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  1. There would have been a fair more than 300 of us travelling up on a normal weekend.Good to see that any of our fans who aren''t travelling now can get a refund as long as they let our club know by the end of today. Anyway good luck for the rest of the season, I put a £10 each way bet on you to win the league after you lost the opening weekend game at 14/1 should see a return of almost £200 if you can catch Leeds!
  2. Exeter fan here. We are suppose to be travelling up this afternoon to stay the weekend at a travelodge outside Norwich but am still undecided if I should dig the snow away from our car and start to make the journey in fear of the match being called off. I''ve even taken to watching Look East on sky this week(how bad is that show!) to try and gauge what the area and weather are like, it seems to be saying there is more snow on it''s way for Norfolk tonight.Your official club website seems confident the game will be on but don''t all clubs say that before they get called off?P.S. Any chance of having Gilly back on loan?
  3. Last season when we went there with Exeter. We parked in the health centre in Boston Manor Road, TW8 8DS. They charged us £5 for the privillige though! But it''s only a couple of minutes walk to the away end & didn''t take to long for us to get out afterwards.
  4. [quote user="ryan85k"]and you cant doubt the credentials of Steve Tisdale  [/quote]His name is PAUL Tisdale & he''ll will be managing bigger clubs than Gunn in the future!
  5. It was reported down here that Wycombe had offered Gill £3,000 a week, which Peter Taylor apparently denied. 
  6. Gill plays CM, He great on the ball, consistent, never looks to be rushed but always seems to be in the right place at the right time & has now added goals to his game. Since Paul Tisdale took over at Exeter we have become a really good passing team which has suited Gills game. Hopefully Gilly will be as good for you as he was for us but before he came to us he was stuck at Notts County,not enjoying his football & the fans there wer getting on his back it was strongly rumoured he was going to chuck in football to become a tennis coach.
  7. Hi, Exeter fan here. I hear that Matt Gill has accepted a offer from Norwich. We would have liked to have kept him but he was out of contract & sounds like he is moving closer to home.Shame, really good player(unless you ask a Notts County fan!).
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