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  1. I know lots of people are doing the same, but I am willing to pay. £100 each for two tickets for tomorrow''s match if anyone is crazy enough to not want to go... PM me or reply to this message! In desperation and little hope Pabs
  2. The murderers should be pretty good, but it also seems like Ketts is a popular choice
  3. Is this true? That you can now go in family area as single adult?
  4. In August, the riverside pub was open from about 9am as we drunk the bar dry of beer on tap before kick off. Was a great atmosphere too!
  5. Apologies for terrible grammar and spelling! In a rush!
  6. Anyone els confided by the policy of *every two adult tickets you must have one child? What if, like me, you are a single on your own going to the game? Should I take 1\2 a child with me to keep the ratio up? Did anyon have any problems getting in earlier in season? Not sure whether to Risk getting a ticket! Paul
  7. I said after we beat Ipswich that we needed to win 7 and draw 3 out of 12. Since then we have won 2, drawn 2 and lost 1... So if I stick to that formula we need to win 5 and draw 1 out of 7. As long as the defeat isn''t against Boro. Not much breathing space, but I think we can do it. I like the team the OP had too, it would be mine if all are fit. Maybe make a couple of changes for sheffield Wednesday,
  8. Bournemouth Boro --------- Derby Norwich Watford Scum -------- Wolves Brentford
  9. Keep for sure - ruddy, Martin, Bassong, Olsson, Johnson, Tettey, Howson, Wes, Dorrans, redmond, Jerome, grabban, Josh murphy, Rudd. Keep as a squad player - whittaker, o''neil, Odidja, Andreu. Sell/ replace - Cuellar, R Bennett, Miquel, Garrido, e Bennett, hooper, Lafferty, RVW... Youth to retain: Loza, Morris, Jacob murphy, mcgrandles etc. Can''t think of any others!
  10. Today has suddenly become ''available'' for me , only to find no tickets left. If anyone has a spare ticket, I would be a happy recipient!
  11. Ruddy, Whittaker, Martin, Bassong, Olsson, Tettey, Johnson, Howson, Hoolahan, Hooper, Jerome. Subs Rudd, Garrido, Cuellar. Dorrans, Redmond, Odidja, Murphy.
  12. Ruddy, Whitts, Martin, Bass, Olsson; Tettey, Howson, Johnson, Hoolahan; Grabban, Jerome Subs Rudd, Garrido, Turner, Dorrans, Redmond, Hooper, Andreu
  13. Hi Amy pinkun people out there traveling to the match on train / bus from Lowestoft next Sunday? Recently moved house and would like a few people to go to matches with! I enjoy a few beers but not trouble and have been watching city for 23 years (I''m 30!) let me know!!!
  14. I wonder whether Johnson should be captain, now he has signed a new deal.
  15. Sorry that team has been laid out funny. Basically, a 4-5-1!
  16. I think Dorrans has been brought in so we can play him just off the front in games like this - away from home where you need to dominate the midfield to have a chance, ---------------- Ruddy---------------- whitts. Martin Bassong Olsson -----------------Tettey----------------- Redmond Howson Johnson ---------------- Dorrans --------------- -----------------Grabban --------------- Subs - Rudd, Garrido, turner, Wes, Andreu, Hooper, Jerome
  17. It''s the first time this season where I actually think about 14 or 15 players deserve a start, which is a great dilemma for AN to have. I would think he would revert to the team which started against Blackpool or similar. I think he may have considered Garrido but Wolves have some very fast wingers who Olsson may be better against. Having said that, he got sent off against them opening day!!! It''s a tough choice up front with three on form strikers! I just feel Grabban moves defences about very well and we have generally played well and got results when he starts this season, so he just about gets the nob but it''s tough on Jerome. hooper is a goalscorer and plays that slightly deeper role well, so stays in for me. My team ruddy, Whittaker, Martin, Bassong, Olsson; Johnson, Howson, Hoolahan, Redmond, Hooper. Grabban. Subs - Rudd, Garrido, Turner, Tettey, Murphy, Andreu, Jerome.
  18. Badly layed out team...obviously Jerome would be central up front!!!
  19. My team would be: ------------------ruddy---------------------- Whittaker, Martin, Bassong, Garrido ------------------Tettey --------------------- Redmond Howson Andreu Johnson Jerome subs - Rudd, Turner, Olsson, E Bennett, murphy, Hooper, Grabban. (I''ve had to leave Wes out of my squad. I feel bad)
  20. Are we able to recall him from his loan spell? Swindon fans love him and I feel that Martin Olsson is very poor defensively, so many of our goals conceded come from his indecision or bad marking. In all honesty, if Swansea bid £3million I would take it, recall Toffolo and stick him in with Garrido as back up.
  21. At home, I actually believe we have more chance of beating the ''top'' teams. They will have a certain onus to attack us as will also want the 3 pints. It seems this season that those teams who came to park the bus are the ones we struggle more against. Away from home, we may have easier games on paper ... But as someone mentioned earlier you never know! We have beaten Bournemouth, Brentford, Ipswich away and drawn with Derby. Not bad. However, we have lost away at Reading, Fulham and Preston (FA cup) so it doesn''t necessarily work that way. Having said that, I would be optimistic after Saturday that we can will 6 of our last 10 away, but it might need even more than that for automatic promo!
  22. Rudd Martin, R Bennett. turner Garrido McGrandles Johnson Redmond Wes. Josh Murphy Grabban Subs - Bunn, Whittaker, Miquel, O Neil, Jacob Murphy, Lafferty, hooper. Rest Jerome, ruddy, Howson completely.
  23. Trying to think: Forster, Gibbs Marshall, Martin, Martin, Whittaker, Who was the other? My mind is blank!
  24. Plays in the role just behind the striker, where I think the likes of Hoolahan and Howson do not provide enough goal threat or assists. Wonder whether we could throw him in, looks technically very gifted.
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