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  1. Surely the England fan of the year is the fat guy going past a swedish blond female tv reporter shouting what he wants to do to her...
  2. Good sin for England today. Unfortunatly Sweden were very poor, by far our worst performance of the tournament. Once the first goal went in, there were only one outcome, even if Pickford did som great saves. Hopefully England can now go on and reach the final.
  3. If we get Maddisons goals and assist spread on two or three others (Buendia, McLean and Leitner), we will be fine in that departement. Hopefully we''ll get at least one morse striker in (two if Oliviera leaves). If Marshall can fill in at right back, I would be happy with this squad. Would be great to sign that Marriot from Peterborough, but doubt we''ll spend 5-6 mill on one player.
  4. Well, that wasnt fun... First of all, Sweden should have had a penalty in the first half, and where did they find 5 min of added time? Should have been 3 min max. Sour grapes, I know...
  5. I would happily sell Oliveira to Wolves if it means we sign Marriott from Peterborough. Can we have their Maddison as well?
  6. Which is why Godfrey shouldn''t be out on loan, he should be playing here instead of Reed or Tettey
  7. This Marriot guy that scores for fun in league one, can anyone tell if he would suit our style of play? What would be a realistic price for him? The same with the other one from Peterborough, Maddison, who has about 20 assists already. Could they be a double signing? What would they cost together?
  8. Isn''t he a more complete midfielder than Wes (even if Wes seems to get stuck in more this season)? What''s impressive with Maddison, is his ability to keep hold of the ball under pressure and always spot a pass. The way he shoots from distance is really special as well.
  9. Saw that the game today was chosen for European broadcast. I''m currently in Sardinia, and I can''t figure out if the game is on TV here? Anyone based kn Italy that can help me out? I would be very grateful if someone could give me a reason to be inside for a couple of hours...
  10. [quote user="KeiranShikari"]Youth development?[/quote] A serious reply? That''s not to common on this forum...
  11. Just did the league calculator. Thought I was being generous with our results, and still got us on 8th spot, 3 pts behind Fulham in 6th and Sheffield W in between. The next two games will decide this season. It´s really strange that we´re still in the race for the playoff, despite our poor performances away from home. The most I can see us get from those two games is 2 pts, probably 1 at most. BUT, if we somehow get the unbelivable 6 pts, I think we´re getting the 6th spot, and that would also mean that Irvine gets the job full time.
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