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  1. Great thread, completely agree, time to honour the people on the fringes who have helped to keep the team spirit so great. With the one exception that Russell Martin should play every single minute to keep his record alive.
  2. Looked good, got stuck in. Did a better job than Drury at coping with Scannell, if I''m honest. Will do well for us I hope. no idea re Drury''s injury
  3. Yep. I''m interested, Have pmd you, realise I''m down the queue as well, hopefully the clouds''ll clear for you though. Huge match, this one.
  4. Losing 7-1 at home, on the opening day of the season was pressure enough for the board. Anyone who thinks it took two dick heads running on to the pitch to convince David Mcnally that the team needed a change of management, needs their head examining. Sorry mate, but really, they''re not the reason Paul Lambert is in charge. Gunn''s over riding ineptitude is the principal factor.
  5. Yeah was on that train back, bit of a funny atmosphere. Fight was kicking off in one carriage so had to turn back "They''re just four divs walking through a train" was what the Orient fans were shouting. Lot of ''special'' cockney boys on that train. My dad''s an Orient fan so I retain some interest and felt pretty guilty celebrating the goals. My da and bro had seen Orient nail Col U in the league cup and were impressed, so I had expected rather more of them this season to be honest, but they don''t seem to be quite picking up the results. After the first ten minutes when you had looked dangerous it was strange to see the repetitive long ball from Orient which gave Doc and Askou an easy night. Andros Townsend looked dangerous and should have had more ball in behind spillane, but it never really happened. I think if Townsend can improve through the season then Orient should move up the table. Hope things go well rest of season, will be at brisbane for the return in April i believe.
  6. Always was worth the ticket fee just to watch him tearing up the wing. Magic player to watch.
  7. Will always be a hero and legend to me, was the club''s fault to even offer him the job in the first place. He takes some of the blame for our position but most must go to the people who offered him his dream job without being sure whether he was capable of managing the side, or ever contemplating what failure and the subsequent sacking would do to Bryan Gunn himself.
  8. Chadwick was awesome. Thought though that Croft was a very capable replacement. Big respect for Chadwick though, fought damn hard - always looked to take men on, and was unlucky not to score.  OTBC
  9. Not really jealous of them overall, as I still think they''re are a long way from being promotion material. However I am pretty jealous of the way they''re bringing all their youth team players through, that they play pretty decent football on their day, that they have a striker (Lee) and a team that actually knows how to score - and still have a fortress at Portman Road. What the hell happened to our fortress?
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