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  1. And which subjects would you have chosen to write about over the last fortnight Ulf? I don''t really have an opinion on either of Richard Balls'' last 2 articles but it must be difficult to write about something new each week.
  2. [quote user="Matt Hudson"]Lets hope Ashton goes for £10 million, giving us 25% of the £4 Million profit, £1 Million would be nice plus any sell on fees from green if he left! [/quote] .....and then we''ll the harsh ''facts'' of the sell on deal from Neil Doncaster. It''ll probably end up with the deal actually costing US money in admin fees or something.
  3. Darren Beckford played in that season as I recall and scored in the 3-2 win at Villa.
  4. (Borussia Dortmund''s ground) Signal Iduna Park is Germany''s biggest stadium and established the European record in fan attendance in 2004/2005 with a total of almost 1.4 million fans. Famous for the intense atmosphere it breeds, the stadium has been nicknamed "The Opera House of German Football."Borussia Dortmund has the highest average attendance of any football club in Europe with a record average of 78,808 spectators in the season 2003/2004. German Champions: 1956, 1957, 1963German Champions (Bundesliga): 1995, 1996, 2002German Cup: 1965, 1989Champions League: 1997Cup Winners'' Cup: 1966Intercontinental Cup: 1997Officially the best supported club in Europe - but not that an impressive list of honours - based on your argument.
  5. If you had any sense you''d have appointed Ian Crook. Why? If you need to ask then you''re not worthy (no pun intended). Anyhow, if/when we go down it will be too late to act - so grow some balls if you can and act NOW!
  6. You are naive if you think pro footballers give a monkey about fans.
  7. Doncaster loves to go on about how transparent the club is. Apparently it''s sometimes to the detrinment of the club - although they are only transparent when it suits them. How transparent where they about our wage bill last year which is apprently now the root of all our financual problems? Anyhow, putting that aside for one moment, I was re-reading the Doncaster article about the failed sigining of David Cotterill and I couldn''t help wondering what sort of financial trouble we have been in HAD we signed him or HAD Leon McKenzie or Robert Green not have left. With the profit we made on Dean Ashton as well (I don''t believe the rubbish about us not making anything on this deal - its simple maths) we must have at least £3.5 million to spend BEFORE the inevitable sale of Robert Earnshaw. http://new.edp24.co.uk/content/commentary/NeilDoncaster.aspx?brand=EDPOnline&category=NeilDoncaster&tBrand=EDPOnline&tCategory=NeilDoncaster&itemid=NOED01%20Sep%202006%2008%3A25%3A25%3A167
  8. [quote user="Marty"]how come for such a good striker he didn''t score in a reasonable WBA side? is he really that good? don;''t get me wrong, he has a very good knack of scoring goals but he is not proven in the Premiership is he? I think we are getting carried away since we have no other strikers of any note.[/quote] He DID score for WBA an din fact his goals kept them up. It was the managerial genius that is Bryan Robson that felt he wasn''t goood enough.
  9. [quote user="can u sit down please"]My word people are gettin picky now.....he challenged Gorehams comments, is that a crime? Name me a scot who doesnt speak his mind! i am getting fed up of this whole anti Grant thing, either we back him or sod off.[/quote] Jeanette Kranky?
  10. [quote user="can u sit down please"]I would love him to stay, but.........is he the same player now?[/quote]Yes.
  11. Ha ha.. look at the pathetic, wet look on Grant''s face in your avatar. You posted this message as a dig but the realiy is that he is already looking and sounding (by today''s comments) out of his depth.
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