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  1. Here with the excellent Paddy, Michael or Johnathan if not follow it on p2p4u
  2. Hopefully we will be discussed fully tonight when the late kick off show is on being a local show, on tonight Sunday until end of season instead of Monday
  3. There is a website flown from the nest or www.ex-canaries but hasn''t got the likes of Ollie Burton, Jim Oliver but loads of others.  Hope this helps
  4. I am a Norwich City member living in Colchester and yesterday sat behind the Norwich dugout where Grant was doing his usual shouting to the players and waving of arms.  However in the second half he was trying to get Huckerby wide right and Hunter approached Grant and put up 4 fingers, Grant put up 3 fingers and they argued about it between themselves and Hunter returned to his seat shaking his head, if they can''t get it right between them then no wonder we were so poor in the second half.  As for Hughes, a disgrace, crosses too long or high and a joke of a back pass, just pleased we have 50 points.
  5. I am not a book reader at all, have a lot not even opened but got this  for Christmas and started reading it boxing day and couldn''t put it down, a great read sad in some parts and I can imagine myself at some of the games he was talking about having been there.  Took me 2 days to read, great All supporters should read it as a tribute to his beautiful daughter and to Gunny and his family, he is a true canary legend and still great ambassador to the club.
  6. On Sky Sports News it states that Norwich City spent over £500,000 on agents fees last season one of the highest in the league whilst other clubs spent none.  Is this where all the money goes that could have bought more players in, perhaps Worthy has been told this and is only looking for players who will not have an agent fee.
  7. In todays News of the World under Top Secret it reports that Norwich Manager Nigel worthington has become a top contender to fill the vacant Wolves hotseat.Paul Ince had been favourite to replace Hoddle but Worthingtons Premiership experience with the Canaries has edged him ahead.   Does this mean he has applied for the job then and is hoping to go before he is pushed?  Does he feel threatened by the arrival of Hunter?  Is this the reason for new signings?
  8. Yes it is Martin Hunter England under 19 coach who has worked with Henderson, Jarvis and Lewis so perhaps they might get a chance
  9. What a disgrace that man is.  He can pick up a phone anywhere in the world and he must have had his mobile with him .  He has let the club down once again with his lack of man management, Delia, get him out now, if I was Greenie I''d refuse to play for him when he is fit as his face obviously doesn''t fit.
  10. Bowen would be great, look how Birmingham have gone downhill and Blackburn upwards with Bowen as assistant manager
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