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  1. This year I've found a USB-C to HDMI cable has worked to get the App from the iPad (pro) onto the TV so I can watch on TV. I don't think that worked with iFollow in the past, but it so far this year it has been working.
  2. I'm hoping a similar service to iFollow for those of us outside the UK will be showing up here: https://www.canaries.co.uk/canaries-tv/packages
  3. Thanks ncfcstar, like OP I’m in Canada. In Championship seasons I’ve used iFollow but haven’t seen anything about plans for the upcoming season and so terminating the agreement for iFollow explains that. Hopefully, there will be a replacement and I’ll still have an excuse to put off shovelling snow on Saturday mornings! If anyone hears anything, please post.
  4. [quote user="Mook"]Good point, Ottowa. He could have been attempting to keep his job, but then surely it looks more promising to his employers that they will have to spend less money on wages (and no money on transfer fees) if one of our promising youngsters turns out to be a great player. So I think that theory is a little unrealistic. [/quote] Hi Mook - Maybe, but the cost savings are essentially equivalent to the building for the future argument. The point is that the manager makes decisions taking an additional factor into account, the need to keep his job. This means that he might make decisions that are not necessarily in the club''s best interests. However, my guess is that his limited ability is probably the dominant factor.
  5. [quote user="Tumbleweed"]Thanks for the feedback chaps (or chappesses!). I would be very interested in hearing whether anybody feels that Worthy DOES have a long term plan. He has been here as manager for 5.5 years yet I still feel that none exists, unlike the Board who do appear to have  long term strategy. On the field we are capable of turning up with a 4-4-2 then we lurch to 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 and sometimes we appear to have had a 4-4-1-1. Often a formation is tried, fails while the palyers get used to it and then is abandoned. With respect to quality I feel that in the likes of Drury, McVeigh, Huckerby, Safri and Earnie we have a good quality core. Shacks and Doc are both good championship standard players. However we consistently fail to get the best out of what we have, the good becomes mediocre and the mediocre becomes poor. Even Crewe looked like a more fluid team than us with innate understanding and good organisation. That''s why to me coaching is the urgent priority. [/quote] This second half of this season looked like an example of the principal-agent problem that is present in all firms/governments etc due to differences in information. Here an agent (the manager) performs actions on behalf of the principal (in general shareholders and in our case supporters as well) and (in theory) has better information (player form/fitness etc) than the principal. The problem occurs because the objectives facing the two parties may differ. In the second half of the season the supporters, recognizing that promotion is not going to happen would like to see the club build for the future by playing youngsters etc. However the agent (Worthy) has second objective - he wants to keep his job. He may well recognize that promotion is not going to happen this year, however he may believe (rightly or wrongly) that by finishing just below the playoff places he is more likely to keep his job that if he were play some youngsters,  lose more games and finish say 15th (the position from which Royle lost his). Therefore, given he faces this second incentive he makes decisions that are not in the best interest of the principal (supporters). For example, he plays a 34 year old defender about to be released from the club in midfield instead of a promising youngster. The only reason that seems to explain this and many of Worthy''s decisions for this season is that he was panicking and trying to keep his job.. Of course there is also the possibility that he is just totally inept.
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