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  1. I''m looking for a Spurs ticket if it''s available Sparky?
  2. I''m looking for a Spurs ticket if it''s available Sparky?
  3. I''d be interested in your ticket if it''s available Sparky.
  4. I can understand those who get annoyed at people who stand in front of them, but as other posters have said, everyone knows what to expect from sitting in the Barclay/SnakePit. Its like buying tickets for a Roy Chubby Brown show and then complaining your offended by his material.
  5. After Friday night, I wouldnt want to be Stockport come Monday afternoon. I hope we steamroller them!
  6. [quote user="ncfcstar"]I''m still convinced we''ll be promoted at Orient, or at worst 12 ahead of 3rd with 12 to play for.Funnily enough, the team who will probably determine it are Colchester who play both Swindon and Millwall in the next 3 games.[/quote] You and me both mate. Orient is going to be my last game this season and according to the Pinkun I was promised an ''East End Knees up''!
  7. Fact is even mid table form in the last 7 games would probably see us over the line. Unless your predicting we are going to lose every game between now and the end of the season?
  8. Its very easy to adapt the facts to suit an argument. Yes the last 3 games may not have been the greatest performances, but two of them were against 2 strong promotion rivals (who despite playing badly against we took 4 points off), and last nights game was heavily influenced by refereeing decisions. But our form still reads 20 something wins from about 30 games. It would take a spectacular reverse of fortunes to collapse to 3rd/4th.
  9. Never heard such rubbish. Champions get promoted because they get results in the games they dont play well in.
  10. Having just about calmed down after last night, I still can''t believe some of the decisions. 4 goals and it can be argued none of them should have been. The other thing that pissed me off last night was watching SSN and having them make the game sound as though Tranmere completely outplayed us. They described it as ''a brilliant night and a brilliant performance from Tranmere''. Not sure how they can come to that conclusion bearing in mind had we had a half decent ref in charge it would have been a draw at best...
  11. It doesnt look like they have blocked it just because we might be offend them but they dont like non-contributors. Apparently they had 2500 viewing the site last night, but only 200 of them were registered users...
  12. Just youtubed the WACCOE song because I''ve never heard it... And I thought the scum lived in the past...
  13. That blue area is at the North end of the stand. According to the football grounds guide away fans are in the other end of that stand, but there seems to be a similar area. Pic can be found here http://www.footballgroundguide.com/leyton_orient/
  14. If thats the tunnel that would mean the dug outs are on the other side of the pitch by the looks of it?
  15. [quote user="benedictgr"][quote user="Smudger"][quote user="benedictgr"] [quote user="Klobo7"][quote user="benedictgr"]I think they should put a new "Priority level" in at 5 away match stubs. I currently have 9 and I think it''s unfair that I would be put in the same ballot as people who have none.[/quote] Thing is, what happens in a few years time, when we may well be in a situation where people who has 5 tabs get tickets and lower priorities dont. Will people with 4 stubs start wanting their own category because they dont have 5 but dont want to be grouped with people who have 0. Like someone said before, everyone would love to have the system changed into their favour, but it might be best to just leave it because whichever way its done someone is going to be unhappy[/quote] Yeah I understand what yous saying but I think 10 away stubs in 12 months is quite a lot anyway. Having 5 away stubs would be a more reasonable amount. [/quote] Considering the season lasts about 9 months, you are looking at an average of over 1 away game per month. Swindon will be my 9th away game this season and Leyton Orient my 10th (although I have lost my ticket stub for Hartlepool and was in the Home end at Colchester so not sure if they will accept that). Also likely to be in the home end at Charlton if I miss out on the ballot. [/quote] Yeah and considering we play half of our games at home (an average of two a month) that is quite a lot of games to get to. [/quote] I would appreciate a non s/t holder but 5 stubs group, but that would be me changing the rules to suit my own case. Living up North, having a home season ticket is not feasible and it is very difficult to get to games down south. Orient will be 6th away game of the season, having done most of the Northern away grounds this season.
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