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  1. Would agree with most of that. Our next four home games are winnable so we need to start getting some points. Unlike last time we where up and failed to get an away win, I can see us getting a few wins which will hopefully keep us up.
  2. When we lost to Leeds back in League One we showed that we had the desire and ability to go on to better things. I hope the players today will do the same and if they put these type of performances in we will get our rewards. Holt will be relived to get his first goal and get the idiots who doubt him off his back.
  3. It''s a good time to play Chelsea as they haven''t found their feet under the new boss. West Brom showed that they are beatable if you take your chances and if I picked the team I would play with Bennett and Pilkinton wide, looking to get plenty of crosses in for Holt and Morison. No doubt Sir Paul has different plans.
  4. I would feel sorry for Russell Martin after his outstanding season he had but Victor Mosses gave him the run around, so it''s possible his place is at risk. I would guess that a fit Leon Barnett is Lambert first choice centre back. I can see us scoring goals this season and Bennett and Pilkington could really be key to this but can you fit both into the diamond formation. Maybe a 4 4 1 1 Ruddy Delat Whitbread Barnett Tierney Bennett Fox Croft Pilkington Hoolhan Holt ( just over Morison for now)
  5. They are not a happy bunch on TWTD! Calls for Jewell''s head, talk of relegation and Bowyer is sh1t again. I might post the samaritans number on there for them.
  6. I was more worried when we where in the bottom three in league one. I was starting to think we could be heading for the fourth tier of English football. I am more confident than last time we went up but it will be tough at times and the supporters must stick with the team at all times. Some idiots will be jumping on the players back at the first oppurtinty.
  7. Darren Eadie would be a excellent choice but I always respect Greg Downs comments when he is on Radio Norfolk. God forbid Adrian Coote or Daryl Sutch as they lack the passion Eadie and Downs have for us. Maybe it''s because I never rated them as players!
  8. The biggest difference for me is the managers. Nigel Worthinton was a good manager but to defensive. Paul Lambert for me is the best young manager about. We never won away in 2004/5 but Lambert is more positive in his approach and hopefully we will get more points away from home this time. As for the players, I really not sure who will step up to the demands of top flight football. I doubt to many people will agree with me but think Chris Martin could shine this year. He is technically good enough and as Lambert says alot is the best finisher at the club but has the penny dropped yet with the lad?
  9. Thank you for your comments, will inform my mates of your suggestions. I''m sure we will be celebrating a famous victory! Probably been mentioned but what numbers are we likely to have at Wigan?
  10. Me and my mates are going to Wigan and are thinking of staying up there and having a night on the beer. Does anyone know if it is good place to go or should we move on to Manchester for the evening?
  11. I think both of our young keepers need at some point to go out on loan. They would benefit like Joe Lewis did at Morecombe. I can not see either of the lads being able to step up to the Premier League at the moment so would try and get in a keeper like Marcus Hahenmann, he is on a free and has got the experience needed if required or Ruddy is struggling.
  12. Can see where you are coming from and totally agree about the crowd getting behind the team. Negativity never helps the teams performance. I think David Stringer and Mike Walker would say that they had put together stronger squads. If we can keep hold of Paul Lambert then maybe he might push this club on even further.
  13. I meant even if we had not got promoted and was still stuck there like Charlton. I believe Charlton where averaging around 15,000 in a 30,000 stadium.
  14. I have heard that Ipswich have sold around 13,000 season tickets. I think that we would have sold more even if we where still in League One but my mate disagrees. Who agrees with me.
  15. I can''t see how you can question Lambert as the job he has done is incredible. There is no other manager I would want to be in charge this season. People are always going to have their own opions but I bet the team that starts at Wigan will be very different from the side that plays our last game of the season. Some of the players will step up to Premership football but there will be one or two who will fall short. Time will tell but I trust the boss to get it right. I can''t wait for the season to start!
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