to an inevitable relegation under the previous coaching team and maybe that some players werent being untilsed correctly? ...I would hope they would speak up if they were consulted
  14. ...not really The OP suggested that the 'mood needed lighting'....when I didnt think it did We'e finally won a game this season and a manager who many felt their time was up had been removed. ...just because YOU might hold a differing view wouldnt warrant a parthetic line as 'get a life'....and as for 'mate'..you can leave thar cr@p out I wonder if any of that helps at all
  15. Explain? ...many wanted Farke out after the appalling start to the season we made - myself included The bonus was that we didnt have to endure another defeat for it to happen ...now see if you can come back with something a bit better than that pathetic previous offering
  16. Why does the mood need to be lightened?...we won this weekend AND Farke was sacked...
  17. Ironically in the 2nd half today we had 2 left backs on the pitch...whereas last week vs leeds against Raphina , Farke opted not to play one at all
  18. McLean's comprimising photos of Farke now no longer hold any sway
  19. Maybe whoever wrote it wants Farke Out?? ...a large percentage of fans do afterall
  20. Should we lose tomorrow, most clubs would use the following 2 week int .break to sack and replace their manager. Our board on th other hand will use it to bury their heads in the sand and hope it all blows over
  21. The bottom 3 last season had the lowest combined points total on the premier league. 28 pts would have kept you up .
  22. No square pegs in round holes...none of that nonsense selection we saw on sunday. Best players in each position... Krul Aarons Hanley Kabak Williams Normann Lees-Melou Gilmour Rashica Pukki Cantwell ....should have played this side vs Leeds and I believe we certainly wouldnt have lost and would given ourselves a chance to win
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