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  1. [quote user="Canary Nut"][quote user="Boot"] Maybe it''s a fantastic offer for an unproven player that the board would be foolish to turn down [/quote] So unproven that the Morecambe manager wanted to take him back on loan and even made a bid when he heard about a possible transfer. So unproven that Peterborough of limited means made a £400k bid.  I wonder why?  [/quote] Roederds decision to let him go, not the boards. Sign here to get rid of Roeder ....... Great price....well done city - good luck to the kid too......
  2. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] Is it really a suprise that we won`t go up to a million or so for Taylor? You`d be forgiven for thinking there was some sort of policy in place........ [/quote]The policy at most clubs (cenrtainly at Norwich) is that the value of any playing, incoming or outgoing is set by the the board and the coaching staff together..... for obvious reasonsTherefore I assume you''ll be starting a thread slating GR & LC for wanting to run the club on the cheap? I look forward to reading it.Personally I think the valuation of Taylor was about right. I reckon the board were right not to get sucked into a bidding war (remember he''s gone nowhere just yet......), especially when he''s not the only prospect we''ve been considering.
  3. [quote user="the1englishman"]That question will never be answered. [/quote]By law its answered each year in the annual accounts. Take a look
  4. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] they did it with Crouch, they did it by not backing a proven manager (Worthy) with reasonable money upon relegation and now they are doing it again ....... [/quote]Would you care to share your understanding of the Crouch bid?blyblybabes - sorry I cant see the question.... repeat it please?
  5. [quote user="Ed Notty"]The original poster may well have had a point. But that said, it''s an utterly worthless point to make. Don''t bite and treat the idiot with the contempt it deserves. [/quote]So I''ve got a point about ticket allocation ........or I''m an idiot?  LOLIt is tough when its a wide thin space..... Chelsea was terrible I seem to remember........good turnout but hard to get anything going.....
  6. [quote user="gcb...norwich"]Could''nt agree more Barclayman. i''m like you, sick and tired of armchair fans slagging certain individuals off week in week out when they never bother attending a game. Pathetic from some of these so called fans[/quote]Because people cant get there doesn''t mean they dont get to see the games nor that they dont care every bit as much as the vast majority who have a nice cushy 30 minute drive to the ground....... cue the peeing contest.
  7. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"]Me and a couple of mates made more noise in support of City than most of the away fans-and we were in the home end. And yes, this is a serious post.[/quote]There you go....well done I wasn''t there tonight (3000 mile round trip) as I made plain in my post, but know a few who were there working :o)
  8. [quote user="blahblahblah"]I think you realise that neither of us are in posession of all the facts on this one Wiz, or indeed any "one" [:)] Just chill out and see what Santa gives you in January. Who knows, maybe there''s a centre back that Uncle Glenn knows about who is as good as Taylor, and not about to cost us 4 million over 4 years ? Just a thought. [/quote]Spot on. Do we know each other?
  9. 1. Completely agree - as do they, hindsight eh?. We all make mistakes. I dont remember too many calls for demonstrations when Grant arrived (except maybe regarding his choice of music) so I think most people were prepared to let him run for a while. However the boards bigger mistake was not identifying the low calibre of the players he was targeting. There were a couple of absolute Hughes type howlers. They also allowed Grant to go too far with antagonising Hunter, Ryan Jarvis, Martin, Huckerby, and others, but especially Safri. The clubs handling of Safrigate was disgraceful and the fact he was so gracious about his treatment makes his loss all the harder to take. Great player and a great man. 2. Do you not think the ITV Digital collapse kind of proved she was right though I must admit I don’t recall her making the statement. Again though you counter your own point, you mention "speculative investment" All investment is speculative and by its nature, sometimes it goes tits up. The fact that, as you point out, player prices have gone through the roof also means that a stand has to be made and I fully support our board for ''keeping it real'' If that means we play in a lower league then fine. Just look on any Arsenal, Chelsea, Man U, Newcastle forum at the bitching and moaning. Throwing money at average players wont make you love the board I assure you. 3. As you say its a tough balance to make, you think they got it wrong, I don’t. However its not an argument that has a finite end...... we''ll never know. It wasn''t a Prem requirement to do the pitch by the way. 4. They are completely correct about those clauses. No clause, no Earnshaw. It really was that simple as Saints had already agreed the clause and he would have gone there in the blink of an eye. Pretty much agree with your final paragraphs, though I will add that the Turners like to do things very quietly. There is a lot of activity within the club at the moment that I''m sure will keep the keyboard warriors very  happy
  10. There were conradictory reports about the City stand issued by the club. However the developers R G Carter & Co wil confirm that BOTH stands were built to take the addition of a second tier......ask them.... not me.... (sorry unable to paste the link...)
  11. [quote user="Royal Anglian all the way"]shackell seemed to do ok with taylor but cant cut it with doc, [/quote]Actually I''d flip that...... Taylor compensates better for Shacks recklessness than Doc does..... Doc gets exposed time and again by Shack who has no sense of position or tactical responsibility. I''d go with Taylor and Doc.........
  12. [quote user="lucky green trainers"]how much should we pay to escape relegation??? zilch, £0.5m, £1.5m £2m or more???....................i for one pay good money to turn up and watch city ...................if this board hasn''t the financial might/means to enable NCFC to be competitive in the champs they should admit it now and look for an hounourable exit &/or attract funds in.   [/quote]OK lets make this simple. You pay good money? So what is it the board have put in....... Drug money? Protection money? Insurance scam fraud money? Tax evasion?[quote user="lucky green trainers"] we are below average funded champs side and it shows. [/quote] LOL. Evidence or retraction...... YET AGAIN....moderators....wakey wakey
  13. [quote user="Fat Prophet"]e thread disease Bly.  Several posters started the same topic at the same time, and "What the f...." is the one that most have responded to.   [/quote]....and had posts deleted from
  14. [quote user="ricardo"] Was my irony wasted on you, TO7. [/quote]Not at all.... i was merely disagreeing with your ''ironical'' point.; Dont confuse the application of irony with intelligence........ though not sure now if I''m being ironic or sarchastic.....
  15. I agree if the players give 100% and shows worth for their £3k - £17k per week. If they dont then I fully support any fan that gets on their back.Surely not unreasobable? Look at the Geordie fans being criticised for not getting behind a striker on £100k (one hundred thousand pounds) a week who cant be arsed to put it out in training......
  16. I''m (reliably) informed was pathetic tonight. I have to say whenever our ''end'' was shown on TV tonight during our corners 2nd half it looked like 1500 cardboard cutouts.......The criteria for away ticket allocation maybe needs looking at....
  17. [quote user="ricardo"]£800k well spent? better than Earnie? Bound to score a hatfull? [/quote]You want to refer to that as a quote or your assumption? As a £750k buy the owner of the Chump golden boot was a shrewd buy. There are NO guarantees in football
  18. Sadly I agree..... But then remember who it was who rated him
  19. As I keep saying.... Shack is the weakest link.... Doc aint great but no worse than Malky was.....
  20. [quote user="ricardo"] What a surprise [/quote]I thought it really was a surprise...... Really thought we''d walk that....
  21. [quote user="keiran womersley"][quote user="Salahuddin"]Pattison....new Gary Holt anyone?[/quote] mabie? he is ginger and he can tackle [/quote]Holt could tackle? Gary Holt? Did he ever get close enough?
  22. [quote user="6088m canary"]couldnt agree more.... cant pass, makes last ditch saving tackles but abysmal positioning in the first place!!! and tho i realise drury has been a good servent i have always felt he is weak defensively......positioning usually suspect. [/quote]At last!! Somebody sees the light. Dreary is ALWAYS  being pulled towards the CB''s and leaving our flank exposed. Completely agree 6088
  23. 0-0.  What a load of rubbish. Terrible performance by City from back to front. Has ther been one single chance from either side?Really disappointed. Boo.
  24. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"] Do you know what the non-critical fixed assets talked about on this thread are and how much they cost, oh wise one? Come back when you`ve got some clue as to what you`re talking about. [/quote]Non critical fixed assets are actaully defined by opinion and subject to lengthy debate. Do you understand investment, intermediate-term assets, contingent liabilities, debt ratio...... It would appear not.  Dont big yourself up and make yourself look stupid. Stick to buying a home shirt every two yearas and considering it an investment worthy of slanderous comment.
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