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  1. Good enough to play in the Premier League and got a draw against Man City, but not good enough for the experts on here !
  2. http://www.familynotices24.co.uk/edp/view/4005981/leslie-george-les-king#.
  3. Seems like Ryan Bennet is easily the fans choice, but sadly has fallen down the pecking order !
  4. Wes produced moments of magic last night, my M.O.M, but looked injured when he went off, so must be a doubt for Friday
  5. I rang the K###s Tavern but the said they did not think it would be on, but it is showing on wizy
  6. Any clues to where I might be able to see this game in the city and enjoy a beer as well?
  7. I agree with you Tom, Whittaker was one of the better performers and Russel Martin looked completely knackered from 60 minutes on
  8. Wolfie has got to be in with a shout, it''s definately his goal of the season!!
  9.   Buh wrote    Some people would literally have anyone with a fancy European name I thinkWell it worked with Van Wolfs Winkel!! who spends most of his time running away from the ball in the penalty area
  10. [quote user="Bury Yellow"]Absolutely no way. That bloke and his mates have inflicted misery and frustration but then thick head Shearer wants to know ''what''s going on down there''. In fact he''s the only one who could do a worse job than our current incumbent. What marvellous irony![/quote] 2 people who could be charged by trading standards!
  11. Man Makes Mistake Shocker!!. If players were dropped everytime they made a mistake, we would need a squad of 50. Martinez said this week our referees are the best anywhere and without them there would be no football.
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