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  1. I would sack Smith right now. We´re on a poor run and 2-0 up at HT. We need to win that game. As everyone agrees, we won our previous games without playing well. We need a change.
  2. Anyone else who can´t access the game broadcast on Canaries TV?
  3. I would sub another 4 right now. Doesn´t mather who, just change it!
  4. His first touch was great as well, which usually lets him down.
  5. I´m not sure which formation that would suit us? 3-4-1-2 maybe with Aarons on the right and Gianolis (when fit) on the left? Would fit Hayden, Sara and Nunez in the middle along with both Pukki and Sargent.
  6. Was it around the same time we bought Grabban instead of Callum Wilson?
  7. I would like to see at least 3 new players before the window ends, a defender (would like an upgrade cb, but can understand the need for lb due to injuries), a winger and a striker.
  8. Well, impressive start again. Still thinking we neeed som reinforcement before the end of the window. Would like to get rid of Rashica and to get at least a defender, a winger and a striker in. Any rumours?
  9. Great! Only one team in this game today. Struggle to understand how we can be so poor? Can´t pass, can´t score, can´t defend, can´t get any decent players in. A lot of the players doesn´t seem to want to be here?
  10. We really look poor, and have done so for every game so far. Can´t see us in the top half unless a massive improvment. Can´t see that happening with the current players. For the last couple of seasons, the players and the squads don´t improve. I would rate the current squad worse than 2 years ago.
  11. Surely the England fan of the year is the fat guy going past a swedish blond female tv reporter shouting what he wants to do to her...
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