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  1. Have seen him a fair few times for the U18s and the U23s. Three years ago he still looked to be carrying a bit of puppy fat and I would have bet that he wouldn''t make the grade. Well he seems to be proving me wrong and he has outstayed a number who I thought looked better prospects. Puppy fat has turned to muscle. Seems to have a good football brain, has some pace and an eye for goal. Has looked impressive and creative in the no. 10 role, but now plying his trade at wing back which seems to suit him. Good luck to the boy; let''s hope he continues to develop and impress
  2. All well-reasoned with some very pertinent points made. Unless we sign more Homegrown players it does seem loan opportunities will be limited for the likes of Cantwell & Raggett. My research tells me that the key number is 7 rather than 8 - that''s a minimum of 7 Homegrown players, but it can include the requirement of 1 Club Developed Player. At the moment that 7 looks like Hanley, Lewis, Marshall, Matthews, Godfrey and 2 out of Husband, Cantwell and Raggett, presuming Thompson remains unavailable. But what happens if 2 or 3 of those are injured? So that tells me there''s still changes to be made to the squad to adjust the imbalance
  3. The club are being very slow in updating the first team squad on the official site but interesting that amongst some additions recorded in the last 24 hours (four are faceless versions of new signings) is Tristan Abrahams, switched from the U23s. Read into it what you will
  4. I see on Gregg Broughton''s Next Generation Blog on the Official Website that the club has offered six professional contracts to U18s but whilst he talks about their background he doesn''t actually say who they are. Obviously one of them is Todd Cantwell but who are the other five? Does anyone know? Maybe I''ve missed something.
  5. Yes, turn up at the gate, kick-off 11.00 tomorrow (22nd). The man on the gate might seek your reassurance that you''re not a scout, that''s all. Perhaps take your season ticket if you have one.
  6. For what it''s worth I kept thinking the sun was in my eyes. I was hoping that it was just because I was 4 rows back from my normal seat but obviously not. I''ll have to bring my sunglasses for the next evening game!
  7. I note that in some quarters there is still criticism of the Conor McGrandles signing which I fail to understand. The boy is still only 19, that’s 7 months younger than the Murphy twins. Only time will tell whether it was a worthwhile acquisition but, for what it’s worth, he looks a good prospect to me.
  8. It’s pretty obvious that the contributors here are familiar with the U21 exemption rulings but here’s a list of those that were born in 1994 and are therefore in their last year of exemption: Remi Matthews Nathan Redmond Jamar Loza Adel Gafaiti Louis Thompson As a matter of interest those born in 1995 for whom season 2016/17 (hopefully still be in the EPL) will be their last as U21s are as follows: Jacob Murphy Josh Murphy Reece Hall-Johnson Harry Toffolo Conor McGrandles Reiss Awuah (U21 squad) Cameron King (U21 squad) Cameron Norman (U21 squad) Ben Killip (U21 squad) Carlton Morris (U21 squad) Andre Wisdom was born in 1993 and will be part of the 25 man squad.
  9. I agree with Yellow Wall - he was found guilty, he´s had his punishment, now let him pursue his career (most probably at Sheffield United).
  10. I´ve just finished watching the game having watched the 1st half live and then paused the 2nd half while I watched the final 2 episodes of series 4 of Boardwalk Empire with the missus so we can now start watching the final series. Firstly I would like to say a huge thanks to Southampton for having their own U-tube channel which I guess shows all their U21 matches live, with a solid commentary, and allowing us to watch our boys in action. Secondly I would like to have another huge moan at NCFC for their pathetic coverage of the U21s. It was only by chance that I happened to look at the Pink´un website just before 7.00 to discover that, not only were the U21s playing, but I could watch the whole match live on the internet. To the best of my knowledge there was no mention of the match on the NCFC official website other than reference to it on the Twitter link if one thought to delve that deep. Get a grip of this please, Mr McNally, this is poor exposure of our youngsters, who deserve better recognition. Is there any good reason why we cannot match Southampton´s excellent coverage of their U21s? I suspect there isn´t. On to the match itself. I felt we were OK, with not too much to offer up-front, but full credit to Southampton who I felt looked lively, with a number of players worthy of 1st team consideration. These are my ratings of the Norwich team - based on Championship expectations. Killip 5.5, Ramsey 5, McFadden 5, Bassong 6, Toffolo 5.5, Hall-Johnson 4.5, McGrandles 5.5, Odjidja-Ofoe 5.5, Murphy 5, Hooper 5, Eaton-Collins 5, King 6, McGeehan 5 I would consider all those outfield players worth, in my opinion., 5.5 or better (5 of them) to be ready, now, for serious consideration for first team "18" inclusion. And finally one or two specific comments. Good to see Louis Ramsey, a first year scholar, getting a good run in the U21s. Good luck to him. Low mark for Reece H-J; plenty of effort but seemed to lose possession far too enough - I''m sure he can do better. Liked my first viewing of Conor McGrandles - admittedly an uninspiring start but kept improving throughout the game - and, remember, still a young boy, age-wise, a year behind the Murphy twins
  11. In case anyone (like me) was intent on going to see Hooper, Howson, Miquel, McGrandles, et al, in action don´t bother because, according to the Academy lady I just spoke to it´s "behind closed doors". A big shame as I was really looking forward to it but I guess I´m only a supporter so my desire to watch the reserves, & our up-and-coming youngsters, is clearly irrelevant to the club. I did suggest to the lady that it might be a good idea for the club to put something on the website but I suspect nothing will be done
  12. The Box Office says all seats are sold so I''ve bought a Standing ticket
  13. Cameron McGeehan did play. I subscribed to MUTV just so I could watch the game (& happily cancelled my subscription immediately afterwards). Cost me £6 I think. We lost 3-0 (or was it 4?) and struggled for most of the match. Our team was Killip, Efete, Callan-McFadden, Gafaiti, Toffolo, Jacob Murphy, McGeehan, Hall-Johnson, Awuah, Sam Kelly, Simpson. The defence was competent enough but suffered at the hands (feet?) of a very lively MU attack, the midfield was industrious, but apart from occasional flashes from Jacob M lacked creativity and, with Josh M, Loza & Morris unavailable, we had little to offer up front. The club acknowledges that the squad is small in numbers and on this showing is going to struggle in the 1st tier of the U21 league. The coverage of the Academy is inconsistent and the failure to report on this match is poor. Having gained Category 1 status I do hope that huge efforts will be put in to maximise the return on the investment but currently the signs are not good. Nonetheless I shall be at Carrow Road on Monday to see them take on Chelsea
  14. Well done for noticing it and commenting on it, and well done to Carlton for getting his first senior goal. Many more to come I hope
  15. Can´t see any reference to this on the Canaries website. Here´s the match report http://www.afcsudbury.com/s/match-centre-104274/0-2403739
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