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  1. I very much doubt this is the case we have an allocation of 4k, our ticket sales went down to general sale yesterday according to the website we have roughly sold out 2 of the 6 allocated blocks.  I recon some people will find it hard to finish work early and drive 3.5hrs from Birmingham to make the 745 kick off and then have to drive back.  I will be attendance as always but have opted for the sensible option of stopping over but am arriving early with my mates and make it a good day/night in Norwich lets hope well worth it for the mighty Lambert Lions
  2. cheers resident canary thats the wetherspoons on the wharf area aint it, yeah looking for a bit of music,some female talent(will uni residents still be there) and throw down some shapes.  Under impression student night is that true dont fancy playing bingo with doris,should be a good atmosphere and good banter between both sets of fans.
  3. wow half ten will just about make it time for last orders,final whistle dash
  4. Well thats fine with me but heard a special offer at norwich buy one get one free I will pick up my purchases from the ticket office after the game Wes Hoolahan and Pilks wil do and then DB will be able to moan about no service
  5. I will be making a lovely return to Carrow Road for the quarter final,hopefully its better luck this time around following us getting turned over in the final game of last season. I am stopping over once again just wondered what norwich nightlife will be like,will there be much going on if so wheres the best places to go
  6. sorry if any offence caused just thought i would get an incite,leave it a couple days if u want
  7. Many of you will know me from Opposition Views for AstonVillaToday, I was at Norwich at the last game of the season and spent a large portion of my time talking to Norwich fans and you are a pleasant bunch and enjoyed the conversations. The topic turned to Paul Lambert I was re-assured that Lambert wouldn’t become to Villa following the recent developments what are you take on circumstances. What can Aston Villa expect from Paul Lambert? I offer my sorry to you all as I know what it’s like to lose a manager in the way you are potentially going to. MON may not have left Villa for another club but he left at the drop of a hat, suppose that the danger of rolling contracts. Who would you like at NCFC?  
  8. thanks so much yeah a little easier knowing that the whole journey wondering whereever we will get relegated. Is there any pubs that most of you will be at so we can swing buy
  9. a little over 12 hours before we leave Villa Park ahead our 150mile walk, hopefully meet up with you guys, we will be in norwich on the saturday evening.  We will be walking through the streets on norwich ahead of the game on the sunday.  We are armed with Norwich City bracelets weve made there are only £1 and all monies going directly to Harry Moseley''s charity HHHO. Follow us on twitter @150mileWalk4H  
  10. have published some Q&A''s recieved at http://wp.me/P1Tdny-VW i would appreciate a few more members Q&A''s
  11. we are looking at arriving around 6pm on the saturday evening private message me a way of contacting u about the route
  12. As many people on this forum will know that I run AstonVillaToday our feature is Opposition View, I have been a regular visitor to the forum and would like to ask a more indepth Q&A session for this game. I usually do them a week prior but due to my involvement for the 150mileWalk me and a group of fellow Villians are doing for Charity for Harry Moseley.  Means I will be on the road from Tuesday and wont have the time or resources to hand.  You can read about our journey at www.justgiving.com/Walk150-4H or search this very forum.  A few of Pink''un''s have been in contact and look forward to see some of you that weekend.  I will post the Q&A''s replies this week and keep RT them on twitter. 1.What will the score be between Villa and Norwich? 2. Do you think Villa will avoid the drop? 3.Will Aston Villa get rid of Alex McLeish? 4. Paul Lambert has done an amazing job for Norwich City can you see him leaving in the summer? 5.If Lambert was to leave in summer would Norwich City suffer next season? 6.In recent days media speculation is that Lambert is a target for Aston Villa if AMC was to be relieved of duties? 7.What do Norwich City need to keep them in the Premier League next season? 8.Who has been your best player this season and why? 9.What Villa player would like in your team? 10.Has the game sold out yet? I know Villa have sold their allocation inside the first week 11.Will you be attending the game on Sunday 13th May 2012? 12. What has been your best away day this season and why? 13.I know Norwich City operate a ballot system for away ticket holders is this a fair and effective method? 14.What are your season ticket prices like for 2012/2013 in comparison to this season?  15. How many season tickets have you sold roughly for next season? 16.Have current season ticket holders rewarded for loyalty in anyway? 17. Where can Norwich City finish next season? Lastly I would like to remind Norwich City fans that Aston Villa will be holding a minutes applause on the 19th minute for Stiliyan Petrov following his recent health diagnosis.  Therefore would ask Norwich City fans to join in the applause. follow bradders_1982 or 150mileWalk4H on twitter  
  13. I am walking from Villa Park to Norwich as part of the 150mile Walk 4 Harry Moseley team. We are leaving Tuesday 8th May 8am and will be arriving on the Saturday ahead of the game on the Sunday.I am asking for any help in regards maybe if a small team of pink''uns are willing to help us from the norwich leading upto our arrival.  We have norwich city bracelets and are only £1. Does anybody know which person is best to speak to regarding getting the club involved please contact myself you can follow the walkers on twitter @150mileWalk4H  donations can be made on www.justgiving,com/Walk150-4H all proceeds go to HHHO    
  14. you might wanna try The Rocket following getting off at fulham putney bridge exit station pass the 8 bells, another away haunt but gets full and cramped early. The Rocket when u get onto the bridge walk over the bridge there are big penthouse looking building on the edge of the river thames theres are wetherspoons called the rocket.a standard wethspoons but loads of space to move outdoors. All freely advice from a kind Aston Villa fan nice to hear that u have cemented ure place in next seasons premier league, will be down for end of season game.  Walking from Villa Park to Carrow Road for charity 150mile walk for Harry Moseley
  15. As many of the Norwich fans will know that Aston Villa fan following new opposition view ahead of game back in November. Well a few months ago now the city of Birmingham lost an inspirational individual in the form of 11year old Harry Moseley who sadly lost his fight with an inoperable brain tumour. A group of Aston Villa fans organised a charity match along with an auction to raise money and awareness. Aston Villa former players turned out to play against a team of Villa fans in his honour, the day was a success and rose over £3,500 with nearly 1,000 attendees. This same group are planning another charity event but this a far greater challenge, we are all attending the game at Carrow Road on Sunday 13th May. But we have decided in conjunction with HHHO''s a small group of Aston Villa fans including myself will walk from Villa Park to Carrow Road in a 150+ mile journey, raising as much cash and awareness. We will be leaving on Tuesday 8am and looking to arrive in Norwich sometime on Saturday ahead of the game on the Sunday. Therefore I am appealing if anybody has contacts with the club that I can speak with so can arrange something to finish of the event. Maybe get a meeting arranged with a few of you for when we arrive it would be most appreciated with any assistance given. Obviously would be a good publicity for forum, the club and all people connected. Read Harry Story in more detail here at www.helpharryhelpothers.com, he raised over half a million pounds for the charity from his personalised bracelets. Even though Harry was going through this illness he wanted to help others. Well as I stated a few months ago that myself and a group of Villa fans will be walking to Carrow Road to raise money and raise awareness for Birmingham’s Bravest Brummie. I am pleased to announce that we have got the ball rolling training is underway, we recently had our pictures taken at Villa Park and have a major media interest in this story. As a few of you may be aware that an article was written by the local Norwich newspaper. A charity event just giving webpage has been setup at www.justgiving.com/Walk150-4H We also have a txt donation number people can currently donate if they aren’t too keen by doing the following HHHO 82 + £? To 70070 We will be arriving in Norwich on the Saturday ahead of the game, if fans want to meet us on our arrival get in touch. We have currently got an allocation of claret and blue beads we will be getting an assortment of beads. Due to nature of the game we will be doing special Norwich City colours to help promote HHHO. If people interested then inbox me http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.eveningnews24.co.uk%2Fnews%2Faston_villa_fans_to_walk_over_150_miles_for_norwich_city_match_in_aid_of_help_harry_help_others_campaign_1_1225253&h=nAQFw2-3JAQESEzODA53zVSHafA9WizgHRBucswVKwDxxWg  
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