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  1. Even if we sacked Wagner tonight, we´re still stuck with this crap squad of players. It´s almost impossible to downgrade a squad this fast...
  2. There is no way that the so called manager in charge can keep his job after this.
  3. Webber is acctually leaving the club in a worse position then when he arrived. Back then, we acctually had a few players we could sell to generate funds. What do call someone who knows how the previous director won the lottery and pissed it all away, and then goes around and do the same thing, twice more?
  4. We only have around, maybe 4 championship quality players. The rest belong in league 1 or lower.
  5. Spot on. It´s almost impossible to transform a squad full of 20-30-40 million pound players to what we have now, in such short time.
  6. 8 minuits in, and the only question now is weather we will loose with 2, 3 or 4 goals. Really hate to have this negative feeling...
  7. According to reports here in Sweden, it's connected to the fact everyone is allowed to burn wich ever book they want, where ever they want, here. The terrorist didnt like the freedom of speech. Apparently he also followed social media accounts spreading false information about how Swedish social service take away muslim children from their families.
  8. Disappointing, as expected. Feel absolutely no connection with this team, compared to some 10 years ago. Only about 3-4 good Championship players in the squad, the rest is not good enough.
  9. Agree with a lot of others, OP is spot on. We´ve been heading downwards for a couple of seasons now, and the fact that we give new contracts to players previously deemed not good enough (Hernandez) and start others (Placheta) proves this. Can´t help thinking "what if", if we hade built on the team from the first Farke promotion, the same way one was thinking the summer when we got van Volfsvinkel, Fer, Hooper and a few others... As it stands, this team has no quality and no future. What are we trying to achive? Seems like there´s no plan...
  10. Thought Gibbs looked good when he came on, and would probably have him infront of Nunez.
  11. That´s a bit unfortunate. The one´s on the bench can´t be any worse than the ones on the field...
  12. Would consider a couple of changes at half time. Need to do something change the game.
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