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  1. The whole damn lot are a spineless bunch of useless idiots, the only thing connected to Norwich City that has been deserving of any praise in the last few seasons has been us poor sods that pay for the upkeep of the useless tw**s in charge and on the pitch.3,000 supporters again turned over by the idiots running the club. And as for the horsehit that idiot Doncaster spouted out in the press before the game using the positive outlook proves why we should fit a revolving door to Carrow Road and bin the lot of them.I have followed this club for 40 years and never seen such an absolute shower of sh*t in all that time. No-one is worth keeping form Deila down.A sad, sad day
  2. I recall this also from a while back. I read the article and it was not news to me.
  3. Roeder is a manager, Hucks is a player   Seems a fairly simple choice
  4. I am sure there are better things to be raising in the weekly column than a whole paragraph dedicated to jumping on an already full bandwagon of obvious commentary about Englands failings currently. Maybe some parallel insight into why we became so utterly useless over the last few seasons could be a good direction for the Chief Executive.
  5. King Juan A good point and one I have highlighted on here before as this just smacks of cheap sensationalism by the local press. I thought we could have a quick quiz with a spot the quote game. I have detailed the direct quotes from the article by Mr Lakey attributed to Mr Roeder and maybe we could attract guesses as to where the quote from the headline is within the passage Quote 1 - "I don''t even like walking around the town," he said. "I have been in a few times and you are looking around, you don''t really want to be seen. Quote 2 - "That is how I feel about football. It is a winning game. The players have to feel like that if they are walking around the town. I would not be proud at the moment. I would be hurting so terribly I would not want to go out." Quote 3 - "If you are the other way it means you don''t care enough. It means you do not care enough, if you are happy leading a normal social life where we are in the table. Quote 4 - "Footballers are a different breed, I know we are. I can be critical of footballers, but that is how it has got to be. It''s not quite life and death - I know that myself after my own problems with the brain tumour. But you have to win - and our supporters must be absolutely bleeding at the moment, haemorrhaging - and we have to stop it." Quote 5 - "They have been sent home sad too much this year," said Roeder. "There has been too much crying around the place. It is about time we sent them home a bit later than they normally would do because they want to celebrate a win. Quote6 - "That is the sort of thing that made me happy at Newcastle, the feeling of warmth of sending 52,000 supporters racing into the town - they do that on a Saturday night anyway, but a bit quicker and for a bit longer. Make people happy. Quote 7 - "It must be horrible, absolutely horrible being a Norwich City supporter at the moment." If you can be arsed choose the quote that you think best represents the headline and you win a job at Archant as a sports reporter (For legal clarification and correct moderation there is actually no prize and the ''winner'' does not actually get to be a reporter of any sort at Archant. Although it may be worth punting the re written story with a more appropriate headline to the paper as you never know they might sign you on the books)
  6. has good write ups and looks to be quite a solid guy. Would be difficult to be worse that what we have but he does look good
  7. I am actually reffering to this one. I was not immediately overjoyed at the appointment of Glenn Roeder but it could have been a lot worse and I for one do think that the board should be replaced as they are rudderless and lack direction but Roeder could be the man and what I have read mostly on here today is unbelievable. I will now be continuing to support my team -Norwich City- but not Delia and Co, but I think in reality I am done here as the negativity and slating is completely ridiculous. Talk about nobody getting a chance.
  8. [quote user="Steelsilver"]Knowing our luck it''ll be Brian Bush. - you don''t know who he is? exactly![/quote]   I do as I am him. Are you inferring I would not make a good number 2?
  9. The only top applicants I have seen or read about are the ones who have all clearly distanced themselves from the job. It would be interesting to know following the appointment of whoever who exactly was in the frame.
  10. A season ticket gets you in for the season. It does not get you access to what is an expensive and interactive website. It is quite simple as if you don''t want to pay then don''t. How is that ''another scam''?
  11. “I don''t think so, no,” he said. “Maybe some of the players it might effect. Players will sometimes wonder what is happening, but when you get into the match you get in 100pc focussed on the match.” I know I am being pedantic here but I have rasied this as a post before. Where do the journo''s get the headline above ''Managerial Post not Affecting Players'' when Duffy cleafrly comments to the contrary as detailed within hios quote above. Obvioulsy this is for cheap reactionary Sun or Daily Star type responses. There are clearly more important things to comment on currently but this indicates the way in which the news is approached by those who report it
  12. What is the point in this story Archant Jewell free to take over Paul Jewell can take over as manager of whichever club he chooses whenever he wants. It was believed that Jewell would have to wait six months before accepting a new job after leaving Wigan at the end of last season. But Wigan chairman David Whelan today told the Manchester Evening News: "Paul could take the Bolton job tomorrow and he would have my full support."
  13. And they pledged to “step down” from the board if they failed to get City back to the Premiership in a “reasonable timeframe”. 5 year plan anyone?  
  14. Lots of good ideas but with no back up of a plan or strategy to implement them. The thing that I want to see is direction. We all know we ar in the s***, what I want to know plain and simple is what we are doing to get out of it. If the current set up can achieve this then great, if not get in those that can. It is clearly not rocket science but tame questioning within a comfortable environment will achieve very little. The board needs to be challenged 
  15. Doncaster must be reffering to the yellow and green ones that work out of the County Council and runs all the kids to school. I am not sure but I think they may be Volvos
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