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  1. I got the impression too that the Rude Old *ucker was the man responsible for ''yellow fever'' idiot binner. [:P]
  2. [quote user="Herb"] Lets not make a mountain out of a molehill. Training ground bust-ups happen every day at several clubs across the land. I''m sure both Safri and Etuhu are big enough men to shake hands and put it down to experience. [/quote] Maybe, but Etuhu is known for his ''comedy fights'' from his preston days, although not with his own teammates by all accounts!!  lol [:D] I dunno Herb, when your team is on a losing run these things never go away as easily as all that.  Our appalling showing last weekend for example can''t have helped.  If punches were thrown there is no way this will blow over as quickly as you might suggest in the minds of the players involved.
  3. Speculate to accumalate.......   Croft has already proved that if he leaves it will be for more than 700K,  purchasing the right type of player is very important.  Even Dickson Etuhu is proving he could be worth more than the money paid for him.  Colin is looking alrite..  certainly a lot better than last season.  I am yet to be convinced by Hughes yet however.
  4. Luton are broke and we are waiting for the best buys near the start of the season to give the management another excuse for a poor start. I see Coventry signed Brentford''s Jay Tabb and Southend have signed Left Back Stevie Hammell from Motherwell.  Didnt Palace sign Hull''s Leon Cort yesterday.
  5. teams who havent signed players Barnsley Derby Ipswich Luton Norwich Plymouth Sunderland People have been worried, well we are lagging behind most championship teams, and four of those have had a change of manager or are still looking for one!! you know what this stinks of to me - Lazyness,  pure utter Lazyness from the inept management team enjoying their extra long holidays [ip]. I guess they felt they deserved a long break after the exceptional jobs they think they did last season!! A JOKE.
  6. [quote user="A load of squit"] Paul, get over it, we have a manager. I enjoyed your earlier post on WOTB, heres the link http://www.wrathofthebarclay.co.uk/interactive/board/message.php?pid=397081   [/quote] Parkinson looks a decent manager - he will have a job on his hands at Hull though.
  7. Worthy has had a go at the fans many times now - he shouldnt be surprised many of them think he is a *******. As for who''s fault last seaosn was - well Jason Jarrett, Andrew Hughes, Dickson Etuhu, Carl Robinson and our invisible right winger can you please stand up.  How can you have a good season with no right winger and a bunch muppets in midfield?!?!?!?!
  8. [quote user="The ghost of Brian Moore"]So in the end it''s ALL WORTHY''S FAULT!!!!! If he hadn''t insisted on playing a left back in central midfield - LEFT BACK IN CENTRAL MIDFIELD etc etc!!!!!! - we wouldn''t be in this mess. BOOOOOO!!!!!![/quote] To be fair mate, he did repeatedly play left backs in central midfield ahead of fully fit proper central midfielders many times last season.  Great Management.
  9. [quote user="John Boubepo"] If you really want to defend NW from all the negative comments, the best thing you can do is counteract the argument with a positive argument in favour of NW - Well we are all waiting blabblah! - in fact I''ve been waiting two full seasons, If you could tell us all that NW was about to strengthen our Midfield with some quality then perhaps....... but no, because NW just doesn''t see it does he and you are obviously occupied in defending him that you don''t either - the problem is midfield - stone the crows is it that hard to see? we had Ashton who is a quality striker, it didn''t work, so what''s the answer? [midfield midfield midfield midfield!!!!] - the answer according to NW is an overpriced Robert  Hulse - I give up!!      And for the record books,  thats plain taiking not vitriol [/quote] I have to agree with this poster, our midfield was utterly shocking last season, and with 2 strikers on the wings and 2 incompetants in the centre (Safri apart) its no wonder we got destroyed so many times away from Carrow Road.  I wait with baited breath for the arrival of a Right Winger and a Good Quality Central Midfielder....  But we have Henderson on the right and Hughes in the middle I here you shout.....  what is going on?
  10. "At the end of the day, whether you agree or not, Nigel is the football expert at this Club, with more than 20 years playing experience in the top division and international level. He also holds the top qualification for coaching in Europe."
  11. [quote user="sparkie"]l understand the Colchester board have refused to except his regisnation, good show-the manager has a contract with them for another 12 months, still being young he has time to make a name for himself, lf he waits another year he will get a even bigger pay packet![/quote] An unhappy manager at the helm.....  that''s gonna work isn''t it.
  12. Relegated Wigan Sheff Utd Watford Promoted Birmingham Palace Southampton
  13. [quote user="blahblahblah"] You never know, people at Carrow Road might just suprise you, by proving that they know what they''re doing... [/quote] well, if they do everything in a different way to how they did it last year perhaps.....  Doubt it though
  14. [quote user="blahblahblah"] You never know, people at Carrow Road might just suprise you, by proving that they know what they''re doing... [/quote] well, if they do everything in a different way to how they did it last year perhaps.....  Doubt it though
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