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  1. cheers YC,   as old as I am 50 something, you need never stop trying and changing your views
  2. same here,  but two others brought in, both with a little money, not enough to buy out the stowmarket two, they will see to that
  3. Got a little tip Directors are close to be finalised... will post when I get an idea of who.
  4. I haven''t an email address, but most of the club ones are sommat like thism.foulger@canaries.co.uk   or send it to the reception and ask for it to be passed on, I have gotten them through that way before
  5. I see what you mean,  I honestly think if gunn effs up big time, he will be moved to another post in the club to make way. McNally I think will not take too much bull from anyone..   But I certainly see your fears,  but like most things lately time will tell, I am no supporter of Gunn as manager, he had his shot at it.
  6. Thanks people,  it has been a tough few weeks,  we found out who we rent the house from is the baptist Association, they want us out so they can move one of their pastors in from two miles down the road... who is already in a stonking house as it is.  I do feel a little eeeeeemmmmm what can I put politely ?
  7. Yep I certainly feel a lot happier now,  also my own personal situation is starting to change as well. we are facing homelessness, but we are now 90% certain we have a place that will be ideal. Worry and stress is starting to lift.......So far a very good day
  8. [url=http://carrowroad.net/cnews/modules/news/article.php?storyid=592] Interesting read on Holt[/url]
  9. [img]http://carrowroad.net/carrow1/Smileys/new/cid_2.gif[/img]
  10. Didn''t it say earlier that Manure XI  managed by Ole Gunnar Solskj√¶r. Meaning reserves and kids.... Also now the Wigan XI will have a new manager
  11. I choked on my Horlicks when I read that last night, I would say that the site simply grabbed a couple of names out of the hat to promote the interest in the player, maybe his agent is behind a lot of it.
  12. Blimey don''t people try and make more out of it,  it was a good question,  simply done for discussion among supposedly fellow canaries, I have seen a lot worse stuff posted on here.  Yes BBB, one day it will return and hopefully some supporters will feel apart of things again.I sat at the Coventry game, feeling totally detatched, watching a City team that in truth really wasn''t  go through the motions, some couldn''t be bothered to do that as witnessed by stomping off down the tunnell like a kid called in by his parents.  I felt like I was sitting in some away ground somewhere.  Yep the spirit has been missing for far too long.
  13. They do harp on about being stewards or custdoians of the club. sorta looking after it for the fans, I honestly think those days are long gone, when it was thought it was the fans club with the money that is now involved.  Gone are the days when Carrow Roads board more or less relied on the Old Supporters Club to cash up some money or parade round with a blanket collecting at half time.   I did feel a part of the club then, was a member of the Supporters Club, a great place for social and the beer was a bit cheaper too.I think the club is removed from the average supporter and gone over to those with the money who claim to be fans.  All I know I have seen a hell of a lot of board members, chairmen, managers and players leave by one way or another, and I am still there and the club is too.  Whether the old spirit will ever return I don''t know, I can only hope.
  14. He says:  he "won''t commit to anything".Nothing new there then... Think he had the ability to be a half decent player, but his ego seemed to get in the way, thought he was better than he actually is,  was also too fond of pointing the finger,  thats OK if you can walk the walk also.
  15. [quote user="Facebook Sam"]Sounds reasonable for you. How many games have you given your love child cureton though?[/quote]You soon cottoned on to our wiz Sam, or have you been here before in an earlier life ?    Got to agree Wiz.. he has even kicked a flamming ball yet.
  16. I hope you are right Soldier,   he seemed to be scared of something,    I would like to see him have a go from wide right midfield, his pace would scare the dodo out of many a fullback,  he has the ability to take people on and beat them and may just have a cross better than Croft.
  17. I bet Cody STARTs!! Wow  thats a headliner
  18. Woodwrards signed for MK Dons todayhttp://www.teamtalk.com/football/story/0,16368,1825_5369080,00.html
  19. I tried sniffing coke once, but the ice cubes got in the way
  20. o) said]We never replaced the Goalie coach did we?  Use Rudd with Bosnich as cover plus Rudd gains from his experience.   Crichton
  21. O dear O dear.  was hopeing he was wrong
  22. I can''t find anything, but the Aussie link would fit with Crookie, was hopeing someone on here would have seen it too, it can''t be right
  23. Couldn''t it be Marshall was sold to pay bills quickly ?    I am not saying one thing one way or another, but hell fire nothing woulkd surprise anymore, and one heck of a lot of people will have to eat humble pie if it does go that way. TBH  I would not put it past them one bit
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