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  1. Why put Johannsen striaght in. If he''s as bad as the other Charlton reject they can keep him !
  2. Leon is obviously not on eof Nigel''s favourites for whatever reason (ditto Jim Brennan). How else can you explain his perseveance with MS and putting on Gary Doherty first.
  3. There''s no doubt that Roberts worked well with Hucks and would have won may of the headers that Matt Sven didn''t.
  4. Green - 8 Helveg - 7 Fleming - 7 Charlton - 8 Drury - 7 Jonson - 5 Francis - 9 Holt - 6 Bentley - 6 Hucks - 7 Svensson - 4
  5. Didn''t we buy Doherty as defender. Let''s not give NW an excuse to not buy a decent striker. If john lennon was a canry he''d be singing ''Give Leon a Chance!''
  6. I thought I’d write this before reading the other threads. I have mixed feelings about yesterday’s match. First and foremost it was a better result than I feared and I think the general performance probably gave more self-belief to players and supporters alike. Charlton and Helveg are proving to be good signings and Green once again proved that England do have a better keeper than Calamity. Francis and Holt worked there socks off, Huckerby looked as dangerous as ever and Fleming was steady as usual. However, lets not forget this was a depleted man utd and were there for the beating if we were playing full tilt. I am not one for heckling players at a match but I must say that the 3 players ‘eventually’ substituted were well below par. Firstly, Svensson. I admit that he improved after a few matches last season but can we really afford to carry him in the Premiership while we have Leon sitting desparate on the bench. Matty is slow and for a tall target man wins remarkably few headers. To cap it all, to insult Leon further, NW brings on Gary Doherty first to replace him. This is a player we’ve had for barely a day and supposedly bought as a central defender . Admittedly, he did a decent job when he came on but for Haeven’s sake what does Leon have to do? Score a hat-trick in the 10 minutes he seems to get. Secondly, Mattias Johnson. This guy - for the second week running - was so anonymous he might as well of had my seat ! There’s proably a lot of potential there but lets develop it in the reserves and give Squiz a start. Finally, David Bentley. I’ve read comparisons with Dennis Bergkamp but the only similarity I could see was the ability to persistently pass the ball to a red shirt. On a last note, why is Jim Brennan not getting a look-in. Didn’t he have a good pre-season. If you don’t want him Nigel - sell him! Don’t let him rot in the reserves all season and then give him away like (too) many before him. Now, lets go for it at Newcastle. Lets start with LM. PM and JB instead of MS, MJ and DB and make sure we’re not bottom on Thursday morning!
  7. didn''t think he was good enough for 1st XI last season to be honest so don''t expect to see more of him in the permiership.
  8. when''s the last time a 3rd choice keeper was required ? Can''t see its necessary to splash out on one, and if the most improbable happened, then Joe Lewis won''t be first teenage keeper in the premiership surely. if we wanted that depth of cover we might as well have kept Chricton.
  9. I wouldn''t do that. This is what I think will be the line-up for the palace match; ---------------------Green------------------------- Helveg-------Charlton--------Fleming----------Drury Bentley------Francis----------Holt-------------Brennan ---------------Huckerby---------McKenzie/?No9
  10. I think that the DVD is a lot better for value as it won''t get ruined as quick as the video. Also the DVD has a lot better graphics. 4 hours is well worth it!
  11. I agree with you. I think Worthington should splash out a little bit on players but not too much. I''d say 2m would be the most. Having said that, anyone know that Gary Speed is on a free transfer? He would be a brilliant signing and that would''nt even be for peanuts!
  12. I reckon Norwich should buy Martin Johnson. He could replace Easton''s place and would add a bit of strength to the team!
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