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  1. Fantastic reply old shuck, if only there was a like button
  2. Wow, yet you were all creaming yourselves over Ryan Giggs an even bigger scumbag not that long ago, funny bunch of fans we have.......
  3. Never looked like he cared, bad attitude, threw his teddy out the pram, mmmm not surprising really
  4. LDC at times i have defended you, tonight i wanna beat you with a large stick grrrrrr We are a joke full stop, forget promotion not gonna happen
  5. In response to canary Nath i was trying to say are these the type of people you want at our club saying it will be Barton next, not hard to follow mate
  6. You want that type of person associated with the club, Joey Barton as his assistant aswell? That suit you ?
  7. No thanks, lowlife who was shagging his own brothers wife, good god no !!!!!
  8. I have Ricardo just saying i can have an opinion even if it differs to yours, done now, nowt can change it
  9. Ricardo am surprised at the wise owl being so against someone having an opinion. And Jamie after the Brady appeal for his idiotic sending off why would we appeal knowing we will never win one ??
  10. Mello yello why would they contest it? After the farce of the Brady sending off why would they, oh oops same ref ( shock, horror) the FA clearly do not like little old Norwich, no appeal, no shock, does not mean the sending off was right
  11. Daniel i am not going to deny it seems a 75/25 split on the sending off but does that mean the majority are right? No it means there are like minded people to me, i don`t know how old you are and maybe the fact i played football in the 80`s that a tackle as poor as that warranted a straight red. Was it a foul - yes no doubt, yellow card, good talking to and a free kick, still for me not a red, but i respect your view but just have a different one myself.....
  12. Looks that way Greavsy, any Norwich player on saturday should have been on best behaviour bearing in mind Hooper was the ref, Whittaker left back is our only option which sort of shows the madness of loaning Toffolo back out, may aswell throw a few young uns in and see what they can do, crowd will back them 100 percent
  13. Thanks Greavsy , Pinto was down quite a while getting treatment but hey Daniel don`t let the facts ruin your story, i really couldn`t care less what you think of my opinion i am entitled to one just as you are, so thats put to bed you can go start your Hooper/Emnes bumchum fan club, enjoy ;)
  14. Exactly like most of us the ref assumed Emnes died on impact due to his acting skills !!!!
  15. So a reaction to a tackle may not influence a referee? Mmm ok then, that never happens, bad tackle i am not arguing but it looked way worse due to the oscar winning performance from Emnes
  16. Aaah Daniel so your opinion is right because you say so, we are all entitled to have a view and its my view and you will not change mine , Emnes was booed as he rolled around after the tackle but seconds later ran about like a spring lamb or did you miss that ??
  17. They saw it as it happened am sure after watching a replay they may have thought differently !!
  18. Sorry i agree with O/P if you send someone off for that a yellow at most you will end up with two a side, not a sending off
  19. Maybe Ricardo at the game it looked worse, i thought Emnes made a meal of it, yellow would have sufficed, that idiot Hooper hates us
  20. Watched it a few times with my lad and both of us thought not a red, funny how we all see things differently
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