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  1. The piece below is taken fom the Pinkun. Gallacher has now turned in three thoroughly convincing displays for the Canaries in the space of eight days, and with his contract running out during the summer Worthington is anxious to sort something out for next season. But he is prepared to give the player all the time he needs to talk over the situation with his family and advisors before deciding whether to stick with Norwich or return north in search of regular first-team football. “It''s one of those situations,” said the City boss. “Paul has got to decide where he wants to be. If he wants to stay with Norwich City then there is an opportunity for him to sit down and talk. “I am not expecting a rush decision. He''ll take his time and we''ll take our time and hopefully there will be a compromise in the middle which means he will be at the club next season.” ====================================================================== Now I know Worthington is a Uriah Heep character. He would have let Gallacher go if Greeno had not have been injured. Worthington made it blatantly clear a while back that he regretted signing the Scottish International 2 years ago. As for saying its one of those "situations" its a situation of your own doing Worthington. Gallacher should have been Greeno''s stand in before Ward ever came to the club and he should have been given a contract along time ago.  Worthington don''t be so naive by saying we will take our time, Good God Man sign him before we lose him.........Because the majority your dealings in the Transfer Market have been diabolical and the ones that have been good you can''t hang on to them. Remember at the start of the Season you let a lot of the players go, the players I might add that got City promoted I wonder what would have happened if you had hung to them......We could have been in the promotion race again.   YOU ARE THE WEAKEST LINK I wish it were goodbye!!!!!![:@]  
  2. [quote user="Oso Butch"] "Worthington signs players that work hard, are well disciplined  and that have good energy levels, passing ability is not one of his priorities i''m afraid. That is why we can''t pass the ball well as a team, that is why we rarely take a decent corner and hardly ever take a decent free kick". Throw-ins are a joke too, your Lordship. The team does waxworks impressions when Drury or Fleming stands on the line with the ball.  Frankly, the basics just never seem to get better - except hoof-ball, of course, at which they have all become proficient...[:@] I remember a comment about Bardsley (on loan to Burnley from Man Utd) from one of the TV commentators last Friday - something like: "Just look at the way he passes the ball and then moves straight into space... That''s drummed into all the players at Old Trafford in training every week..."  So simple. Yet, by contrast, when our team passes the ball, they so often seem to think that''s ''job done'' and leave it to the next man.... So, no fluidity, no build-ups, no incisive one-twos (let alone threes...) !!! Give me strength !!!  [/quote] Glad u noticed the throw ins.. most teams will have 2 or 3 players running a few yards to try and make space.. we stand there and get marked up.. a throw in can be as affective as a corner if u move right... we watse our set peices constantly.... this proves we dont train on them... jas :)
  3. Kings in the minority.. even my Girlfriend says if she was married to u She''d Leave u and she''s an Ipswich fan! We will be singing on thew ball city, and many other songs to show we support the players... I suppose by wanting Worthington out it demoralises that so obviously dont want to play for him... and dont quote the clus Piffle that they do!  I will say what i have wanted to say for a while... Nigel Worthington is an idiot!  he isnt a football manager.. would u put a 34 year old left back in midfield and leave 2 midfielders on the bench king???? would u encourage the long ball to a striker who is 5''8 tall against a 6''4 center back????  Remeber sheffield wednesday at home... would u play Peter Thorne on the wing???? I could go on... dont dwell on past Successes.. the England fans have been doing that for 40 years.. thats why they have only won 1 world cup...  Worthy''s promotion and playoffs are in the history books... now is now.. look at whats happening.. dont dwell 3-4 years in the past mate... jas :)
  4. [quote user="Lord Mouldywart"]I personally think Green is a quality player who has been here too long and now doesn''t want to be here. The result, is that his progress has stalled and he''s looking like a far worse player than he is (and the guy is probably sufferring from nervous strain anyway, the way we''ve defended for the last two seasons). I would sell him for £2.5 mil but i''m not sure about replacing him. The aim has to be to bring Joe Lewis through in the next couple of years, so I think we would need an experienced keeper. Mind you we could always get a youngish no 1 and keep Ward/Gallacher as no 2 (can''t see any point in keeping both)[/quote] agree with everything u have said.. although id doubt we wil get that much for greeno.. no one pays that much for a keeper.. we will get 1 million i think   jas :)
  5. that looks like a tesco uniform.... i think the best one was the all white one from 1997/98.. very swish :)   jas :)
  6. Worthington Did not want to win the game at Burnley did he? The squad selection was a Worthy speciality.......Defensive. With Safri on the Bench along with Earnshaw need I say more. When will Worthington ever realise you cannot defend all the time. In practically all of Cities wins this season we have taken the game to the opposition........can''t he see that.  Chris 
  7. Not a pretty game but another 3 pts in the bag. God knows we need them!  my only concern is for Shacks, although he got MOTM if Worthy sticks true to form we will be seeing Shackell dropped next week for the next game vs Leeds and/or subsequent games.  In a way it is a pity we are winning games because the more we win the longer we have to put up with Worthless. Not that i want us to lose of course, however we can protest till the cows come home, but unless we can convince the suits that sit on the board otherwise, then we are stuck with Worthy until he makes such a fist of it he takes us down again.  Getting us relegated means the board will say "we''ll stick with him because no manager wants the job now!" that doesnt mean that theres no good managers further down, just that we arent the "attractive prospect" the board might have us believe we are.  People always say that we have a good team, the best in the division. If this is the case no matter who is manager then why are we in the position we are in? Surely if the players were that good we''d be running away with it and making even Reading seem third rate in comparison. My closing Question, Why is Dean Ashton banging in goals for the Hammers when he couldnt for us???? the reason is lack of service, something Robert Earnshaw is finding out!.  McVeigh was bought as a striker by Bryan Hamilton, why is he having to set up goals for his fellow strikers when he should be getting the service to stick them away himself. just what are the rest of them doing? excluding Hucks who can cross and provide when needed... but he is only 1 man.  i rest my case...   WORTHINGTON OUT!!!!!! Chris
  8. [quote user="Dicky"][quote user="jas the barclay king"] http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v214/jasbk/protest.jpg that will confirm there were more than 400... nearer 2000 i reckon.. Archant/Pinkun feel free to use the picture for your own purposes if you want.... jas :) [/quote] 2,000!  You are having an absoulte laugh.  250 max, of which most were under the age of 20, i.e. only really known life under Worthy. [/quote] I thought Dickie was keeping too quiet......sigh how wrong I was. Come to think of it were is his pal Mad Dan. Chris
  9. Luton Town Team Stumped at two players My son came in and completed the team in two minutes!!!!! Nothing like a young mind to keep us Senior on our toes. Great Feature Chris[Y]
  10. Does City even know the Offside Rule? Do they even know the height of their team mates? Do they even know how to keep the ball on the ground? When we played against Southampton last I could not believe my eyes was this Norwich city. We were all over them like a rash because we kept the ball on the ground and started playing possession football short passing. people might say that is boring but it gets results. Some posts are having a go Hucks in the second half about not doing anything.....Ipswich had done their homework by giving him no space to turn. He should have been on for the full 90 minutes. Poor old Earnshaw is like Mcveigh. When you are 5ft nothin  you have no chance when you are sandwiched in between two strapping 6ft defender ask Paul. Oh yes by the way he should pick up the phone and give Ashton a ring at West Ham about how good the service is for a striker at City     Wothington you have the players but your tactics, formations and motivatoinal skills are dire. Do us all a favour and go. the Leprachauns have deserted you. You Worthy inners and the Board are all the same saying "well he did take us up" you live in the past look to the future The first Division Calls. Chris. 
  11. I totally agree with you Wiz.......And on another point they cannot look after their players when they are injured. A couple of cases spring to mind when Ashton injured his nose against Reading and was lead of the field and collapsed on the way and was allowed to play on because the player said he was fit. Any Manager worth his salt or Physio for that matter should have said no. Etuhu when he had his blood injury in the Preston Game I think it was. They could not find a replacement shirt and he spent at least 3 or 4 minutes freezing his nuts of standing on the sideline in a very cold stadium when all it takes is some one from the Dugout to get of thier fat lazy butts and drape a coat over Dickson''s shoulders until another shirt was found. Know if Greeno had managed to get up from his injury in the West Ham game they probably allowed him to play in goal with a neck brace on..  City.... You are a Disgrace!!!!!! Chris[:@] 
  12. ......Worthingtons delight when he heard Etuhu was available, and that he would be within Norwich''s Grasp after a Loan spell for 450,000...  I bet Nigel ran as fast as he could to "Delia Towers" banging loudly on the door shouting "Etuhu, Etuhu.. we can get Etuhu" so that Delia and Michael coughed up some of their hard earned Dosh to finance the move of the century for Norwich city!!!!  Then imagine Nigel Worthingtons disapointment when he finds out that he has to phone Lancashire and not Barcelona.. sadly realising that its not Samuel Eto''o but Dixon Etuhu....  Pray to god no one tells him Ronaldinho is available he''ll go to Mcdonalds and come back with their smiley faced mascot clown! Chris  
  13. What was the excuse again at the start of the Season......up to the last 5 matches eh. Oh and  statstics show there are more injuries a year in the Sunday League Football than in Professional Football......One answer could be that the players have a full time job. So the stress must be greater than a Professional then don''t you think? What Jas is saying is that.... If you can''t take the heat get out of the kitchen and don''t blame it on being fa tigued all the time. Tiredness is not a Defence. Use it once and people accept it. Use it twice and they won''t.   Chris   
  14. Good Luck to him.........He is up against Lowe''s Golden Boy. [;)][;)][^o)]
  15. Happy Christmas to Norwich City and all the fans. All the best for 2006 Chris[:D][^][<:o)][B]
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