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  1.  Let''s all hope for an easy win today. Greetings from snowy norway :p
  2. No stream available for the game today, but I can tell you there will be a stream available for the Norwich- Cardiff game! :)
  3. Hi Congo! The Norwich supporters in Trondheim will be watching the game at the three lions pub.The pub  If you are staying at Royal Garden, the pub is very close.Just a couple of minutes walk from your hotel. I don''t know where you have been drinking pints at that price, but at the pub you''ll get a pint at £6.20 : )Check out www.threelions.no for more details
  4. Anyone who cannot make the qpr game...look out for a stream. The game is being broadcasted live here in Norway, so i reckon a stream will be available!
  5. About 5 minutes of highlights on canariesplayer now : )
  6. The stream is definitely working here in Norway. Not sure if it will work in the UK though..
  7. I''m going! Never been to Carrow Road before , so hoping for a good game and an easy win:P
  8. Tom Henning Ovrebo is Norways version of Andy D''Urso. He''s useless!! 
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