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  1. But is there though? I'm pretty sure everyone can rattle off alot more bad or mediocre owners than good ones.
  2. Don't take this as jumping on your post but in the article Krasner does explain that he expects around 30 expressions of interests but only in reality about 2 that have close to the money required to buy Wigan, because in his words "you get some very peculiar people wanting to buy football clubs who have no money"
  3. We're assuming of course that league one and two is returning this year...
  4. None particularly surprise me, I assume that there will be no U23 football next season and with league 1/2 football looking up in the air for the foreseeable future if it was deemed that none of the players were about to breakthrough imminently then i'm afraid simple economics would see them released.
  5. Can someone with an account on there link them the full 90 minutes on youtube? History seems to have clouded a few of their minds!
  6. I think the PL business people would not be doing their job properly if they aren't trying to find a workaround with the the TV companies that will result in clubs having to pay back as little as possible. We've all heard the £1b loss blah blah blah but if clubs have to pay back a number anywhere close to that then a lot of heads should roll at PL hq.
  7. Recall Phillip Heisse would help with that!
  8. They would simply go on strike. All they are asking for is safe(r) working conditions. Let's face it there isn't a football club in the PL that would sack/discipline their player for refusing to play based on safety grounds.
  9. Blackpool 2 - 0 Norwich, 2009. Comfortably one of the worst away experiences. £50 a ticket to sit in an open temporary stand with it freezing cold and wet watching one of the most abject and gutless displays. I don't think we managed a shot on target all game.
  10. The least terrible is finish the season as is and no relegation. No legal threat from relegated clubs, smaller legal threat from teams in the European places. And perhaps crucially would have more chance of getting the votes. Also as discussed elsewhere more difficult for Champ teams to launch legal challenges.
  11. I can't see a unanimous decision being made to relegate any clubs. 7 teams need to vote against any proposal, and we have to assume that to draw a line under the season here and now that proposal has to apply to all of the league? That means automatically (one would hope) the three teams that the proposal will relegate will vote against it. But where do the other 4 no votes come from? Those teams competing for European places. Arsenal in 9th are only 5 points off of 5th place (which is potentially a CL spot next season) they aren't going to vote for something that stops them from qualifying for any European competition! Similarly Leicester won't vote for anything that sees them drop out of a Champions League spot. The only way they will get any potential consensus is to scrap relegation, and even then I am doubtful. All of the proposals have at least 7 losers therefore it's a non starter.
  12. Lovely way of looking at it. A player has got 'an injury' based on the negligence of the governing body.
  13. This will be interesting to see what happens/legal challenges etc. Not from PSG but from those competing for Europe but perhaps even more some from those in Ligue 2. 4 points separated the top 5!
  14. If that is truly the case, I hope that Norwich, or indeed any club, goes on strike/boycotts the remainder of the season irrespective of the consequences.
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