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  1. Yes. Checked my account at 9.30 and nothing doing, checked back at 11.30 and the money has been taken off my available balance so I presume the tickets are in the post.
  2. I have heard that we had an unamed player from Sheff Weds (Wade Small?) in for a medical and he collapsed at the fitness assessment stage so was promptly sent back.
  3. I find any negativity towards this signing very predictable. Although I don''t know Matt personally, I am good friends with a close family member and have been aware for several weeks that this was likely to happen. I''m not going to tell everything I know but can say that Peter Taylor has been after Matt for a long time and was on the phone to him a lot over the weekend trying to get him to sign for Wycombe after they offered him a good deal. Now I don''t really see Wycombe as an attractive option but if you''ve got a manager of Peter Taylor''s calibre after you and making it very clear that he wants you, it must be difficult to turn him down. Let''s not forget that whatever we think of footballers, it''s their job and being wanted by someone is very boosting to the ego. Plus Exeter were desperate to keep him. It''s not as tho'' he had been given a free transfer and wasn''t wanted. He simply came to the end of his contract and wanted to explore all his options. I also know that Gunny spoke to Barry Fry about Matt and he had nothing but positives about him both as a player and a man. Although Barry Fry may be seen by some as a bit of a joke figure, I respect his views on footballers with all the experience he has. Matt is a Norfolk boy and wanted to sign for us. Simples. Whether he''s a replacement for Clingan/Russell/Fozzy I have no idea. What I do know is that we have a player with yellow and green blood coursing through his veins who will give everything to our cause. I want a team full of Matt Gills and Cody Macdonalds who will actually give a s***.
  4. You only have to check through this to see what the Exeter fans think about him http://www.exeweb.com/forums/showthread.php?t=31965&page=19 How many ex-NCFC players would have this type of send off?
  5. Look, we can all produce lists and mine is in no way definitive. For every Kevin Drinkell there''s a Dean Coney/Mike Sheron etc And yes in days gone past certain signings would have been less than popular/welcome - I wasn''t saying that it''s only since the internet that we''ve had opinions. What I was trying to say was let''s not have the usual suspects slag off every signing just because they might not be a ''name'' And I would also rather have committed jouneymen than poncy Premier reserves
  6. Well that was a predictable response! For Christ''s sake, the point I was trying to make is that it is highly likely the signings we make will be from the lower leagues and players that many of us will not have heard of. But because of that does not mean that they will automatically be rubbish. So get back under whatever stone you crawled from.
  7. Just imagine that this here internet thing was around a few years ago. Picture the scene, it''s October 1985 and NCFC announce the signing of an unheard of full back from Spurs. Cue howls of derision from contributors to this forum. Or June 1986 and another Spurs reserve signs on. Or July 1986 and another Spurs defender joins. Or July 1984 and we have the cheek to sign a central defender from Gillingham of all places. Or June 1985, a forward from Grimsby. Or September 1968, a central defender from Colchester. Or October 1986, a goalkeeper from Aberdeen reserves. Or July 1963, a goalkeeper from Wrexham. Or March 1975, a supposedly past it 32 year old midfielder from Spurs. Or July 1990, yet another defender from Spurs. If these signings had happened now, this forum would be full of what lack of ambition we have, what are we doing signing reserve players or those seen as past it etc etc. So when we do make signings this summer - which we will - can we please not have the usual abuse. As I understand it, there''s something like 700 players out of contract this summer. All they all rubbish? No, of course they''re not. Many will have run their contract out and are looking around for a decent club. Let''s not forget, we are a huge attraction for players. If you had spent the first 8-10 years of your career in the lower leagues playing in delapidated stadiums in front of paltry crowds, the chance to play at Carra Rud in front of 20,000+ every other week would be one you''d jump at. We need a team of players committed to the cause. How many times over the past few seasons has our committment from the stands been met like for like on the pitch? I, for one, am sick of walking past the players'' car park looking at their shiny expensive toys knowing that most of them don''t really give a sh1t. Those signings? Ian Culverhouse, Ian Crook, Mark Bowen, Steve Bruce, Kevin Drinkell, Duncan Forbes, Bryan Gunn, Kevin Keelan, Martin Peters and John Polston. What a waste of money they all turned out to be....................
  8. Old news http://www.pinkun.com/cs/forums/1658575/ShowPost.aspx
  9. Interesting! I was told the following this morning: Firstly, Gunn, Butterworth and Deehan were all given six-month contracts whereas Ian Crook was given a two year contract at, as I understand it, Michael Foulger’s insistence. This has led to Crook being sidelined by the other three and he has no direct influence on team matters. In fact Crook came believing that he was going to be manager and Gunn was appointed while he was on his way from Australia.   Secondly, Michael Foulger is attempting to buy out Delia Smith and Michael Wynn-Jones and if he is successful then Crook will be the manager.   Thirdly, if Foulger is unsuccessful and Delia remains in charge, then Aidy Boothroyd has a three-year contract waiting for him.   So it would appear that there is some sort of power struggle going on at board level that may well be resolved over the summer
  10. Been to the breakfast thing this morning. Usual format of questions being put from the attendees to the man himself through a local media ''personality'' - which today was Chris Goreham. At least he let the thing flow unlike that muppet Piper. Nothing major to report other than all the management team and players were at the reserve game last night and all had a meeting at 10 pm. Seems that Gunny is really trying to recreate the team bonding that was so evident when he was a player - in particular the 92-93 and 93-94 seasons. He knows were in the brown stuff but is remaining positive. In reality, I didn''t expect him to say much else but if nothing else, he cares. Most of the questions were pretty insipid - best manager, most difficult opponent, favourite match etc. And without mentioning Rodent, there were a few pointed comments about the previous ''regime'' indicating that the players now enjoy training, his door is always open, the loan players we now have are more experienced rather than just kids etc. The one interesting comment was in respect of his much vaunted connection with Sir Alex. Apparently we never got a chance to take any of the Man Utd youngsters on loan under Rodent because of a strained relationship between the two managers. So even the best in the business knew our much maligned former manager was not the person he wanted his players anywhere near. As I said, nothing dramatic but a fat old breakfast and an enjoyable couple of hours.  
  11. OK, this is a friend of a friend type thing but at least a month ago I was told directly by the brother of a current pro (not at NCFC but is a Norfolk boy) that Boothroyd has been told to not take any jobs until the situation at Norwich is ''sorted''. As always with this type of rumour, I expect to be shot down in flames, but hey, it''s a rumour and I''m not claiming it''s 100% accurate - take it or leave it 
  12. Sorry if this is a bit off-subject today, but driving to Charlton on Saturday and would really appreciate any ideas on good places to park. Thanks
  13. http://www.citywire.co.uk/professional/-/news/wealth-management/content.aspx?ID=312346&re=3581&ea=177419  
  14. I was there too with the other 10,000. I remember that there was a Sheff Weds fan on the pitch in front of our goal when the cross came in for their winning goal. Wasn''t it the Leicester result we waited for? Think they drew with Shrewsbury(?) and we were up. What a season. Same sort of memories as Ayresome Park in 92/93.
  15. Thanks to finally getting my brain in gear, have found this link:   http://www.norfolk.gov.uk/consumption/idcplg?IdcService=SS_GET_PAGE&ssDocName=NCC048721&ssSourceNodeId=&ssTargetNodeId=278  
  16. Does anyone use the Postwick P&R on matchday? If so, where does the bus drop off and pick up? Thanks
  17. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....................... http://football.guardian.co.uk/season200708/story/0,,2139427,00.html  
  18. To date with Norwich: Arsenal (Highbury), Aston Villa, Bolton (Reebok), Bradford (Odsal), Blackburn, Brighton (Goldstone), Chelsea, Coventry (Highfield Rd & Ricoh), Palace, Charlton (when at Selhurst!), Derby (Baseball Ground), Everton, Fulham, Grimsby, Portaloo Rd, Liverpool, Leicester (Filbert St), Luton, Man City (Maine Rd), Man Utd, Middlesbro (Ayresome Park), Millwall (The Original Den), Notts Forest, Reading (Madejski), Sheff Utd, Sheff Weds, Swindon, Stoke (Victoria Ground), Southampton (St Marys), Shrewsbury, Tottenham, West Brom, West Ham, Wolves, Wigan (Springfield), Watford, Cambridge, Oxford (Old ground, can''t remember name), Wimbledon (Plough Lane), Wembley (Old), Millennium Stadium, San Siro Plus with Scotland (don''t ask); Cardiff (night Jock Stein died) and Hampden Park Plus been to Stade de France for world athletic championships. Best? probably Anfield cos seen three wins there Worst? Wigan, stood on a grass bank and we lost
  19. Got loads that is special but one favourite is my home ticket v Bayern Munich signed on the back by Alan Hansen, Des Lynham, Trevor Brooking. They were in the Hong Kong chinese on Prince of Wales Road after the match. Having had a few sherberts, food was needed so dived in there and couldn''t believe the whole of the BBC crew were in there. Had a long drunken dicussion with Alan Hansen as to why we all thought he was a w****r.
  20. http://www.itfc.premiumtv.co.uk/page/NewsDetail/0,,10272~995903,00.html
  21. Assuming that the local well known gym is the same colour as grass and being a member of selfsame gym so used to seeing certain players there and looking at the clues, it has to be Cap''n Clapper with the loud bar stool opinions
  22. ..............so I did. And they didn''t know. Then some friendly lady phoned me back after 30 minutes with an answer. The train leaves the fine City at 09.52, arriving at the dump at 10.32. Then leaves the dump at 14.07 arriving back at 14.52 Adult cost £11, each accompanied child at £2 each.
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