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  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwwywcM_sdQ
  2. If we win 4-0 will Butterworth be given the job full time??? My prediction 2-1 Norwich.
  3. I thought Gunn''s contact ran out once the season finished? He''s still being described by Radio Norfolk as the Norwich City manager??
  4. [quote user="canaryken"]I agree - get off Gunny''s back! He is not the problem! The problems started long before he was appointed. IMHO I just think it makes more sense to "steady the ship" so to speak and maintain continuity. I say give Gunn and Co a go. [/quote] A bit difficult to steady the ship when it''s sinking....  
  5. I posted this before he had been appointed "I would be devastated if we appoint a manager with no experience like Gunn. Management is about so much more than understanding or loving the club as of course Gunn,Hucks and Iwan all do. nor is it good enough to say gunn inspired the players for the Barnsley game. Most of that can can be down to the players being happy to be free from Roeder''s management! In the long term we want a manger who can pick the right team, pick the right tactics, buy the right players, as well as be a good man maager. Gunn may have those abillities but we have no proof that he does, because he hasn''t managed before. Appointing him would be a massive risk. From the rest of your list I would take Bothroyd or Ince as manager though I concede there is no stand out candidate."     We now have the proof .Gunn cannot pick the right team he can''t pick the right tactics and he isn''t a good enough man manager to motivate the players for one of the biggest games in our recent history! Of course the players, Roeder and the board  are all also to blame to differing extents, but gunn had 19 matches and he won 5. That''s not good enough. He himself said he was responsible for our relegation! Can he improve as a manager? maybe. The problem is we are simply not in a position to appoint managers who are still learing their trade. Please, please, board this time appoint someone who has experience of winning promotion form the lower leagues. I beg you            
  6. I''m only just recovering from Gunn saying it was his fault that we got relegated but that he wants the managers job next season.! MWJ and Delia aren''t improving my mood. Brave little Norwich will keep trying next season!
  7. some of the norwich  fans on sky sports looked like they were having a bit of fun! do they even realise what''s just happened. ridiculous.
  8. Mcdonald can stay and young players like Korey Smith. The rest can leave for all I care. Play a bunch of under 20''s next season. They can''t be worse than these clowns.
  9. Yes Gunn should leave but surely the players should be motivated for a game like this regardless of the manager??? I don''t believe the players care and that''s what hurts the most!
  10. How typical of us plymouth will win and we will lose!
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