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  1. A lot of people will ask why change the team, and for the most part I am in agreement, but for the West Ham game I would like Kane to be given a chance from the start.  It will give everyone a boost with a fresh, new player in the team and could give the crowd a lift too.  I also think he sounds an exciting prospect - plus Jackson has been all over the place for Canada and may be tired.Team - Ruddy; Martin, Barnett, Bassong, Garrido; Johnson, Howson, Snodgrass, Pilkington; Holt, Kane.Subs - Bunn, R Bennett, Tettey, Surman, Jackson, Morison, Hoolahan.Not sure if Butterfield, Fox, E Bennett etc are ready...but all the same choosing that 18 is really difficult!
  2. Most of our expensive flops have ''flopped'' due to injury.  Thinking back, didn''t Matthew Rush cost about £1m, played once and never again?  What about Neil Emblem?  Was signed with great fanfare and then spent alot of time with Tim Shepherd!Now, I am thinking about James Vaughan.  I know he hasn''t left yet, but 2.5 million for an injury prone striker was always a huge risk!  
  3. 1. How long have you been a Norwich City Supporter? Since I went to my first game v Swindon in 1991, at the age of 5. So, that makes it 20 years now! 2. Who is your best player? Tough question. For me, we work as a team but David Fox and Wes Hoolahan make us tick 3. Who you think is Villa''s best player? I think Petrov is a calming influence, and Agbonlahor is a massive threat with his pace but your best signing has been Given. Best keeper in the Premier League. 4. What is your perception of Aston Villa? You are a huge club, who looked to be heading the right way until O'' Neill suddenly left. Having said that, you should finish top 8 this season...due to the money of the clubs above I doubt you will finish much higher. You''re my favourite team in Birmingham. 5. What do you think the score will be? We are tough opposition away from home, so I am going for a 1-1 draw. 6. What do you think your final position will be? About 14th. 7. What do you think Aston Villa position will be? As I said earlier, about 8th. 8. Who introduced you to norwich city? My Dad took me to my first game, but he hates football! 9.What was your first game and what made you want to follow then and made you return? Swindon (H) 31st January 1991, we won 3-1 with goals by Fleck and Gordon. I loved the atmosphere, and enjoyed my licquorice allsorts. 10.What stadium you most looking forward too and why? Strangely...Fulham. The scene of our 0-6 mauling last time we were in the PL. Somehow, I think we may do a little better this time. 11.How many games do you visit a season? Away from home, about 4 or 5. 12.Away days for yourselves expensive this season in particular, but do you think Norwich FC are doing all they can to encourage you? In some ways, perhaps they could introduce more loyalty schemes for travellers who don''t use the coach, like money off if you go to 3 away games in a row...? 13. What would you define as a good season? Simple - staying up! But I think we can do better than that, perhaps we could get a surprise win against one of the top 4 too. 14. Has promotion to the premier league attracted new fans? Hangers - on for sure, and "everyone likes Norwich!" 15. Do you think Alex McLeish moving from Birmingham to Villa was a good move for us? He is a decent manager, but his style of play is a bt subdued for the Villa faithful. Time will tell, but he is definitely better than Houllier!
  4. I went to Lowestoft last year on the same day, they won 4-1 against Folkestone and it was a great game as well as a lovely day out. Not sure I can make it this year but highly recommended.
  5. Barcelona home Unicef shirt and Mexico international shirt - both on holiday. Done thing it seems!? My missus got them both too!
  6. Depending on how Ward / Whitbread''s injuries are it has been suggested we may need another new Centre back. Ayala is also injured but from what I saw of him, he is very raw and needs more strength to be a PL centre back. De Laet has been excellent so far, and Barnett has shown he has some quality. However, I think we should really push the boat out for a proven premier league centre back. I have three names, you may see these as unrealistic but I think we could get them by spending a bit of money: - Scott Dann: I know he has been linked with top clubs, but also linked with Blackburn today. I would be gutted if a relegation rival signed him. He is the better half of the Birmingham partnership last year, and I think we could get him for bout £7m, a lot of money but if we want to stay up...? - Carlos Cuellar : Still at Villa despite interest from rangers but out of favour. Was excellent for Villa under O''Neill and has experience. As a Spaniard, could be a useful role model for Ayala too. Could get him for £2m although wages could be a stumbling block. - Nedum Onouha - A Lambert type player, who is intelligent (literally, he has about 10 A Levels) and still wants to prove himself in the PL - a good loan spell at Sunderland last year. Can play RB, but was once rated as one of the best upcoming centre backs in England. Again, QPR and Blackburn are being linked - worth trying to gazump them!
  7. I almost forgot about Vaughan - he tweeeted yesterday that he is close to fitness. Having said I almost forgot, I think he would be first choice for Lambert alongside Holt as he combines power AND pace. Martin has really impressed me in his first two games, and Morison impressed me against Wigan so a pecking order is difficult to establish They are all playing for one place as Holt has proved what a quality player he is against Stoke and Chelsea.
  8. I think you can add Steve Morison to that list too - Stevenage, Milwall, Milwall, Norwich. He probabaly jumped from Conferance to League 1 with Millwall, but just as good an achievement!
  9. I would have him here in a heartbeat if it wasn''t for his high wages. Great player - one of the best in that position in England.
  10. I know it is a little early to say which players are suited/good enough for the Prem and which aren''t but I feel that the first few games have already shown a few strengths and weaknesses. Strengths Ruddy - will make the odd mistake but which keeper doesn''t. Has the passion to succeed De Laet/Barnett - Looked comfortable against one of the most difficult teams to play against; until Barnett got sent off Tierney - How many good full-back are there in the prem, Tierney can attack and defend well with pace and aggression Wingers - We should play with Pilkington and Bennett regularly as they can open up and expose teams with pace and direct play. Could mean Lambert should sign back ups here. Holt & Morison - Holt is clever and will give centre backs a torrid time, Morison showed PL quality against Wigan. C Martin - really grew into the game vs Wigan and has the arrogance and all round ability to succeed in the PL, definitely a good choice as a back up striker. Weaknesses When we don''t have the ball - The first two games we were allowed plenty of posession, will be interesting to see how we cope with Chelsea probably having 60% + of the ball. Surman - looks like he is running in quicksand, weakened us defensively vs Stoke and doesn''t have the pace needed in PL. I see why Wolves sold him. Technically a sound player, but don''t think that is enough in the PL these days. Jackson - The goal surge at the end of last season has exaggerated his ability. Lack of control or sense positionally at this level. May be a bit early to judge, be these are my early thoughts. OTBC
  11. I can see us putting more strength in midfield to combat Stoke''s physical presence. Therefore: Ruddy R Martin De Laet Barnett Tierney Fox Crofts Johnson Hoolahan Holt Morison
  12. Sorry, just noticed the post further down the message board.. I think it SHOULD be okay, unless the PL decides to go for a blanket cancellation of fixtures. It is supposed to be raining the next few days, which should wash away the gits! Hopefully they will get bored and go home to play on their newly looted iPads and TVs!
  13. Hi everyone Is anyone worried that the Wigan game will get called off due to the scummy rioters? Wigan is under the jurisdiction of Greater Manchester Police and if the rioting continues in the city over tonight, there must be serious questions about Police resources. I now see on SSN the PL and FL will be meeting tomorrow to discuss fixtures. I think that as it isn''t a massive crowd expected and with stewards etc we should be okay, but there is still a little concern. On another point, is anyone planning on staying in Manchester Saturday night as a mate and I are (in Salford hotel!) and now worried about safety,,, SCUMBAGS.
  14. Didn''t Caldwell move to Birmingham this summer? Or was that his brother?!
  15. Hi, not sure if it is on the same line but will be going from Manchester on train. Planning on getting to Wigan maybe 12:30-1pm (time for lunch and a couple of pints) Reckon there will be plenty of Canaries there by then - heading to Red Robin pub which is about 2 mins walk from ground and is popular one for away fans (even though its a Brewers Fayre type chain thingy!)
  16. I have been thinking about this for some time and believe quite strongly that as few as 3 away wins will keep us up. That is because I believe we will secure 7 or 8 home wins, add those to a few draws and it should keep us safe. I actually believe we will probably win about 4 away, draw about 7 and lose the rest...which wont be too bad actually...!
  17. Not too worried about that mate, being married and with a 4 month old baby! Just going up with a mate and hope to go to a few pubs and bars for a laugh!
  18. Ah well, be alright to get our heads down! It is rated 4*!
  19. Hello Is anyone staying in Manchester for the Wigan game? We were staying in Wigan itself but cancelled our hotel reservation as found a cheaper, better one in Manchester (which is a far better city!) Wondering what train people were getting from Manchester to Wigan and if anyone else was staying there? Btw if anyone is looking for accommodation, we got twin room in Copthorne Hotel, Salford Quays for £58 for the night (Laterooms.com)
  20. A brilliant player, who seems to have sorted his off-field problems. Newcastle are in disarray again, now in the relegation scrap methinks!
  21. Before this week''s pre-season games (which will probably give us a good indication of the team for Wigan) can anyone predict our starting line up AND subs for Wigan away? A pat on the back and a half-eaten Mars bar for the winner... Mine: GK: Ruddy RB: R Martin CB: De Laet CB: Whitbread LB: Tierney DM: Fox DM: Johnson AML: Surman AMC: Hoolahan AMR: Bennett SC: Holt (c) Subs - Rudd, Barnett, Naughton, Crofts, K Smith, Morison, Jackson. This is based on Pilkington, Ward, Vaughan missing from injury and the fact that Crofts'' knock could rule him out of friendlies this week...? That was very difficult, considering all our new signings etc!
  22. Be honest - is Wigan really that bad? Have booked a hotel there for the night and now maybe regretting the decision...lol! You say Manchester on train is only £4; might have to see how the day pans out!
  23. Well, I reckon we will finish 14th with the following finishing below us: West Brom Blackburn Wigan QPR Wolves Swansea ...in roughly that order. The mess that Newcastle seem to be in could put them in that bracket too, and I dont see Stoke or Villa having great seasons - for me after the top 7/8 it is up for grabs.
  24. A mate and I are staying in Wigan the night. Might be more of a night going to Manchester or Liverpool, but make the most of it; have a curry and a few beers should be a laugh!
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