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  1. I''d hate for people to get carried away and expect too much from the squad and management, however, next season is a great opportunity for us to push for something, compared to the last few seasons the Championship has a lot less quality than it has had. I can understand the bookies acknowledging the possibility of us ''doing a Leicester'', and to be honest, we have less obstacles in terms of opposition than they did...
  2. Very highly regarded at Swindon, and has been a big part of their impressive season. I can''t help but feel like we could do with strengthening at the back, and if Swindon don''t come up with us he''s someone we could realistically nab. Experienced but not too old, and deserves a shot at the Championship if you ask me. Would like to see Charlie Austin join him, but I think we may have more chance of unearthing some of our own lower league gems...
  3. I think we have to be hard on the current squad. Many deserve a chance, however I think we''re going to get found out in a big way if we don''t strengthen for the Championship. I think the standard of defending in the Championship this season has been poor, and our attacking force will rise to the challenge, but defensively we''ll need a bit more, particularly in the pace department.
  4. Signing players who have already achieved everything they could hope to in their footballing career is a big risk. I know it''s worked to an extent with players like Deon, but I''d personally prefer to sign players with a bit more to play for than those who have been there, done that. We have players with championship experience (Doc, Drury, Russell). I''d rather the rest of the team was made up of players with a point to prove and hungry to play at Championship level.
  5. Come on Pinkun, Norwich''s season "just keeps getting better and better" is a bit of an exaggeration. Sure, Glenn''s worked wonders, and everyone''s happy with what''s happening on the pitch at the moment, but let''s not get carried away.I dont post much here anymore, but I''m pretty sure I''m echoing the general feeling on the messageboard when I say let''s give Roeder a couple of million smackers and hope for a late surge into the playoffs. The next 2 days, and any transfer activities within, could have a massive impact on this clubs future.OTBC.
  6. I think it''s more potential to be very good players rather than already being very good players. It''s been a while since we had a manager who could get the most out of his players and I hope Roeder is the man to do this!
  7. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Im not excited-im depressed-still in shock that they done this to us.[/quote]hahaha
  8. Experience of doing things wrong can be just as valuable as experience of doing things right, and every manager you have named there does have experience of both.
  9.  I don''t really post on this messageboard anymore. A quick glance at some of the threads and it doesn''t take a genius to work out why. However, today I feel the need to share my opinions with you all.Firstly, I''d like to reiterate what some of the more level headed posters have said about giving Glenn Roeder some time to turn things around before getting on his back. I do not understand why both players and managers at Norwich are given minimal support right from the start, we''ve seen it recently with John Hartson, sure, Hartson isn''t the best signing in the world, he''s not going to move mountains for us, but when loan signings are all that are available to us and with goals at a premium, why not get someone in who has a record of scoring a lot of goals in the past? It''s not like he cost us a fortune, he may have even turned out to be another Dion.Secondly, about Glenn Roeder himself, he is a manager whom the players will respect. He has experience that Grant just didn''t have, with all the passion that Grant did have. He has had his share of failures in the past, what manager hasn''t? He has also had a lot of successes and is proven to be very good at getting clubs out of sticky situations.Thirdly, I ask you all to look at the bigger picture. Roeder WILL keep us in the championship. We have a strong squad, yes you heard, we really do. Players like Marshall, Huckerby and Cureton are proven to be fantastic at this level. While players like Brellier, Strihavka, Otsemobor and most of the other summer signings have the potential to do very well under the right management. I, for one, am backing Roeder to get the best out of this squad, and with some financial backing and his premiership contacts, bring in some very good players too.Am I happy about the last couple of years? No! However a disappointing past doesn''t need to lead to a disappointing future.So slate me if you will, I''m sure there are plenty of people who won''t be very happy with me showing any forms of support and optimism, but i do hope there are some here who share my views.On The Ball City!
  10. Mourinho is probably the only manager with the audacity to decide he wants to drop down and manage at a lower level. I mean its a ridiculous thought but no harm in enquiring :P
  11. [quote user="sonnycityfan aka Ginger Pele"][quote user="beno27"]Arsenal will win the premiership, mark my words.[/quote]umm they wont, they have promising youth but that is what about 4 or 5 of the team will be, you have gallas and toure, gilberto, helb, rosicky, and the rest are like under 24[/quote]Sounds a bit like a certain time in Manchester Utds history, and its not like Arsene Wenger doesnt get the best out of young players, and its not like the players under 24 dont have experience, a lot of them have played in plenty of matches, like Fabregas for example.
  12. OH WOW!Davenport! I''d never have thought of that...not like we''ve ever been linked with HIM before! If he''ll cost much money then no. Delia needs to restock the restaurant.
  13. Arsenal will win the premiership, mark my words.
  14. [quote user="Hump"]It seems strange that Renton is on the bench as he has done very little to deserve his inclusion apart fron Scottish roots.There are at least a dozen players who deserve ther chance so why is there all this publicity about him. Been away for a couple of weeks have I missed something?  The Manager seems to have an obsession with forwards on the bench when defending is the main problem[/quote]but defences should stay stable. the same 4 players at the back makes for a better defence so having defenders on the bench does little good.
  15. [quote user="ricardo"]  Nugent is as good as Huckerby in only one place.............................................. His dreams [/quote]you forgot the england squad
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