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  1. As some of the aforementioned "new blood" I would like to contribute to this thread in memory of its one of its creators. Even so I will play safe as a virgin PUP believing that the players will be motivated this by this week''s events and expect a NORWICH win against Barnsley.  Three points and a victorious week on this thread would be fitting at the end of a such a sad week. Good luck P''boro 
  2. Have to agree. It would be perhaps the toughest assignment at the club currently but I would hope that GR is on the hunt for the replacement DD at the moment though. He cannot go on forever... While he does though all power to him, he is still a class act and sometimes looks far, far better than those on the pitch with him - both for and against. We are very fortunate to have him and I would hope serious consideration is given to inducting him into the Hall of Fame even though he has been with us for only a brief period. I don''t understand why he was not more involved with England in his prime.  
  3. Fair enough Lyle but ; Is Marshall good enough to be the number 1 at a Premiership team vying for a place in the Top four and potentially Champions League football? Also, although 2.5m is too good to turn down, can we afford to put the unproven Gilks in goal bearing in mind our precarious position?   If Man City are prepared to pay £2.5m for him I don''t care whether he makes their team or not (he has played Champion''s League before though...) I rate Marshall but the money (assuming no sell on fee due to Celtic) would pay for a very useful striker or two. As you say Road, Gilks is unproven - but, conversely, he may well turn out to be a better prospect than Marshall if some faith is shown in his abilities. Its lucky we have such an experienced goalkeeping coach like James Hollman on board to advise the management in this sit-you-a-shun... Oh, wait a minute....    
  4. Highly unlikely. He would be going there as 4th choice behind Hart, Schmeichel and Isaksson.   Unfortunately, Road, I think you are wrong. It would provide SGE with the opportunity to send Hart out on loan - Schmeichel already is. I say cash Marshall in as £1.5m is a good profit in half a season and means we can blood Lewis at long last... Oh...      
  5. I promised that would not post here again until I saw City win again in the league. I am an away season ticket holder... enough said.   The fact that Palace want Dowie out is laughable and shows how fickle us fans can be. NW will pull the situation round here (Watford 2nd half and Ipswich prove that). We have the best squad of players in the division and now NW appear to have discovered the formation to exploit our talents effectively. IMO the fans calling for the head of the manager still have the bright lights of the Premiership in their eyes. Nothing wrong with that we must put in the hard work "below decks". The competitive nature of this league has taken a few by surprise. It was never going to be easy.   
  6. Great work on the new board people - an improvement.BUT! I can''t seem to access the Control Panel. I have tried clicking and waiting but nothing happens. Is there another way of altering your profile?Thanks in advance.
  7. Flick, I think we all have to brave at a time like this and comfort ourselves with one thought, like the seasons, the rumours will return.
  8. Wasn''t he part of the that Italian U21 side that promised so much but ended up living on PASTA successes. He''ll end up in hot water, you mark my words... Sometimes I make myself cringe! He''s not the boy for us though.
  9. I moved up from 278th to 11th over the weekend... And it gives me no pleasure whatsoever - I am going back to predicting our glorious victories.
  10. Don''t be concerned about the media. If they think that the opposition had a poor performance when they drop points to us the next team will not be so concerned. The path to survival is paved with varying degrees of underestimation from those we play.
  11. My old ma told me to never refuse an invitation to go out and get drunk so I shall be present from around 3 in Squares. I dont have a ticket to the game but I have seen the last three games so cant complain. Look forward to meeting you all and seeing Temp again...
  12. Im a bit more recent Macho, 97-2000. I did live on Barrack Road for two years though (the road running alongside SJP for the unintiated) but Wednesday was the first time I had been inside the ground for a match. Have to agree top place to live and I intend to move back there in about 2 years. Unlike the Man Utd fans (who were up for a fight after leaving OT) I went out drinking with the Geordie boys just like the old times and felt very welcome. Great place, great fans (maybe a little quiet!)
  13. For what its worth (largely agreeing with Jim), considering NW''s comments about a positive attitude I believe we will start with Green Drury, Fleming, Charlton, Eddie Hucks, Francis, Holt, Jonson (Helveg if MJ is too tired) Leon, The Doc I imagine I am not alone in predicting that our first clean sheet of the season will not be forthcoming on Saturday so I say attack. Leon''s guile, the height of The Doc and the incisiveness of Hucks, we can''t fail!!!
  14. As the Doc looks comfortable-ish up front might NW be hunting a new central defender? Just a thought but I for one wouldn''t be surprised to see it happen. After all we were searching for an out and out target man and appear to have one.
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