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  1. Had to look up the left midfielder, the rest was easy, although I had never even HEARD of the left midfielder.
  2. I said the same thing a couple of seasons ago, during the close season after we had got promoted. Everyone was mocking Ipswich & BFJ about missing out on promotion (again) & how we were going to qualify for Europe in our first season back in the prem. OK, I don''t think we are as badly off as Ipswich but a slide can happen, & we''re not exactly flying at the moment are we?
  3. A new coach will have his own style of playing/coaching so Worthy may well be waiting until he is settled in , & they can decide together who they need.
  4. Won''t this be his fourth transfer since leaving us though? How far down down the line can it go?
  5. and good luck in Germany.  Do Norwich proud mate.
  6. Last season, Old Trafford, Anfield, Highbury, Stamford Bridge etc, next season Layer Road, Griffin Park & Roots Hall.  Puts not getting promoted into perspective doesn''t it?
  7. Pete, it''s to be expected until it is MATHEMATICALLY impossible for us to reach the play-offs. Just ignore it mate.
  8. Have you never used an offer from somewhere else to get a better deal at your place of work?  I think you''re under the illusion that football managers should do the job for the love of it, when was the offer from Sheff Wed by the way? We were unlucky not to stay up last season IMO, remember the first half against Fulham? 2 blatant penalties turned down and a perfectly good Dean Ashton goal dissallowed but all anyone ever mentions is Francis'' lack of commitment. Hucks rounding Robinson at White Hart Lne & Ledley King just getting a foot in?  It wasn''t all bad tactics.  PS: Don''t take this as being pro-worthy, I''m not, but you can''t attack the guy for a hyperthetical situation made up by someone who attacks Worthy over every little thing.  
  9. Thats the spirit!! If you don''t have hope, just what do you have!!
  10. Great coaches don''t usually make good managers, which is why they are coaches in the first place. He''s not a novice coach, and if he was going to become a manager he would have done it by now.  It''s clear he likes being "in the background", Worthy may have his faults but he does say what he thinks and stands by it.
  11. Woops, didn''t see the games in hand bit!! Yellow & Green specs on maybe. Game over.
  12. Just seen our next 2 fixtures, it all hinges on those 2 games IMO.
  13. Only 6 points behind Preston now, unlikely(?) but not an impossible task. What are your thoughts?
  14. I''m in. I "joined" after the Ipswich game, but Brighton & Derby earned him a stay of excuction, no more Nigel, please.
  16. Will you still be a good friend after sharing information like that on a public message board?  Get him back as a player, just make sure he can''t move from the centre circle & supply the bullets for Earnie & Hucks!!
  17. Is there a difference?  It would make a difference to Worthy, as we would all be thinking how unlucky we were (to be 7th), rather than how bad we were (to finish mid-table).  Now don''t get me wrong, I didn''t expect to walk this league but I was confident we could finish in the top six. No hang on, I meant SHOULD finish in the top six, which seems a very distant possibility now.
  18. FTFW. Think ex-manager for stiker, Totally stumped on left-back though, any clues anyone?
  19. Who is the left-back in the latest Name that team?  I''ve got 10 out of 11 now, even Zipper admitted it''s a killer to get. Put me out of my misery, or at least a clue, please!!!
  20. Thats one of the reasons why fans are so disgruntled. Many (don''t know if it includes Pete), haven''t experienced the downs recently, so only think as far back as the promotion/prem seasons.  Why a lot of people are annoyed is the style of football we are playing at the moment, we used to be known for attractive passing football, but this season it is shocking.  I think the point Pete tries to make is that the club will only listen/act if people start protesting with their wallets, rather than on here.  Unfortunately, all Pete has done is offend people who want to renew season tickets, which is their own choice and they shouldn''t be condemned for it.
  21. I can''t comment about the game as I wasn''t there, but it doesn''t sound great does it? It has to be said though, if the atmosphere was subdued that will affect the players & make them edgy. This was actually commented on by the Sky Sports reporter when Hux scored.  We do seem to have genuine pace upfront now but what use is it when we don''t seem to be able to pass to them? 3-0 against Brighton is no turning point, but the plyers will feel they have done their job. 
  22. I watched him the other night for West Ham, and wanted him to do well, I was chuffed when he scored and I hope he is happy there. Good luck to him & I can''t blame him for leaving.
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