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  1. Leaving    From                          To                                                          Arrives    Duration     Changes08:57 Norwich [NRW] High Wycombe [HWY] 12:28 3h 31m 3closeChange information Travel by Leaving From To Arriving 08:57 Norwich [NRW] Ely [ELY] 09:45 09:58 Ely [ELY] London Kings Cross [KGX] 11:04 11:04 London Kings Cross [KGX] London Marylebone [MYB] 11:52 11:53 London Marylebone [MYB] High Wycombe [HWY] 12:28 09:57 Norwich [NRW] High Wycombe [HWY] 13:28 3h 31m 4Station is 2.5 miles from Stadium.http://ojp.nationalrail.co.uk/en/s/timetable/times £45.80 Return
  2. captain I''ve got one you can have,
  3. You are absolutely right Lineo.  Too often the negativity in this forum seems to be reflected at home games.  As supporters we should live up to the name : SUPPORTER.
  4. Best one is "D''Urso, D''Urso you''re a c***!.Bristol City last year.How very true.
  5. ArthurThere is only one Lupoli, Sibierski and Kennedy.  Why make them plural?
  6.     Niel Doncaster says in EDP that we failed to say an experienced professional because he wanted to stay at home over Xmas.  Anybody know who he is?    http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/commentary/NeilDoncaster.aspx
  7. Delia " a women with no business acumen"?.  She runs three successful restaurants at the club, plus catering for 24000 every other week.  The profits from this go to the club.  She has invested her money and her catering skills into this club and her soul.  She loves the club more than I do.  I have supported this club for over 50 years.  The wingers and moaners have always been on this message board.  Remember how they didn''t want "worthless"?
  8. I agree with you Lappin.  It''s about time somebody said something to these sad, lonely, malevolent, ingrates.   Their spiteful attitude towards a club I have supported for over 50 years saddens me.
  9. Jarvis''s corners were poor because he has been told to take them short by the coaching staff/ manager.  He won''t change it for fear of losing his place.
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